Engagement Shoot: Future Mr and Mrs McLellan

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Jade and Adam

29th March 2021 | Edinburgh

Instagram: @_jadelynn | Photos: Karol Makula

Childhood sweethearts Jade and Adam decided to celebrate their would be wedding day with a pre wedding shoot. The couple are actually now due to be married later this month at Lochside House Hotel. With the help of their photographer, the soon to be Mr and Mrs McLellan made the decision to have Edinburgh as their shoot location to take advantage of the incredible scenery and unique backdrops - what a great decision that was as the photographs are truly stunning. Jade tells us all about their shoot, and the plans for their upcoming intimate May wedding.  

Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot?

We postponed our wedding from our original date of 29th March 2021, to 27th of May 2021 so we thought arranging the shoot for that day allowed us to ‘celebrate’ what would have been our wedding day! Also having professional pictures isn’t something you normally have taken, so having the chance to get some experience in before our wedding day and getting some lovely pictures to keep forever was exciting!

How did you meet and how long have you been together?

We both met in high school when we were 16 and this year we will have been together 8 years – which seems like so long, but time has always passed so quickly!

Tell us your proposal story…

Together since we were 16, we got engaged six years later in 2019. We have always loved going abroad together and we have been lucky to see some of the most amazing sights but in 2019 we decided to go to NYC as Adam had never been to America before. It was honestly the trip of a lifetime! We had a bit of a hectic morning the day we got engaged, spending for forever trying to find Central Park and a vendor for a horse and carriage but little did I know I was only minutes away from saying Yes! Adam has always been quite a romantic, which is one quality I love about him. He proposed on a horse and carriage ride around Central Park early on a sunny morning, and if anyone had asked me what I envisioned my proposal to be like I honestly would never have said it would have been as perfect as it was. Through that whole day I literally could not stop showing off my hand, everywhere I went I just wanted to show my ring off - I was FaceTiming my friends and family constantly. I was so excited to come home and see everyone and share our happy news and being in the New York for the rest of our trip I felt like we were in a bubble of happiness that never going to end.

Why did you choose the shoot location?

We love Edinburgh as a couple, but it was a recommendation by our photographer as there is some beautiful and unique locations – and I am so glad we choose there! We got to see parts of Edinburgh we never knew existed, and due to most things still being locked down the quietness made you enjoy and take in the moment a lot more! Karol definitely captured Edinburgh’s best locations in our pictures. 

Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day?

Yes!! We were both a little nervous about having our Wedding Day pictures taken, especially because you want them to be as perfect as can be. But having the shoot beforehand let us have a feel for what it would be like on the day and let us know that we actually have nothing to worry about. Having the shoot, it let us have practice working with and feeling comfortable with our photographer but most importantly let us remember it’s all about enjoying the moment together and having it captured!

Did you feel nervous behind the camera?

Our photographer Karol captures natural images, which is why he really stood out for us. So, we knew we didn’t have to do any crazy poses for the camera! So, he made us feel so relaxed and comfortable from start to finish.

Would you recommend that other couples have an engagement shoot?

100% - if couples can, we would recommend getting a little shoot in beforehand, whether it’s an engagement or just a pre-wedding one! It makes you feel comfortable with getting photographed on the day, you get to know your photographer more, plus you end up with pictures and memories forever - bonus! Also, with everything going on regarding Covid-19 and just the face that wedding planning is stressful anyway, having the shoot as well brought excitement about our day, speaking to our photographer about our plans etc, got us looking forward for what was to come!

Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot?

Just to relax, enjoy it and not to worry about anything! 

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot?

Pick a location that you both want to explore more, relax and just enjoy the moment with each other. 

What is your favourite photo from the shoot?

They are all amazing and it’s hard to pick a particular picture but one of our favourites is the one taken at the top of Victoria Street; we just love the way Karol captured the moment.

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot?

Going to Calton Hill was definitely a standout moment. Although the day was dry it was sooo windy, and at the highest point over the City the camera definitely captured some windswept moments! We had never been to Calton Hill before, but it was beautiful to look over all of Edinburgh City Centre in the quietness of lockdown.

Tell us all about your wedding plans...

Our Wedding plans have definitely changed massively over the course of the year, but we are looking at it positively! We are now having a small wedding of 30 with close family and friends at Lochside House Hotel. Our theme is modern and relaxed – we just want everyone to have a good time, good food and enjoy the day! 

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding? If yes, how?

We are possibly going to have some pictures printed at our Wedding Guest book for people to see!

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date?

After everything going on in the world with Covid-19, we are most looking forward to just spending the day with our close family and friends and finally being Mr&Mrs!

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far?

Going dress shopping, choosing our suppliers and now seeing everything come together! 

Photography by Karol Makula Photography www.makula.co.uk | Instagram: @karol_makula_photography

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