Engagement Shoot: Future Mr and Mrs Harris

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Paige & Marc

14th July 2020 | Menston

Instagram: @_theharriswedding | Photos: Charlotte White Weddings

If you are a part of the Instagram bridal community, then you may recognise today's bride to be as @_theharriswedding! Paige and Marc are due to be married in September 2022 at the gorgeous Priory Cottages in Wetherby. The soon to be Mrs Harris tells to us all about their pre wedding shoot experience,  their romantic engagement story, and we even hear a little about their wedding plans... 

Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

I always wanted a pre-wedding shoot, Marc on the other hand took some persuading to go ahead with one! When searching for a photographer, I came across Charlotte and an engagement shoot is included in her packages which I was so glad about! Scanning her beautiful images on Instagram I knew we needed some lovely photos to keep before the wedding. 

How did you meet and how long have you been together? 

We’ve been together for 4 years now and we met at work. We both work for a sign company and Marc is actually my boss haha! After many work nights out and work banter…. Here we are. Engaged to be married! 

Tell us all about the proposal...

We went to Turkey October 2019. Id done the usual hinting at being engaged and sent the occasional ring pic as you do! 2019 I had a rough year with family illness’s ect so the holiday was much needed. Turkey is one of my all time fave holiday destinations and Marc had obviously realised that when he was planning how to pop the question! 

Saturday 12th October, normal day by the beach. We went up to get changed for the evening. Marc got dressed up smart and picked out an outfit for me. He was quizzing me on what the pier looked like at night which went out to see, asking if it was well lit ect I never thought anything of it. We set off on our way to a restaurant for our evening meal. Where Marc asked if I wanted a photograph of myself on the pier under the full moon. Marc never offered to take photographs actually he moans when I ask him to lol! So I took the opportunity, walked to the end of the pier which went out to  sea, turned around and there he was on one knee….. I was in utter shock! I actually don’t think I answered him for a while being in disbelief. It was so magical and I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. 

Why did you choose the shoot location? 

Charlotte recommended places where she has done shoots before and knows the type of photo’s she can capture there. We trusted her instincts and ended up at Menston! 

Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day? 

Oh my god, absolutely. We now feel a lot more at ease with having our photo taken. Marc hates pictures so this was something that was so important. Charlotte did also mention how relaxed Marc was during the middle of the shoot and how into it he was getting. So if there’s any nervous grooms at there pre wedding shoots are so helpful to make them feel at ease! 

Did you feel nervous behind the camera?

Yes! So nervous, but Charlotte soon made us feel at ease. She had us laughing for the full length of the shoot. 

Would you recommend that other couples have an engagement shoot?

100% I think it’s beneficial for every couple to have an engagement shoot ahead of their wedding. It’s a way to get to know your photographer, to feel comfortable and to get an overall feel for the photographs you’ll have together. 

Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot?

Charlotte told us to just relax, have a conversation about absolutely anything… She told us games to play and asked us questions to make us laugh and catch our emotions. One game being the alphabet game of insults – definitely one to give you a giggle! From the photographs that’s all we did laugh.

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot?

To relax, take everything on board what your photographer says and enjoy the moment! It really is the best feeling. 

What is your favourite photo from the shoot?

Oooo, that’s a tough one. I love so many of them.. My favourite has to be one where we were sat in the field, our heads together, taking everything in like we were the only people in the world. 

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot?

I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment that stood out. We enjoyed every aspect of it! Maybe one where Marc threatened to push me into the sheep field lol, or Marc throwing me over his shoulder! 

Tell us all about your wedding plans...

Iv always dreamt of a church wedding. We plan to get married in the church where I grew up. Which my grandparents were also married at, it means so much to have our special day there too. We just want a traditional wedding with all our family and friends with us. White, nude, greenery with gold accents. Hopefully the day we dream off without covid! 

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?

Yes! We used one Of our engagement photographs for our save the dates. We have recently postponed our wedding so will need some more change the dates – I would like to use another for them! 

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date?

Marrying Marc, becoming Mrs Harris and having the best weekend with the most special peoples in our lives. 

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far?

Choosing our suppliers and dress shopping!!! 

Photography by Charlotte White Weddings | www.charlottewhiteweddings.co.uk | Instagram: @charlottewhiteweddings

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