Creating a D.I.Y Photobooth

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Image: Pinterest

We dont know about you, but we absolutely LOVE a Photo Booth at weddings. They are so much fun! Everyone always wants to get involved and have a laugh. The bonus is that, not only is a Photo Booth a great source of entertainment for your guests, but they also provide some amazing photos and fun memories which is a nice addition to the more posed style you might receive from your photographer! 

There are some amazing Photo Booth businesses out there, however they can be quite pricey, so if hiring one isn't in your budget, there is always the option for DIY. 

First thing you want to do invest in a camera, and get comfortable with how it works. The last thing you want it to have created this incredible set up, but not be able to get any pictures! 
When it comes to choosing which camera you go for, you need to decide on the style of images you'd like; Are you wanting a more vintage style look, in which case you could opt for a Polaroid camera (Fujifilm Instax). Or you may be after something a bit more classic, in which case you are probably more suited to a DSLR camera. There are lots of options out there, so it is worth doing some research. You could even reach out to your photographer to ask for some recommendations. 

Now onto the fun part, creating your Photo Booth! 

Buying or building the frame
Now you could purchase a frame, Etsy/Ebay have some great options for copper and wooden styles. Another great option, and very budget friendly, is to buy a plastic clothes rail and spray paint to the colour you would prefer!

Alternatively, you can go full on DIY and build the frame yourself. If you already own the tools, this is a fun and budget friendly option of creating something unique and exactly what you want. It is something you can do with your future wifey/hubby to be too (DIY date nights are definitely a thing). 

Creating the perfect backdrop
There are so many gorgeous ways of decorating your Photo Booth, so get yourself onto pinterest and get inspired. You could tie the decor into your colour scheme / wedding theme, or just try something entirely different. I (Tiffany) am having a celestial themed wedding, and we will be incorporating this into our Photo Booth by having some stars as the backdrop, and also having some celestial styled props to pose with. Inflatable moons at the ready guys... SAY CHEESE!

We have listed some of our favourite styling options below! 
  • Colourful tassels
  • Fairy lights galore
  • A hanging neon sign
  • Ribbons to match your colour scheme
  • A balloon arch

Have some fun with your props
Now when we say props, we are not just talking handheld signs and inflatables (even though you definitely need these too). We are talking the full shebang! A giant moon seat, sofas and chairs, barrels, candles - your photobooth can be a serious focal point for your decor and you can get really creative! We absolutely love the below example. As they say, the bigger the better! 

A guestbook full of memories
Whats better than a guestbook full of lovely and funny messages from your nearest and dearest? A guestbook full of messages AND hilarious photos of course! A photo guestbook is the perfect addition to your photobooth, just imagine being able to flick through on anniversaries in years to come, and be reminded of how much of a great night you and all of your guests had?

If you do choose to DIY your photobooth, we would absolutely love to see your photos. Please tag us on instagram @frombrideswithlove!

From Brides, With Love xo

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