How to celebrate Valentines Day in lockdown

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Valentines Day in Lockdown, who would have thought it! 
There won't be any meals out in fancy restaurants, or cocktails at a cute bar, but there will be whole lot of love and laughter! We have put together some ideas on how you can spend your valentines day at home this year, and make it one to remember.

Start the day off right with a yummy breakfast. Convince your fiance to cook up a cosy breakfast in bed, or wake up and cook your favourite breakfast together. The From Brides duo love pancakes and nutella, so that's what we will be tucking into on Valentines morning. 
If there was ever an excuse to put up a bunch of decorations, this is it! Go over the top with the decor; blow up some heart shaped balloons, hang up a banner, cover the house in fairy lights a light loads of candles. We want to see all of the romantic vibes! 
We absolutely love the pink and red colour combo, and these lip balloons are amazing! 
Lets make this locked down valentines one to remember, and start filling 2021 with happy memories to look back on. Take some cute photos together, take some pictures of the food (because lets face it, thats what we would be doing if we were in a fancy restaurant!). And of course we cannot forget the slightly tipsy, post 2 cocktails, kind of blurry selfies. Document the day, and you could even start a cute scrapbook of your year. 
Dear Grooms,
We hereby advise that for one day you must put on your best cheesy grin and take selfies all day long. 
From Brides, With Love xo
We absolutely love this one. Write each other a love letter! Put your feelings into words, and exchange letters one at a time. That way, you get to see your loves reaction while they read. 
If you wanted to be extra fancy, you can also have the letters made by a calligrapher. Look out for a couple of amazing small business selling these at The From Brides With Love Instagram Fayre on 30th and 31st January. 
Make the day extra sweet, and bake something yummy. How cute are these sugar cookies, and not too difficult to make either. We are a big fan of chocolatey bakes, so are thinking of whipping up some heart shaped brownies with red and pink heart sprinkles... YUM!
Set the table all fancy, light some candles and have a romantic dinner date at home. 
If you are into cooking, you could choose who makes the starter and dessert, and who makes the main, and surprise each-other with a homemade 3 course meal. 
If cooking isn't your forte, or you just don't fancy doing the dishes (we are right there with you!) you could opt for a fancy M&S meal deal for 2, or order in your favourite takeaway. 
Blow the dust off of your fanciest glasses, and treat yourself to your favourite tipple. You could even have a go at making some D.I.Y Cocktails. Laurens favourite is a French Martini, and Tiffany loves a Pornstar Martini. We will definitely be indulging. 
Check out this post we shared in the summer by The Dispensary Bar, who shared some amazing cocktail recipes with us. Let us know if you try any of them!
Now this is where the fairy lights will come in handy. Grab all the duvets and blankets you can find, and build a fort. Once your fort is in situ, have a romantic movie night. Surely Valentines Day is the one night of the year where your fiance cant say no to a rom com!? Keeping on the wedding theme, why not start of with 27 dresses, followed by Bridesmaids, and finish off with Made of Honour... all classics!
Who doesn't love giving and receiving gifts? Treat each other to a little something and exchange your gifts over dinner. Whether it's something to make them laugh, a romantic item they can keep and treasure, or a tasty treat. Don't forget, we will be hosting The From Brides With Love Instagram Fayre on 30th and 31st January and there will be loads of small businesses showcasing their valentines makes. 
Last but not least, you cannot forget about your bride tribe! Why not put aside some time, and set up a Galentines call with your best gals. Drink some bubbles, share the love, and most importantly laugh the night away.

Happy Valentines Day!
From Brides, With Love xo

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