Amazing reasons to elope - a new way to say "I do"

Friday, February 5, 2021

This guest blog post was written for us by photographer Emily Santoro who has seen many elopements first hand, and just how special they can be. Eloping isn't for everyone, but before the pandemic would you have ever really given it much thought?With big weddings off the cards for at least the next few months, this article aims to show you there's an alternative to postponing and waiting. We love the relaxed vibe of these elopement photographs too.

When you hear the world “Elopement” what does come in your mind? 

Are you thinking about those amazing looking couples hiking to the top of a mountain? Well, it's understandable that you have this kind of vision, as for years the media have been bombarding us with those “perfect” images carrying with them an “idealised” idea of elopements. It is true that most of the elopements you see online are in surrounded by nature, with stunning views, but this is only one aspect of eloping. Elopement means so much more! 

Let’s take a moment to see what eloping actually means.

Definition of Elopement >> An elopement is an intentional intimate wedding experience, that reflects you and your relationship, where the focus is on you two.

There is no mention of hiking, or spending all day taking photos. There are actually so many positive things that an Elopement can give you and your partner.


How many traditional weddings have you been invited to? Did you notice perhaps what the couple were doing all day? There isn’t a specific statistic for this, but they definitely didn't dedicate the entire time to themselves. Let’s be honest, when you are planning a traditional wedding you are preparing yourself for the biggest event of your life, and most of the time all the effort is for the event. The more things you add, the more people you invite, the less time you are leaving for the two of you. It's not your guest's fault, it’s just the nature of big traditional weddings. But what does happen when you decide to elope? 

You are intentionally creating space for you and your partner, to enjoy little intimate moments, to be free to cuddle in peace in a quiet hidden place just for you two if you want, to have the opportunity to share your vows and whisper to them.

An Experience

The standard idea of getting married includes many guests, we aren't all the same. There are some couples who would prefer to focus their day on themselves, and eloping is a great way to do it. When you elope, you have the freedom to decide what to do and how to do it. You can create an experience that is based on what’s important for you and your partner, leaving lot of space for your own desires and ideas, with no expectations from others.


People often think that when couples choose to elope they are doing so to spend less. While it's true that an elopement can cost much less than a traditional wedding, it doesn’t mean that your wedding day is any less important to you. You are instead investing money in something different, that can be more personal. Plus, you can invest more money into exotic travel for your elopement location, or even for your honeymoon experience.

Less Stress

Eloping can take off all the stress that comes from planning a big party. There are less things to think about, less technical details, and no strict timeline to follow. It can really be simple if you want, and you don't have to think about things like plus ones or table plans.

I am not saying that big traditional weddings aren't right for some couples, it really comes down to the individual. I have been shooting traditional weddings for many years, and so many times I saw couples  running around to keep everything running smoothly, between making sure that the guests are having fun, transportation, groups photos, catering, etc. Some of them didn’t even have time to eat something!

Putting aside any planning stress, consider how much freedom and quality time you can get when you elope. You will get a day where you are relaxed, comfortable and free to do whatever you want and when you want. You can enjoy as much time as you need to speak to your small circle of family and friends. Maybe that's another thing you hadn't considered - you can elope and have your family and friends with you! Nobody said it had to be just the two of you. Just keep in mind that the amount of guests should be kept to a minimum, to keep the day intimate.

I hope this article was a source of inspiration and alternatives for you, as you see there are other ways, and instead of  worrying, postponing/rescheduling you can opt for something simple, stress free, and authentically yours. 

Written by Emily Santoro Photography

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