Why You Should Make a Wedding Instagram Account

Saturday, October 17, 2020

As two brides who met through instagram, became bridal besties, and then started the From Brides With Love blog together, we are big fans of the insta bridal community! 

Tiffany started @theholdenwedding in September 2018, with 2 years to go until what would have been her big day, and Lauren started @prichardwedding back in March 2019, as somewhere to store all of their engagement party pictures. At the time we had no idea how HUGE the insta bride community really was, and before we knew it we were chatting away with so many others planning their big days, and even found some wedding twins to get excited and countdown with. We are now both nearing 3000 followers on each of our personal accounts, all full of others just like us looking to share their journeys and looking for planning inspiration. How amazing is that!?

I love my wedding Instagram account because I’ve met so many lovely and supportive brides to be! It’s so lovely to see everyone else’s inspiration and I’ve found so many bargains shared by other brides too. I’ve even made some wonderful friends too (like Tiffany)! 

I love sharing my ideas too and asking for feedback from people who aren’t sick of hearing me talk about my wedding plans! Plus, my normal Instagram account was getting so full of wedding pages and I just wanted to share everything. The save button on Instagram means you can turn your account into a mini Pinterest, something I talked about when I was on the Toni Time Wedding Podcast

When we postponed we received so many kind messages and I felt like I wasn’t alone. I’d recommend everyone makes a wedding Instagram when they get engaged - you won’t regret it!

I am so so glad that I created my wedding instagram account! When I created my account, we were still so undecided on decor and ideas, but within a couple of months of having the gram, I was full of inspiration. It is also so nice to enjoy the planning journey with so many other brides to be, help each other out and share our ideas with each other. I am sure a lot of you can relate, but after a while family/friends get a little fed up of constantly hearing me talk about the wedding, so its nice to be able to speak to people who can relate. The insta bride community are just some of the loveliest gals ever. 

But dont just take it from us, as we are bias, so we have contacted a few of the lovely insta brides to tell us what led them to creating their wedding planning instagram accounts, and why they love it so much.

We hope this post has encouraged you to set up your wedding insta, if you havent already! Don't forget to follow @frombrideswithlove, and all of the lovely ladies who shared their stories with us on this post! If you comment below with your instagram tag, we will be doing shout outs on our insta!

From the Insta Brides, With Love xo


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