A Modern and Stylish Chic City Elopement

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

This modern city elopement shoot has 2021 vibes written all over it, from the chic outfit choices to the dried bouquet - and we're obsessed! The stripped back bridal look is very contemporary with simple hair and makeup and accents of gold. Married couple Jordan & Kezia were the models and shoot organisers and were inspired by the notion that love always wins, with the photo story of the shoot focussing on their love.


Our colour palette was neutral, and filled with soft tones. We wanted the focus to remain on our couple, and use tones which complemented them as well as the neutral-toned city backdrop. The photographer's approach created a blend of eras so that the gallery felt modern, yet timeless. I wanted to create the illusion that the photos could have been taken in any era and to tell an incredible love story. I wanted to inspire couples, and show them how beautiful a city elopement can be. 


Jordan and Kezia are passionate about seeing racial reconciliation and unity in ours and our future children’s lifetime. They use our social media platform as a place to have authentic and real conversations around love, marriage, and race, hoping that we can inspire others to pursue healthy relationships. This shoot was an opportunity for us to share the love we have and encourage others to do the same. We truly believe that love always wins, and our faith inspires us to combat all hate with love and kindness. Jordan and Kezia pursue truth and are always looking for ways to encourage others that no matter what the world may say, that you are worthy of love, acceptance, and joy.


We styled the shoot around the city. We wanted to inspire couples to elope in a city and to emphasise how beautiful it can look to have the contrast of bridal amongst buildings. We wanted the shoot to emphasise simplicity and so we didn’t do any styling as such, instead, we used the city as our canvas. We chose a beautiful sand coloured building as our backdrop that was in keeping with our neutral theme. Our approach meant that the focus was solely on the couple, and their emotions with no distractions.

Bridal Beauty

We wanted the shoot to be as natural and simple as possible, so we left the hair down naturally so that it could move easily with the wind and body movements, emphasising emotion and feeling. It was accentuated by a gold headband which balanced the natural look with bridal. The makeup artist kept the makeup neutral, adding some bronze and gold tones to the eyes to tie the bridal look together. We wanted a look which brides felt they could recreate themselves for their own elopement. 


The dress we opted for was Brooklyn by Sadoni Bridal. This dress was the perfect choice because it's very simple and elegant whilst having the fun addition of the winged sleeves, we added a statement gold belt to really play on this fun and modern vibe. The shoot theme was a city element with lots of movement and the sleeves of this piece are perfect for the free movement shots. This dress would work for a number of wedding settings which makes it great for couples eloping or for couples having a city ceremony followed by a larger-scale celebration afterward. We used the Arabella Mid Block heels in ivory from Harriet Wilde as we went for a statement with the accessories so wanted to keep the shoe simple and comfortable for the practicalities of a city wedding. The gold rings were handmade by Cyrilyn silver, and included some simple detailing. The rings complimented the simple style of our shoot and emphasised the gold accents seen in the headband and make up. 


A bouquet of soft and neutral tones with warmer pinks and nudes was chosen to compliment the gold accessories. The dried florals complimented the city elopement and added a rustic feel to the industrial look. We also felt that the dried florals were a special touch to the shoot as it would inspire real couples who want to keep items from their wedding that they can cherish forever.


The suppliers were the easiest thing to choose. The couple had worked with most of them previously and loved their style, creativity and passion for what they do. It was the first time that the couple had worked with Kelly, but we had followed her for a while and loved her style and her ability to capture authentic raw emotion. We also trusted every supplier’s ability to be creative within their area, whilst  keeping within the style and vision of the shoot.

Couple and Organisers: Kezia and Jordan

Photography: Kelly Hiscox Photography

MUA: Bethan Lloyd

Headpiece: Rachel Sokhal Accessories 

Rings: Cyrilyn Silver

Dress: In The Name of Love

Shoes: Harriet Wilde

From Brides, With Love xo

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