Eilish and Jen's Simple and Elegant February 2021 wedding at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh

Monday, March 22, 2021

Mrs + Mrs McBrolly

7th February 2021 | Mansfield Traquair

Instagram: @eyes.mac | Photos: David Louden Wedding Photography

The now Mrs and Mrs McBrolly held their Elegant yet simplistic micro-wedding at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh back in February. This venue is absolutely gorgeous, and was the perfect backdrop to capture some amazing photographs and bring to life the wedding the couple had been dreaming of for so long. Eilish and Jen both opted for princess gowns, and actually surprised each other at the altar as they both had dress pockets, keep scrolling to see the moment caught on camera!

Tell us about your wedding theme...

We love the colour grey so it was an easy choice for the bridesmaids dresses and the men of honours kilts. The venue itself is just stunning so we really didn’t want to take anything away from that. We wanted to go with nice natural colours in our bouquets as I love the colour of eucalyptus leaves with that soft sage colour alongside the whites and creams of the roses and peonies.

How would you describe your bridal style?

I am a PE teacher so I literally live my life in leggings and hoodies. I never expected to pick a princess style dress but, after trying on styles that I thought I would love but actually really disliked, when I tried my dress on it just felt perfect. I wanted everything to just seem classic and effortless from my dress, to my veil, my hair and bouquet. My wife had her dress custom made and we couldn’t believe how similar they ended up being considering I bought mine from a designer and had it altered and she literally created hers. It was amazing how our styles ended up completely complimenting one another.

What kind of ceremony did you have and did you have any readings? 

We had a humanist ceremony which was just perfect for us. My little brother gave us a reading for the wedding that he picked which was so thoughtful and fitting.

What was your something old, new, borrowed and blue?

I am not one for traditions so hadn’t made this a priority of mine at all. However, on the week of our wedding, my mum gave me her engagement ring which has a beautiful big sapphire in the middle which ended up being my something old and something blue. My bridesmaids also got me a picture of my gran for my bouquet with a small blue bead which then meant I had something old, new, borrowed and blue so it all worked out in the end.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Seeing my soon to be wife for the first time at the alter. I will never forget the smile on her face and the look in her eyes and I would give anything to relive that moment over and over again. 

Song you walked down the aisle to: We both walked down to a mash up of Shania Twain’s - You’re Still The One & From This Moment

Ceremony songs: A Thousand Years 

Song for walking back up the aisle as a married couple: Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

Any advice for future brides…

Planning a wedding for us wasn’t particularly stressful as we both have very similar likes and dislikes and really didn’t disagree on anything. We were meant to get married last April in 2020 and were 3 weeks away from our date when we had to postpone due to the pandemic. We had already waited 10 years to get married and didn’t want to wait any longer. We literally had our humanist, my sister, my wife’s cousin and ourselves at our ceremony. I remember stressing over the table settings and just freaking out about how everything would look on the day from my hair to my make up to my jewellery as well as the venue, and honestly... none of it matters. I basically ran down the aisle to marry the woman that I have loved for what seems like an eternity and I genuinely didn’t even notice that there was just 5 of us in this massive venue. No matter what shape your wedding takes, it will be perfect no matter what.

Did you make any Wedding DIYs?

My wedding shoes were Nike Air Force 1’s so I had my initial on my right heel and my wife’s on my left heel with a little heart beside it.

Most emotional moment of the day?

My wife saying her vows. We had waited and spoke about our day for so long that it was just really overwhelming to be standing in our dream wedding venue and to hear her say the words that I had been waiting to hear for what felt like forever. 

What was your wedding must-have?

My trainers were a god send. I have no idea how anyone does a wedding in heels!

Did you have have anything unusual at your wedding?  

Yea, a pandemic...

Favourite Wedding Purchase: 

I absolutely loved our invites from Two Flux in Edinburgh. It was just a real shame that the date ended up redundant... 

Favourite wedding supplier: 

Mansfield Traquair – everyone deserves to see this venue in person at least once in their life

Were there any surprises on the day?

Family and friends showed up outside my house and my wife’s parents house to see us off which was an amazing surprise.

Funniest moment of the day:  

My wife pouring our ceremony sand all over the table because she missed the vase that she was aiming to put it in and fired across the whole table. It was so fitting as she really is the most hapdash person.

Funniest wedding photograph: 

My wife had her dress made and when I got to the alter she was all proud of herself to tell me that her dress had pockets. Obviously, she didn’t know, but I had my dress altered so that I could have pockets it in too and the photographer has managed to catch the moment where we both show each other.

What was your favourite wedding planning moment?

Listening to the music we would have had at the wedding. It is what started our plans.

and the worst wedding planning moment...

Having to postpone and rearrange our full wedding to a new date

What was your Wedding Budget – and did you stick to it? 

We didn’t really have a budget, we simply booked the things that we loved.

Where did you find all of your inspiration? 

Mainly instagram, our suppliers were all amazing so I literally would just follow hashtags on my phone.

Your favourite wedding photo?

The one of us in Mansfield, it is the photo I have had in my head from the beginning and it was really overwhelming when our photographer sent it through.

Venue: Mansfield Traquair

Dress: Eilish - June Brides Glasgow / Jen – Brides in The City 

Suits:  MacGregor & MacDuff

Photographer: David Louden

Shoes: Nike

Wedding Rings: The I Do Studio

Bridesmaids dresses:  ASOS

D├ęcor: Planet Flowers

Florist:  Planet Flowers

Celebrant:  Alan Barr Humanist

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