Jenny and Roberto's modern, simple and elegant wedding at the old marlyebone town hall, London

Friday, March 26, 2021

Mr + Mrs Iannella

22nd September 2020 | The Old Marylebone Town Hall | Guests: 8

Instagram: @jennytema @robertoiannella | Photos: Majat Solo Photography

Jenny and Roberto wed in a modern and intimate ceremony at London's iconic Marylebone Town Hall, an absolutely stunning venue both inside and out. Their ceremony was followed by a Private Dining reception at The Ivy, another iconic venue, and beautifully decorated too. The now Mrs Iannella tells us all about their special day, and gives some amazing advice for couples going through their planning journeys - "it’s okay to be selfish. Take it in your stride and enjoy EVERYTHING".

Tell us all about your wedding theme...

We didn’t have a theme or colour scheme in the end. After planning every option, we really stripped everything back and planned around what meant the most to us: having our closest family there, the photographer and a honeymoon of a lifetime. 

We chose venues that were already beautiful, so we didn’t need to dress them up at all. The Marylebone Old Town Hall is as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. The rooms are so intricately detailed with wood panelled rooms and marbled halls and The Ivy Kensington had a 1920s vibe.

We didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen as it was a very intimate wedding and everyone there made up our ‘wedding party’. We are also not very traditional, so we didn’t include a lot of the standard wedding checklist generally, it was fun to plan a wedding without sticking to the rules.

What kind of ceremony did you have?

We had a modern registrar ceremony.

What was your favourite part of the day? 

Every single second. I really did try hard to think about what to choose but I really couldn’t!

What was the most emotional moment of the day?

Definitely the entrance. The groom is very much a non-crier and he was in tears! The whole room was in tears. It was very overwhelming and emotional with the strings playing in the background, it felt like an out of body experience.

Any advice for future brides…

It’s so much more fun and exciting when you stop worrying about guest lists, other opinions and what expected. It’s okay to be selfish. Take it in your stride and enjoy EVERYTHING. Remember why you are getting married in the first place, it will be special no matter what and you will forget about everything else once you walk down the aisle.

Tell us all about your music choices...

All our music was a live string duo which was something I always wanted and (one of) the best decisions we made. It made me feel so calm hearing them play from the room next door whilst I was peeking through the keyhole and seeing everyone arrive.

  • Song you walked down the aisle to: At Last – Etta James 
  • Ceremony Songs: We left this up to the incredible David on the strings 
  • Signing song: Tom Walker – Better Half of Me
  • Song for walking back up the aisle as a married couple: Tom Walker – Just you and I

Did you make any Wedding DIYs?

I definitely intended to. I had every intention to make my own bouquet but thankfully I didn’t because my bouquet by Jessica Eliza Flowers was perfection. I also initially made the confetti, but I had not dried it out enough and it was too late to make another batch. It is very easy to make yourself and it could also be a fun activity whilst not having much else to do in lockdown.

I was also going to do my own hair and make-up. I didn’t end up doing any of these things. I wanted to do what I could to incur less costs, but I also didn’t want to have to worry about anything so quite last minute all those things were taken over by the professionals and it really did make a difference as it took a weight off my shoulders that I didn’t realise was there. 

What was your wedding must-have: 

A good photographer. The photos will last forever and will bring back such joy. 

What was your favourite wedding purchase?

My shoes! They were such a splurge and a crazy wedding gift to myself that I would have never bought for any other reason.

Tell us all about the dress and dress shopping…

The dress was everything I didn’t know I needed. I was initially looking for a simple silk dress but I couldn’t find the perfect one. I popped into Selfridges a couple months before the wedding and tried on a couple of dresses. The lady pulled out my now dress for me to try on. I was not sold to begin with, I tried it on anyway because ‘why not?’ and I could not take it off. I fell in love with it. It was so comfortable; I could run around and dance in it and the material was a double wool crepe which was perfect for a September wedding. It also fit the bill in terms of a modern, elegant, city wedding dress. 

What food did you have at your wedding?  

We dined privately at the Kensington Ivy Brassier. The atmosphere of the restaurant was such a great vibe, and you can’t go wrong with the food there. It was important for us that everyone was able to choose whatever they fancied.

How did you choose your venue?

We knew we wanted to marry in a London Town Hall. It was the first we visited, and we booked it there and then. All the rooms were amazing, the hall, the stairs and the incredible pillars outside. There were no downfalls. 

Best wedding splurge: 

The biggest and the best splurge was our honeymoon. We went to the Maldives which has always been a dream location for us. It took us until halfway through the honeymoon for it to sink in that we were really there. 

Worst wedding planning moment:

The constant fear of cancellations in a midst of a pandemic. We very luckily managed to pull it off with minor restrictions in place. 

Tell us about your Honeymoon: 

A honeymoon of dreams. It was absolutely perfect. The location was quite literally paradise. We got fed A LOT and swam with a whale shark for 20 minutes straight which was a highlight and something we will never forget. 

Top money saving tip: 

A venue that doesn’t need too much dressing up is a big way to save! 

Photographer: Majat Solo Photography

Venue: A Day to Remember London

Flowers:  Jessica Eliza Flowers

MUA: Charlotte Tilbury Make Up at John Lewis Oxford St 

Hair: Duck and Dry

Dress: Roland Mouret

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Suits: Ted Baker

Band/DJ: Giardino Strings

Reception: The Ivy Kensington

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