Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Davey-Robinson

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ella and Tom

25th January 2020 | Wotton House

 Instagram: @ellamayrobinson1 | Photos: The Vedrines

Ella and Tom are due to marry at St Margarets Church, Ockley on 12th September 2021. This is now their 3rd date after postponing twice before, so we are keeping everything crossed that they can finally say "I Do" this September! Bride to be Ella tell us all about their romantic Christmas engagement, and why they think a pre-wedding shoot is a must have for any brides and grooms to be. 

Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

I discovered Izzy and Tina on Instagram and instantly fell in love with there style, they actually live in the midlands so quite far from us. We thought it would be a great idea to have a pre-shoot to meet with them and get to know them personally prior to our day so we knew we could relax and be ourselves! It was the best decision we have made and they instantly made us feel relaxed as we were quite awkward and overwhelmed at first. Within a couple of minutes we are completely natural and having a great time!  

How did you meet? 

We met when I (Ella) was 11 and Tom was 13 at our local village youth club! I was always very taken with Tom but at that age he just thought I was an annoying young girl that wouldn’t leave him alone! We finally got together when I was 19 and Tom was 21 and have been together now for over 6 years!

Tell us your proposal story...

Tom always knew that I didn’t want it to be in public as I would be too embarrassed (I think he was quite relieved). So on Christmas day 2018, we had been at Toms parents during the morning and done our presents and then myself, Tom and his parents all went up to my parents at the other end of the village. My Auntie and Grandma were there as well so it was a full house! Everyone was sat opening presents and sipping on champagne and then Tom brought me over a wrapped shoe box sized box. I opened it up and it was a Hotter (grandma shoe brand) shoe box….I opened it up to find it was stuffed with shredded wrapping paper and glued to the bottom was a Pandora box. My heart sank a little, I love pandora but I thought it was going to be a ring! Anyway I opened the Pandora box and inside was a note saying ‘Gabriella Alice May Robinson, I have a question to ask you.’ Then I looked up and Tom was down on one knee and said ‘Gabriella Alice May Robinson, I may be 5 years too late but will you marry me?’ I burst into tears, all the family were looking and tearing up and then Tom told me I hadn’t said yes so I shouted YES!. It was the most magical moment I have ever experienced.  

How did you choose the shoot location?

We thought it would be a great idea for our wonderful photographers, Izzy and Tina to come and visit the venue prior to our big day and the Italian gardens there are the perfect setting for any photo shoot! 

Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day? 

Yes definitely, we now know what to expect, and how they will work and what they will be capturing.  

Did you feel nervous behind the camera? 

At first we felt really awkward but Izzy and Tina made us relax so quickly that in the end we forget that they were even taking photos of us!  

Would you recommend that other couples have an engagement shoot? 

Yes, 100% we would definitely recommend. We got to know Izzy and Tina really well and how they work and what to expect so we now feel so relaxed about them being around on the day and we can’t wait to see them again!  

Did your photographers give you any tips before the shoot? 

Not really we had just booked it in with them after confirming them for our wedding and then waiting in anticipation to meet them, we were so excited!  

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

I would really recommend doing it at your chosen venue, the excitement was unbelievable and everything felt so real! Relax and enjoy it, it is a very exciting time!  

What is your favourite photo from the shoot?

It is so hard to pick a favourite…we were honestly blown away by the album…

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot? 

We discovered so much more of our venue, Izzy and Tina are so creative and we discovered this amazing cave which they got some gorgeous photos of us in!  

Tell us about your wedding plans...

So initially the colour scheme was blush and white, however, it is forever changing due to the change of seasons our wedding has been going through. It is now set for September 2021 so I think we will stick with blush and white and add in some beautiful foliage as well, we have starlit backdrops, fairylight canopies, flower walls and lots more! We have 120 guests for the day and then another 80 joining for the evening so it will be an amazing celebration with family and friends! We have decided to get married in our local country side church as it is very special to me and then  the reception will be at Wotton House which is the most beautiful stately home with incredible Italian gardens with enormous pillars and all sorts of secret nooks and crannies. 

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?

Yes definitely, Izzy and Tina actually mentioned this to us during the shoot, I am not quite sure how yet but I am definitely going to get creative with it!  

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date? 

Right now I just cant wait for the day to happen, with postponing it twice it has been really frustrating and upsetting after so much work went into planning the day. I cant even imagine what it is going to feel like when we finally say ‘I do’!!  

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far? 

My favourite part of planning has been attending all the wedding fairs and meeting with the suppliers and taking it all in! The suppliers we are working with have been so amazing and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work, especially during this crazy pandemic!  

From Brides, With Love xo

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