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Megan and Gareth 

30th January 2020 | Stainfield

Instagram: @megankatex26 | Photos: Pretty Flamingo Weddings

Megan and Gareth made the decision to have an engagement shoot as they wanted an opportunity to capture even more special memories together before their big day. They chose to have the shoot in their hometown, as it is meaningful to them, and also has some stunning backdrops for photos. The future Mr and Mrs Exton are both lovers of travelling, and are planning to get married abroad in Iceland; which we are sure will be their most special adventure yet!

Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

We wanted to celebrate being newly engaged and to have memories to look back at. 

How did you meet and how long have you been together? 

We met through my best friend Roxy, Gareth’s sister! She knew we would get on as we both share a love for traveling.  We have been together three years and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives seeing and exploring new places together. 

Tell us all about the proposal... 

We were extremely lucky to get away to Jamaica in October 2020. Somehow we managed to time our holiday perfectly between lockdowns! My dad is currently working out there and so my mum, Gareth and I travelled out there to celebrate my Mums 60th birthday. Little did I know, it was to be a joint celebration! During our stay at the beautiful Jamaica Inn, at evening cocktails with my parents, Gareth got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so special, he completely caught me off guard and I cried like a baby but it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Why did you choose the shoot location?

We chose to have the photoshoot at our home in Stainfield. We are very rural and have some beautiful settings so it made sense to have the shoot somewhere meaningful to us, plus we wanted our dog Wilson to be a part of it too. We also really wanted to include our American school bus in the shoot and the end result was awesome – even if we did manage to get it stuck in one of the fields! 

Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day? 

Having the opportunity to have a photoshoot has made me feel so much more relaxed about a wedding day photoshoot. Our photoshoot was so chilled out and fun that I forgot we were doing it at some points- the results were amazing!  

Did you feel nervous behind the camera? 

I had never done a photoshoot before so I wasn’t sure how to act or what to do and I was really nervous running up to it. I needn’t have worried though! We spent the whole time laughing and telling stories. The memories we made by having the shoot are just as special as the photographs we got. 

Would you recommend that other couples have a pre wedding shoot? 

I would absolutely recommend having an engagement photoshoot. It gets you used to being lovey dovey and intimate in front of the camera without feeling self conscious. It’s a fab way of warming up for the wedding day because you can look back and see what worked for the engagement shoot and how certain “poses” turned out. I say poses lightly as a lot of what we did just happened naturally and our photographer captured it! 

Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot? 

Ryan was great- he gave us advice on what to wear and was there to answer any questions I had right up until the big day. 

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

My advice would be trust in your photographer. Get to know them and talk to them- have a laugh and enjoy it. Be natural! I know it is a clich√© but if you just be yourself, be goofy, share little stories and whisper silly things in each other’s ear. The outcome is authentic love and happiness captured on camera. 

What is your favourite photo from the shoot? 

My favourite part was actually making the memories while doing the shoot. Having a laugh, getting stuck in the mud, playing with the dog, trying to get on the hood of the bus- all of the things that aren’t actually in the photos but the things I remember when I look at them. 

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot?  

Our dog Wilson stole the show, it was so nice to have him be part of it, he kept us laughing by being naughty between shoots and then when it came to posing he pulled through every time!! 

Tell us all about your wedding plans...

We are planning to get married in Iceland! We absolutely fell in love with the place when we visited in 2019. It is the most stunning place and would make the most incredible wedding setting. We wanted to have a winter wedding with autumnal colours- hence our choice of colours for the shoot! We are thinking rustic themes with furs, wood, candles, warm and cosy vibes with lots of burnt oranges, rusty reds and browns. 

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?

We wanted the colour theme of the shoot to tie into our wedding them so it would be nice to incorporate them into the day somehow.  

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date? 

Celebrating with my friends and family and marrying the love of my life.

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far? 

Our plans haven’t really been more than Pinterest boards and discussions due to the current situation. As soon as we start  to return to normality we will be setting dates and making plans. 

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