Christmas Traditions to start as a couple

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Whether you're planning your wedding, or recently married, it's important to keep making special memories as a couple that you can do year after year to show your love and appreciation for one another. Even more importantly, these traditions can be done no matter what is happening in the world (even a global pandemic!)

1. Give each other a Christmas Card

This one might sound obvious, but taking the time to choose a special card for each other is a lovely thing to do every year. Take the time to write a little letter inside about why you appreciate them and some of the memories you've shared together that year! Hang onto them and they will be lovely to look back on in years to come. We have a beautiful range of Christmas cards in our shop (and you can get 15% off with code FESTIVE).

This one was designed exclusively for us by Nora Wright

2. Have a Christmas movie marathon

Nothing sounds better than snuggling down with a hot chocolate, some Christmas snacks and some festive films. Some recommendations from us...

Lauren's Favs:

  • Klaus
  • elf
  • Nativity
Tiffany's Favs:
  • The Santa Clause
  • Snowglobe
  • The Grinch

3. Try baking something festive

Don't worry if your combined skill level isn't a match for Mary Berry, there are plenty of simple Christmas bakes. There are some great recipe ideas here. Plus, if anything goes wrong you can coat it in icing sugar and call it "snow".

4. Gift each other a special bauble

On the day you put up your tree, you could gift each other a bauble that you think the other will love. Starting this tradition means that in future years when you put up your decorations you can remember the ones you got each other and the stories behind them. Here's another shameless plug for the bridal baubles we sell in our shop...

These are handmade for us exclusively by Maria Manuscript

5. Buy matching Christmas jumpers

...or pyjamas! It doesn't get more cheesy than this, but that's the best thing about Christmas traditions right? 

6. Take a cosy Christmas photo together

We know how hard it can be to rope your fiancé into having his photo taken at times! But, surely at Christmas he owes you at least one cute pic? You could take it with a background of Christmas lights or a cosy background at home. You could even use it for next year's Christmas card!

7. Make a photobook of the year

This is an amazing way to look back on everything that happened that year and also to remember things in years to come. Holidays, nights out, family time, promotions - they're all worth remembering! Using a site like Snapfish allows you to also add text besides your photos so you can remember the little details. Admittedly, the 2021 edition might be a little bit thinner than other years, but that makes it an easy place to start!

8. A Christmas date night for two

Sometimes among all the Christmas chaos and parties, a date night for two can easily be missed! You could go to the same restaurant every year and book in early. However, if this isn't possible due to time (or you know a pandemic) then you could get takeaway food from their instead. You could still dress up at home, light a candle, turn off your phones and a have a date night.

9. Go for a walk to see the local lights

This one seems pretty obvious but sometimes during the busiest season of the year it's easy to forget to take a moment to pause! Starting this tradition could mean choosing one area (ideally somewhere with lots of Christmas lights) for a festive walk every year in the lead up to Christmas - you could even get a festive hot drink drink of choice on the way.

10. Food Bank Advent Calendar

This a lovely tradition to start as a couple or family. The idea of the 'reverse' advent calendar is that instead of getting something each day to countdown, you add something each day for the food bank. Then on the 24th December (or the 12th) you'll have a box full for the food bank and can take it there to hand it in.

11. Make your own Christmas Cocktails

Remember that Christmas date night we mentioned above? Why not try making some cocktails for 2! There's lots of easy recipes online. Lauren's fav is a french martini and Tiffany's is a pornstar martini. You could start simple with a bellini; prosecco and your syrup of choice.

12. 12 Dates of Christmas

Get a jar and write down 12 fun date ideas for the next year, that way you can pull one out each month for something fun to do together. 

13. Have a wrapping marathon
Wrapping gifts is so much more fun with two! How about a date night at home seeing who can wrap the prettiest presents? Christmas tunes, bubbly and Hugh Grant dancing in the background is essential of course.
14. Take a Polaroid and peg it on the tree
If you've got an instax camera then this is such a cute tradition to start and something you can keep forever!
Tag us @frombrideswithlove if you decide to try out any of these traditions and let us know if you'll be doing them every year!

From Brides, With Love xo

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