Hannah and Stefan's romantic candlelit barn 2020 micro wedding

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Mr + Mrs Kennedy

28th August 2020 | Meol’s Hall, Southport 

Guests: 26 |  Instagram: @serendipity_girl | Photos: Louise Griffin Photography

For the final day of Microwedding Week 2 we are sharing Hannah and Stefan's gorgeous rustic summer candlelit wedding with 26 guests. Despite guest and time restrictions due to Covid-19, this wedding still had it all! From an ice-cream van and pizza van to a polaroid guestbook and a sweetie table, all the details were perfect! The bride wore an elegant lace WED2B dress paired with a cathedral length lace veil and a stunning white bridal bouquet with silk ribbons. Hannah tells us all about their wedding day, including a surprise vintage car hired by her groom for the end of the night!

Something old: My mums Garter 
Something new: Dress/Shoes etc 
Something borrowed: My mums Garter 
Something blue: The garter had a blue bow, and my friend also gave my a something blue as well 

How did you both meet?

We went to the same Sixth form, and our friendship group was actually the same group but we never really knew each other well.  We both then went away to university and where never home the same time.  I moved had moved back home and started hanging out with that friendship group again.  In Christmas 2017 one of our friends us all round for dinner.  I was babysitting my niece and had comfy joggers and hoody on…when we arrived I noticed Stefan was there and immediately regretted what I was wearing (had never felt like that before when I seen him) – Stefan said he also was very happy I showed up and he hadn’t felt like that prior.  I then had a new years eve party a few days later and Stefan came along… the rest is history!

Tell us all about your proposal...

Stefan and I had arranged a date evening last year 6 months after moving to Amsterdam.  We decided to hit up all of the roof top bars and have a bit of a cocktail evening.  First, we went to the Hilton Sky bar, we were there for a while, it was so so busy we had to stand at the edge, which was also the most beautiful view. Next we wanted to go to the top of the NEMO museum as they have live music every Friday – we walked across the bridge from central station and just as we started over the last bridge I looked up and realized it was already closed…Stefan seemed devastated, and then we were deciding where to head to next.  We were stood between two bridges at a little viewing point while deciding. Stefan then mentioned the view and how nice it was.  There was not a soul in site, he told me he loved me, I hugged him, then turned the other way and as I turned around he was already down on one knee with a ring…I am a bit of a cryer so he didn’t hear the word yes for at least a few minutes haha.  We then went for champagne in a few other bars around Amsterdam and facetimed our families.  My parents where waiting this news as he had already asked them for my hand the week prior.  

Best Wedding Splurge: 

Probably my wedding ring, I always said I would have a plain thin band, as I really love thin dainty rings, yet I went with a vintage style that has lots of diamonds.  When they asked if I would want the diamonds half or full band I thought why not lets go full haha – best choice ever haha! 

How would you describe your bridal style? 

I am very traditional in person and have always loved vintage but I also adore laid back vibes, Pampas grass, candles etc…So I think I tried to just find something that seemed fairly traditional but that also felt laid back… For my dress I didn’t love it the moment I put it on, but when I started walking around in it, it felt so floaty and bohemian even though it really wasn’t – that’s when I knew it was the right one for me. 

What was your favourite part of the day?

 I'm not sure I could pick one, I think either the ceremony itself, walking down the aisle with my dad was so amazing and seeing Stefan waiting.  But I loved the build up to the wedding (we were very late haha) with my bridal party (my mum, sister – MOH, cousin – Bridesmaid, and my brothers fiancé – she kindly done our make up, and my niece and nephew both 4 at the time) Also I managed to have a father daughter dance and a first dance, although the guests had to stay seated…it was so special. 

Tell us about the ceremony...

We had a registrar, due to Corona we had to keep the ceremony as short as possible.  We were supposed to have 3 readings but we had to cut it down to 2.  My best friend and her husband read one and Stefans best friend read the other.  The third one we really wanted my auntie to read but because of corona we were only allowed our immediate families and 2 friends each (plus my auntie still doesn’t know I wanted her to read for us hehe – surprise!) 

First Dance Song:  Anyone who knows what love is, will understand – Irma Thomas 
Father daughter dance: Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III 
Song you walked down the aisle to: Perfect Ed Sheeran (performed on Cello by our friend) 
Ceremony Songs: All Cello music – Stefan is a classical and Opera singer so it was mostly classical but he also done a cello version of Eric Clapton you look wonderful tonight  
Recessional Song:  Signed sealed delivery – Stevie Wonder 

Where did you find all of your inspiration?

I think I had most of it in my head since I was younger.  The venue itself gave me lots of ideas as depending on the venue you may choose different décor etc.  My Instagram is still all wedding related though hahaa, my home page is full of wedding inspo.

Advice for future brides...

Try and get ready asap and then enjoy some time with your parents or bridal party before leaving for the ceremony – We over ran with getting ready and it was a rush at the end.  Make sure you and your new husband/wife take just 10 minutes together away from everyone to breathe and take it all in – its such a special day and whizzes by so quickly.

What was the most emotional moment of the day?

I think there were a few, I couldn't pick just one! The top would be...

  • when my mum put my jewellery on for me
  • when my dad and I where waiting to enter
  • when my dad handed me to Stefan
  • my dad's speech  

What did you do for your hen do?

 Sadly corona stopped the organised hen do happening. But my bridal party managed to put on a great virtual hen do during lock down while I was stuck in the Netherlands.  Also, the week of the wedding we had a lovely garden hen do with a hot tub and a few close family girls – it was amazing! Also, so grateful this was organised so last minute and was so thoughtful.  Also both of them where a surprise!

Did you have have anything unusual at your wedding?  

Well everyone had to wear facemasks which we provided. But other than that we had an ice-cream van, a gin bar and a sweetie table.  

Did you make any Wedding DIYs?

I made all the decorations with the help of Stefan and my parents, and my cousins boyfriend also printed all the facemasks to personalize them and also the little sign my nephew held walking down the aisle.

Did you have any wedding must-haves?

For me it ended up being the photographer, florist and cake designer that were all suppliers I had adored for a while.  

What food did you have at your wedding?  

We really wanted the food to represent the people we are the couple we are and bring in heritage etc to the food. So we went with dutch starts (we live in the Netherlands) which was different things like chicken Satay, bitterballen, Cheese stick etc, then our main course was British with 3 different Pies to share with potaoes and veg,  the pies where, steak and Ale, Chicken and mushroom and A veggie one.  Dessert was a chocolate orange cheesecake. We then planned on a pizza van for the evening food as my family has Italian background and I adore pizza haha. But due to corona we couldn’t have the evening part.  Although it turned out we were all ridiculously full from all the pies that I don’t think we would have eaten pizza anyway haha (I always said I would want more food than not enough but we were all so sleepy from being so stuffed hahahaha woops) 

Is there anything you wish you'd done differently?

I don’t think there is anything I personally would have done differently.  If I had to choose, to help future brides then I would say I wish I relaxed a little more, enjoyed more of the beautiful moments for example with my parents and my bridesmaids etc and spent longer with each guest, even with 26 guests I found it hard to have a conversation with people without being in multiple at one time or thinking there was still people I hadn’t said hello to…but I know they all understood so I think that’s just me!

Top money saving tip: 

If you have an image in your head for décor – shop around or DIY it. Give yourself budget for 3 big things and decide the importance of each – then the rest can be done ‘cheaper’ – also if black Friday is before your wedding have a list of everything your shopping for and always have things in your basket then on black Friday check if they are on offer – but be quick we bought all our wine on black Friday (nearly a year before the wedding, my poor parents had wine for 165 people in their house for so long haha) 

What was your favourite wedding purchase? 

My flowers and my veil.  I couldn’t find a veil I loved and so I got it made It perfectly matched the lace in my dress and I would wear it everyday if I could haha.  People in the evening kept saying take you veil off so you can relax but I loved it too much. 

Do you have a favourite wedding planning moment ?

I honestly think Corona stole a lot of the planning that should have been fun.  Because of lockdown we didn’t ever have a day with the bridal party or do any of those little things we normally would have, there wasn’t a lot we could do etc.  so, our favorite moment was probable cake tasting – that was amazing. Or finding my dress with my mum and then taking my bridesmaids the next day.  

What about a worst planning moment?

Two weeks before our wedding when Boris changed the number again and said no wedding receptions and they would review the week before our wedding – we then had to plan 2 other back up options – it was very stressful but we only needed 1 of them

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Tell us all about the cake...

The wedding cake process was so nice.  The supplier was Elizabeth Harris Cakes and she helped with everything.  We had three tiers – and originally we planned the wedding for 120 day and 165 evening guests, but in total had 26.  But Elizabeth helped with managing the cake size and we took some home as well to give to family that couldn’t come on the day.  It was 3 tiers, the bottom tier Chocolate and salted caramel ganache, the middle tier was Lemon and the top tier was red velvet (stefans and my favourite) On the wedding day we cut the top and the middle and then used the rest of the middle and the bottom for other family. 

Who was your favourite wedding supplier?

I don’t think I could decide, they were all super helpful and lovely the entire time and the lead up with things changing week on week leading up to our day they helped with everything. 

What was your wedding budget – and did you stick to it? 

Well the positive part of corona was that we came in under budget, but also this was greatly needed since my husbands work had all been cancelled this year so he had a big loss of income, yet the day was still wonderful.  Also my mother in law gave us the photographer as part of our gift and my father in law and his partner gave us the cake as part of our gift, and my parents where incredibly generous and helped with a lot of the wedding, we couldn’t have had the day be so special without their help, especially with Stefan’s earning loss due to Corona. 

Funniest moment of the day: 

Either how much Stefan cried – which was so so sweet, or the best mans speech. 

Funniest wedding photograph:

My Nephew dancing in his pants in the bridal sweet doing the ‘wedding dance’ all excited for me – he was 4 years old and it was as adorable as it was funny. 

Were there any surprises on the day?

Because of corona we had to leave the venue by 7. We had organised that in the hotel all the guest where staying they reserved a few tables together in the bar/restaurant and we would go back there for drinks to try and continue celebrating, but no dancing and we had to stay seated.  To get there we had booked private minibuses for us and the guests… but to my surprise, Stefan had booked us a separate car! It was a vintage wedding car similar to what my parents had on their day... I loved it so much! 

Tell us about your Honeymoon...

We didn’t book anything before the wedding since corona would have cancelled etc.  But our dream was to go to Madagascar and Mauritius, but this couldn’t happen.  So we decided to wait until when we came back to the Netherlands the week after the wedding and see where we were allowed to travel. Since the Netherlands also have the Antilles, we decided to head to Curacao.  It was wonderful. We were there for 12 nights and so relaxing. 

Watch Hannah and Stefan's emotional wedding video here.

Venue:  Meols Hall 

Dress: Wed2B 

Suits:  John Lewis

Photographer: Louise Griffin Photography

Videographer: Edit the Wedding

Stationery:  Jessica Harvey (friend)

MUA:  Charlotte Cullington 

Hair:  Emma Conroy Hair

Shoes: Asos and & other stories 

Wedding Rings: Ashoka Diamonds 

Bridesmaids dresses:  Asos 

Flower girl dresses:  Monsoon 

Cake:  Elizabeth Harris Cakes

Florist:  Kate from Agnes and Bee 

Veil designer : Flamingo Boulevard  

Celebrant:  Sefton council registrar 

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