Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Lewis

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Stefanie & James' Engagement Shoot
09.11.2019 │ Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia National Park 
Instagram: @the.lewis.weddingPhotos: The Light Painters
Stefanie and James were originally planning to tie the knot at Rivervale Barn in Yateley on 10th October 2020, but have had to postpone until 30th October 2021. Bride to be Stefanie tells us all about their dreamy winter engagement shoot, and shares some photoshoot advice for other engaged couples, as well as their sweet proposal story. 
How did you meet and how long have you been together?
We met through a mutual friend (who is James’ best man now) and we will have been together four and a half years when we get married.
Tell us your proposal story...
After asking my dad’s permission, we went for a walk around Blenheim Palace the next day. I didn’t really want to go, it was grey and overcast and I couldn’t be bothered! However, I was convinced in the end but insisted we took my sister, dad and the dogs. Luckily, my dad knew what James was planning to do so as soon as we got there, he walked off really quickly so we couldn’t keep up and James took me to the Rose Garden (he’d spent hours on Google trying to find the right spot). We walked around the lovely gardens and came to the spot where he wanted to pop the question. However, some students arrived at the same time we did so James feigned a painful shoulder and we sat on the bench waiting for them to pass. Unfortunately, they then got their lunch out so James had to think of a plan B and got a bit grumpy! He eventually found another lovely spot where it was just us two and popped the question, I was very shocked as I thought James was just grumpy and the week before we spoken about getting engaged and agreed it was years off, little did I know he had already bought the ring about a month before! Don’t tell him this, but I was so shocked that I can’t remember what he actually said!  
Why did you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot? 
It was included in the package we booked but we’d been considering it anyway. It seemed like a good idea as we’d never had a photoshoot before so thought it was best not to leave this for our wedding day.
Why did you choose the shoot location?
Our photographers love adventure shoots and this was one of the locations we got to choose from. It was also somewhere we had never been before so we were excited for a weekend away.
Did you find the shoot helpful for helping you feel more prepared for the wedding day?
100%! I am a very self-conscious person so having this to get used to being behind the camera was fab, it definitely helps that Hannah and Dave were great at putting us at ease.
What is your favourite photo from the shoot?
It’s got to be the one with the three of us where I’ve picked our dog up, he looks so disinterested though! 
Did you feel nervous behind the camera?
We did at the start but Hannah and Dave were fab and made us feel so much more comfortable very quickly and basically made us laugh at each other for the whole two hours, it was great 
Would you recommend that other couples have an engagement shoot or do you feel it is not necessary?
Definitely, it’s a great way to get to know your photographers and have a chat! We spoke about loads, not just wedding plans. It has put us so much more at ease!
Were there any stand out moments in the shoot?
Probably carrying the dog over a cattle grid (not seeing the gate to the side) whilst wearing heeled boots (what else do you wear in the snow!) 
What advice would you give to other couples who plan to have a pre-wedding shoot?
Do it! Ask as many questions as you can and use it as an opportunity to try some of the couple poses you may want to do at the wedding. I used it as an opportunity to chat through ideas I had for the day and how it would photograph etc. Also, laugh as much as you can on the day, they made some lovely natural shots.
Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot?
They sent through some ‘do’s and don’ts, they wanted it to be as natural as possible. One of the best tips they gave us though was to complement each other (clothing wise) rather than match. 
Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?
We would love to as we absolutely love them! They will probably be a part of our ‘love story’ board/ photo timeline.
Photography by The Light Painters  www.thelightpainters.co.uk Instagram: @hannah_lightpainter

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