12 ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photos by Lottie Photography

Monday, October 26, 2020

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This supplier takeover is brought to you by wedding photographer Lottie Judd aka Lottie Photography. Lottie has put together her 12 'must have' wedding photos to provide you with lots of inspo for your own wedding photographs! From getting ready to golden hour shots, these are the key moments you don't want your photographer to miss.

1. Getting Ready 

I love the morning atmosphere, it’s a mixture of excitement and nerves which creates a real buzz! Documenting these moments helps you remember all the feels when you look back on your photos in years to come. 

2. Detail Shots 

It’s so easy to forget about the little details on your wedding day with so much going on, that’s why I’m there to document everything to make re-living your day crystal clear! 

3. Pre-Ceremony Portrait 

Having a portrait before you become married is a really special moment, you are about to enter the next chapter of your life, and to have it captured on camera is magical. 

4. Dad’s Reaction 

Your Dad seeing you just before he walks you down the aisle. These real moments are such an honour to capture, I am usually tearing up behind the camera at this point! 

5. Walking down aisle with Dad 

Another big moment for any bride & her father, I love capturing these moments for you to treasure. 

6. Partner’s Reaction 

A wonderful moment full of excitement and emotion, the moment you’ve both dreamed of since planning your wedding! 

7. “I now pronounce you Husband & Wife!” 

So much excitement as you both beam with smiles! The moment you have both been so excited for! I also love photographing you both as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple, usually being covered in confetti and full of so much happiness and relief! 

8. Confetti Shot 

The more confetti, the better. These shots are super fun and full of colour! I usually offer 2 options which work well every time. Either your guests forming a walk way for you both and throw confetti as you pass them, or they stand around you in a semi-circle and cover you both in confetti on the count of 3! 

9. The Rings 

I personally love a close up shot of your wedding rings, I enjoy setting up the shot just as much to make each wedding ring shot unique to you both. 

10. Couple Photos 

I encourage all couples to have a short photo session on their wedding day, it only needs to be 10-20 minutes, as it’s important you spend time with your guests. However, it’s also nice for you both to have a quiet moment together and this is when I will photograph you both in your own little romantic bubble. 

11. Golden hour / Night Time Shot 

Another great opportunity for some stunning photos together! As photographers, we are always keeping an eye on the weather and whether the light is particularly beautiful. If this is the case, we will let you know right away. Many couples are usually grateful to get some fresh air at this point! 

12. Dance Floor

If you’ve booked a full day package, then you will end up with some awesome dance floor shots of you and your guests having the time of your lives. By this point, you are both excited to be celebrating with all your friends & family as you enter the next chapter of your lives as Mr & Mrs.

From Brides (and Lottie), With Love xo

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