Top 10 Tips for your Engagement Shoot: Preparing for your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Friday, February 18, 2022

Photos by Viola Jay Photography

Engagement shoots are becoming more popular with couples as a way to get to feel comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day. It's also a great way to have some gorgeous photos to look back on of a happy time, and you can also incorporate the shots into your wedding website and stationery. One of the most comment DMs we receive is brides looking for tips on how to prepare for their pre-wedding shoot, so we've put together a list from what to wear down to preparing the little details.

1. Choose Complementary Outfits

Not matching, complementary! Neutral tones tend to work really well with engagement shoots but a bold colour can make a statement. However, it's important to also make sure you're comfortable. Wearing heels might sound like a great idea but if you're doing a lot of walking it could be a mistake.

2. Look like yourself

You might decide to get your hair and makeup done for the shoot, or to schedule it for the day of your bridal trials. This is a great idea but make sure you still look like yourself! If you rarely ever wear makeup then having a glam look with false lashes might not be a great idea. You don't want to look back at the photos and hardly recognise yourself!

3. Select a Significant Location

You might decide to have your engagement shoot at your wedding venue which is a great idea for getting to know photo opportunities, or your photographer might recommend somewhere. However, if you're struggling for ideas think of somewhere that's important to you as a couple or somewhere that you spend a lot of time together, even if that's just the city you live. 

4. Decide on the style of photos you want

Now this goes hand in hand with location, but if you want whimsical nature shots then choosing the city centre isn't a good idea! Have a think about the type of shoot that you prefer, do you like the idea of looking adventurous wandering through the woods, or running along a beach or do you like the urban vibe of graffiti and the city of your backdrop? We have so much engagement shoot inspo to help you decide.

5. Think about the weather

Scheduling a January engagement shoot will probably mean you'll be wrapped up in coats and could face the rain. If you prefer the idea of wearing something light with the sun shining down on you then you need to think about having it in the summer. Equally, if you don't like the heat then keep this in mind. Your photographer should be able to advise you on availability.

6. Get your nails done and clean your ring

Your photographer is going to want to snap those ring close ups, and who doesn't love any chance to show off their engagement ring? So make sure your nails (and your ring) are looking fresh; whether that's booking your acrylics in for that week or a simple coat of your favourite polish.

7. Have a think about photographs

Have a browse through other engagement shoots and see if there are any photographs that stand out that you'd like to recreate. If you'd like golden hour sunset photos then make sure you've scheduled it for the right time of day.

8. Trust your photographer

Really! They know what they're doing. If they suggest trying something while shooting, keep an open mind and the results will be worth it.

9. Relax

Easier said than done, but most couples find that the nerves fade away quickly. Prepare your outfits and plan in advance so you're not stressing the night before!

10. Have fun!

You're creating memories to look back on forever, so don't forget to enjoy it!

Photography, concept and planning: Viola Jay Photography 

Picnic graze and table styling: The Chestnut Grove

Florist: Blossom and Bloom Florist 

Hair: Chloe Bradbury Hair

Location: Alderford Lake


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