Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Pearce

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Emma & Will

December 2019 | Waltham Forest

Instagram: @emma_brigdet | Photos: Pearce Wedding Photography

What better excuse to have a pre-wedding shoot than when your brother is a wedding photographer! The couple had not planned to have a shoot however couldn't turn it down when the offer came up. What a great decision, as Emma and Will had a great time exploring the wintry Waltham Forest for their photographs. Their shoot was in December, so a big contrast to their plans for an Australian summer wedding; which Emma tells us all about!

Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

James is my Brother in Law / Wills Brother so when he offered to do an engagement shoot we couldn't turn him down. Neither of us would have ever booked one without him suggesting it but we are so glad he did. It was so much fun and we made some beautiful memories. 

How did you meet and how long have you been together? 

We met in London in 2012 at a theatre show Will was performing in. I was an Aussie and we met three months before I was due to leave. Safe to say after that those three months we spent together were the very beginning of something so wonderful. 

Tell us your proposal story: 

I (Emma) had no idea! Will took me on a beautiful hike in our local area, a magic place called Somersby Falls. We walked right down to the end of the track past a large waterfall. I used to go there as a kid with my family and had a memory of playing hide and seek there with my siblings. I suggested (to Wills delight) that we play a game of hide and seek, having no idea what he had in store. He took the opportunity and ran off into the bush and when I finally found him he was on one knee and holding up a ring. It was just us alone in the bush and it was perfect! 

Why did you choose the shoot location: 

We didn't. Will and I live in Sydney now and were just back for a holiday. James planned the whole shoot and it was stunning. 

Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day? 

It certainly gave us an idea on what to expect but it was so easy with James. We just walked along in the forest having fun and he captured all the perfect moments without us even realizing what was going on. 

Did you feel nervous behind the camera? 

Not at all. James is family so we felt really comfortable, but he is also such a professional and just stepped back and let the shoot evolve without much direction really. It was loads of fun!

Would you recommend that other couples have an engagement? 

YES! We both thought we wouldn't have one but the photos turned out so beautiful and now we have those moments captured forever! So glad we did it.

Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot? 

He directed us a little at certain points but again, it was very easy and natural. Just occasionally telling us what direction to walk towards to where to look but most of the time it just felt like we were on a nice stroll. 

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

Go somewhere that there might not be a lot of people. We did feel a little more self conscious when other people were around so it worked well that the location James chose was quiet and with lots of space. Also, be playful! Walk along a tree branch, jump onto each other's back, lay in the grass. Do whatever you want but just let go and have fun! The best shots were the ones where we were mucking around.

What is your favourite photo from the shoot? 

You mean we have to pick one! Emma - mine would be one of us having a kiss. Cheesy I know but James used some sort of photography magic to create this reflection of light over it and it just looks so beautiful. Will - Em and I were balancing along a tree log and having a little dance. James took a shot right as we were looking at once another and it's been my screensaver ever since. 

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot? 

There was a gorgeous moment where a beautiful greyhound ran over to Will and I and James snapped some shots of us with him. We have always wanted a greyhound so it was pretty cool one came to join us on our shoot haha. 

Tell us about your wedding plans...

Well, we have planned our wedding three times now. 1st and 2nd were cancelled because of the virus that shall not be named and wedding number 3 is going full steam ahead. It's a small wedding now. 30 guests there in person with another 30+ tuning in over our live stream from the UK! Due to restrictions Wills friends and family can't make it out but we are lucky to have their full support to go ahead. 

Our ceremony is taking place in the national park at Pearl Beach on the Central Coast, NSW Australia and the long lunch is to follow at a private Beach House we booked. It's a sit down lunch in the garden followed by drinks and dancing under the stars. 

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?

No we don’t plan to. It's a bit of a different vibe. We had a beautiful winter engagement shoot in London and we are now having a summer sunny beach wedding in Australia. Lucky to have experienced both.

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date? 

Getting married! We just can't wait to stand together and say I DO! 

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far? 

It’s been a real journey as many couples have experience in this strange time with the pandemic… The fun wore off a bit at some point haha. But looking back now, as we are so close to the day, our favourite part was downsizing the day and making it less about what everyone else does and more about us. 

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