Tiffany's Bridal Edit: Our Would Be Wedding Day

Saturday, October 3, 2020


19th September 2020 was not only our anniversary, but also the date we should have become Mr and Mrs Holden. However, back in May we made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding due to the C word that shall not be named. Our new date is 23rd October 2021, and we can not wait!

We were, or should I say I was, inspired by our Lockdown Love series that we have shared on the From Brides blog, so decided to mark the occasion in the best way we knew how; food, drinks and a whole lotta love.

We decorated the room all pretty the night before, and left out a card and a couple of gifts for each other. Going to bed the night before kind of felt like Christmas eve, albeit a bitter sweet version because I was excited for the day we had planned but also gutted because I should have been marrying my best friend! 

We started the day off with an amazing breakfast board, made by yours truly (I should clarify it was not actually homemade, I purchased bits in ASDA and made them look presentable on a tray, less impressive when I put it like that, but we digress). IT WAS SO YUM! 
We then exchanged our cards, I had my second cry of the day (the first was as soon as I woke up, oops), and we then gave each other gifts. Elliot got us a Spa Day, and a fondue kit from Hotel Chocolat. I go on all the time about how much I want to have a spa day and a fondue night, so boy did good!

Throughout the day we also received some lovely cards and gifts from family and friends, it was so lovely to know they were thinking of us. We received so many flowers that I even ran out of vases! We truly felt SO loved. 

In the evening we got all dressed up and headed out for a lovely meal. I cannot believe it but we actually didn't take any photos together, or of our meal! WHY! We then headed home, got all cosy on the sofa for a movie night and enjoyed a bottle of bubbles.
After a lovely would be wedding day, we then headed off on our would be honeymoon to our favourite seaside escape; Brighton. We had such a lovely mini break away, perfect weather and loads of good food, cocktails and company. 

So now our original date has been and gone, it is time to start our new countdown! 384 days to go until we become Mr and Mrs Holden!

With Love, Tiffany Holden to be xo

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