Chloe and Jake's Spooky Halloween Wedding at Pendrell Hall, Wolverhampton

Friday, October 30, 2020

Chloe + Jake

27th October 2018 | Pendrell Hall | Guests: 150

Instagram: @chlo__allen @mynameisatlas | Photos: French Connection Photography

For our last installment of Halloween weddings, we are sharing Chloe + Jake's amazing day! From spooky photos, to gorgeous dark florals to a DIY trick or treat table with jokes - they thought of everything. The bride's Melisa Sweet dress was absolutely perfect for the time of year, with gorgeous long sleeve and a Victorian vintage feel. Chloe tells us all about their wedding day, and all of the details that made it so boo-tiful...

 Kiera and Gökhan's autumnal Halloween wedding at Cooling Castle Barn, Kent

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mr + Mrs Karakaş 

30th October 2019︱Cooling Castle Barn, Kent

Guests: 45 for day, 110 for evening︱Photos: Thyme Lane Photography

Instagram: @kiera.karakas  + @gokhankarakasvideography 

We're so excited to share another amazing Halloween Wedding. Kiera and Gökhan wanted a dark and unusual theme and when the 30th October was the only date their venue had available last year, it seemed like fate! Their decor included tall candelabras, fairy lights, pumpkins and dreamcatchers. From smoke bombs to the dramatic black cake - we are obsessed with this wedding! The bride made lots of DIYs too, including her veil and shoes - black bridal accessories weren't the easiest to find so she decided to make them herself. Kiera tells us all about the day and shares lots of tips for brides to be...

Jade and Jamie's Gothic Halloween Wedding at Saint Luke’s & the Winged Ox, Glasgow

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mr + Mrs Paris

28th October 2018 | Saint Luke’s & the Winged Ox, Glasgow

Instagram: @thegoffgaff | Photos: Jo + Liam

We've got our first epic Halloween Wedding on the blog today, and we're starting with Jade and Jamie's amazing gothic Glasgow wedding. Mr and Mrs Paris opted for a colourful Halloween theme to fit their alternative style, with an abundance on bright painted pumpkins, skulls, coffins, black confetti and an awesome 'til death neon sign. The bride wore a beautiful Vera Wang pink tulle dress with a cool personalised sequin jacket - we are OBSESSED. If you love this wedding, you'll love the couple's Instagram home account too @thegoffgaff.

12 ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photos by Lottie Photography

Monday, October 26, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Lottie Photography

Est. 2014︱Rayleigh, Essex

All Images: Lottie Photography

This supplier takeover is brought to you by wedding photographer Lottie Judd aka Lottie Photography. Lottie has put together her 12 'must have' wedding photos to provide you with lots of inspo for your own wedding photographs! From getting ready to golden hour shots, these are the key moments you don't want your photographer to miss.

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Holmes

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jenny + Dominic
15.03.2020 │ Skegness Pier & Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve
Your Instagram: @mrsholmestobe_  Damien & Ashley Photography
Jenny and Dominic are getting married at Scrivelsby Walled Garden, Lincolnshire, and sadly had to postpone their wedding from 11th July 2020 until 17th July 2021. You might recognise them from Lockdown Love: Part 3. This post shows off their beautiful sunset engagement shoot photos with us at the same spot where they got engaged. Jenny also shares lots of advice for other couples considering a pre-wedding shoot and tells us all about how her and Dominic met on MSN over 10 years ago. 

Lauren's Bridal Edit: My real dress shopping experience as a plus-size bride

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Wedding dress shopping was one of the parts of wedding planning I was most excited about, but also most nervous. This is because I'm a plus size bride. Almost every photo I saw of dreamy gowns on Pinterest and Instagram were on thin models, and I found it so hard to imagine then on myself. I'm 5'9 and was always a bit chubby growing up, but when I turned 18 I was an average size 14. However, over the last few years I've suffered with very severe chronic eczema which has left me in and out of hospital and on a lot of steroids which have caused me to gain a lot of weight. Another side effect of taking so much steroid is a lot of permanent damage to the skin in the form of stretch marks (in places where you wouldn't normally find them), like all the way down my arms, my shoulders and my back. This made the thought of finding my dress even more challenging as there were some things I would really to cover up. 

Lisa and Rich's colourful boho wedding at Pimhill Barn, Shropshire

Friday, October 23, 2020

Mr + Mrs Hibbert  
17th August 2019︱Pimhill Barn, Shropshire  
Instagram: @louloulollipop79 @rich.hibbertPhotographer: Jade Maguire
Lisa and Rich opted for a rustic boho and vintage wedding theme, with pops of colour! The bride didn't want a traditional wedding dress and wore a gorgeous silver Eliza Jane Howell with a hot pink flower crown and matching shoes. Lisa tells us all about planning their day, including her many DIYs...

Butter and Bodoni: 10 Things to Consider when Designing a Bespoke Cake

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Butter & Bodoni
Est. 2019︱Edinburgh, Scotland
We asked talented confectionery artist Lauren Rand, the face behind Butter and Bodoni to put together this guest post for us on the 10 things to consider when designing your bespoke wedding cake. Butter and Bodoni specialise in modern cakes with a focus on design, style and sugar artistry.

For couples, designing the look and aesthetic of your wedding cake can be as exciting as it is daunting. With so much visual inspiration available these days, narrowing down your ever-growing Pinterest moodboard into cohesive ideas can be a challenge for some. It can also leave couples wondering where to begin and possibly unsure of how to work with a cake designer. As the owner and cake designer at Butter & Bodoni I want to help demystify the process of creating a bespoke cake and offer some helpful tips so you can have your cake and eat it too!
1) Choose the right designer for you 
First and foremost, find a designer who speaks to your style and to your aesthetic. If you’re looking to incorporate a specific technique in your design be sure that they are skilled in that style of work. Some cake designers are incredibly skilled in the art of buttercream but don’t create fondant cakes. Others are preferable to textural fondant work over smooth, clean edges.

Some make sugar flowers, others prefer fresh. Finding the right designer will make the entire process easier because you’ll be starting on common ground and speaking the same language. To find a designer that’s a good fit for you look at their portfolio, get a feeling for what they’re like through their social media and feel free to ask them questions. I love it when a couple sends along photos of techniques they love, asking me if I can create that look. It could be a technique I’ve done recently but not had the opportunity to put on my social media yet. Or, it could be that it’s a technique or style that’s not in line with my brand. In that case, I am always happy to refer them to another cake designer because they’ll have a much better experience working with someone who really gets their style.
2) When to begin the design process 
Though you may want to book your cake designer well in advance to ensure you save your date, you most likely will not begin work on your cake design straight away. It’s much better to begin the design process a little further down the line, once you have a solid idea of your colours, florals and overall aesthetic. The further down the creative path you go the more your ideas will evolve and grow. You can always reach out early with initial ideas – I love to talk through colours and themes with my couples early on – but the more inspiration you have and the more you’ve worked through other elements of your wedding the easier it will be to create a cake that will complement the event.
3) Be mindful of your budget 
Bespoke work does come at a higher cost than purchasing a ready-made design as there is a lot more time and skill woven into the process. Designers who have spent years cultivating their style and honing their skills will charge a premium for their services to reflect their experience. That being said, it is still possible to work within a budget. Approaching your designer with a realistic budget at the beginning of the process will help them to create designs that are within your budget so as not to lead to any disappointment. Every cake designer has their own pricing structure so either check their website or reach out for a quote to get an idea of their pricing.
4) Gather all kinds of inspiration 
When I’m designing a bespoke cake for a couple there are often times when the most obscure inspiration can be hugely important in informing the overall design. It’s important to see certain styles and techniques on cakes that couples love and are drawn to, but a photo of a beautiful Parisienne façade from a dream honeymoon can tell me a lot about the couple and their vibe as well. Architectural elements of that Parisienne façade could be used on the cake to create something truly unique and imaginative and a design that’s even more meaningful for them. The smallest things often say the most about you so include a variety of images in your moodboard, especially ones that evoke the mood or the tone of the event that you’re hoping to achieve.
5) Know your colours 
I am mental about colour. The human eye can discern around a million different colours so when someone says to me that their colour scheme is blush, well I’m going to need a bit more than that! Be sure to supply your designer with realistic representations of the colours in your theme. Even better if these are actual swatches of bridesmaid dresses or fabrics from the event as colours on screen can differ widely. I have my own swatches and colour chips that I bring out during consultations to help me get a clear idea of the colour palette, and I reference that palette throughout the design process.
6) Use strong trends sparingly 
The wedding industry is a hugely creative space and new trends are emerging all the time. Some trends are quite subtle and indicative of the industry simply evolving over time. Things like more laid-back table styling – sans chair covers – and event spaces that are more free-form and open are ways in which the industry is evolving and not necessarily overtly “trendy” wedding styles. Saying that, there are more intentional and bold trends that are meant to shake up the industry with something fresh, exciting and new. If you’re considering getting bold with a trend consider a few areas or aspects of the wedding that you’ll highlight that trend and other areas where you’ll compliment it. Visually overdoing a trend can leave yours guests feeling a bit exhausted. So, consider if you’ll incorporate those trends into your cake design or simply have the cake contrast with the trendy space that it’s existing within.
7) Leave room for the designer to surprise you 
While you may have a very specific vision (and that is wonderful, as a designer and a certified control enthusiast I fall into that category all too often) be aware that leaving room for your designer to surprise can lead to incredible work. I’ll often include along with the sketches related to the designs we discussed, another sketch or two that I think will surprise the couple or give them another angle on their theme. Sometimes the designer will see something different or a way to take a concept further and it may lead to something you love even more.
8) Don’t be afraid to ask for revisions 
There may be time required for the design to evolve, and that’s ok. Sometimes seeing a sketch or a rough design prompts further ideas and inspiration. Don’t be afraid ask the designer to develop any ideas further or to create new designs altogether. Creating a bespoke design is a process, one which we designers truly love. All we want at the end of the day is for you to be completely blown away with your cake. Everything in between is part of the process of getting to that moment.
9) Do you want to blend in or stand out? 
Pinterest is a fantastic resource for wedding inspiration. There are so many eager pinners creating seemingly endless moodboards based on colour schemes and wedding themes. Sometimes though, these moodboards can sell you the idea that everything needs to match and be totally cohesive. It’s worth considering if you’d like the cake to be part of the same colour story/theme or if you’d like the cake to contrast or stand out from the rest of the event. I worked with a couple who originally were entertaining the thought of a cake with very moody dark elements as the theme was Paintings of the Dutch Masters. But, in the end we went with a very stark, very simple white cake with a white velvet ribbon and textural sugar crystal accents. This way, the cake stood out amongst all of the other dark and moody styling. The cake in and of itself was not overly dramatic but when paired with a very dark and dramatic setting it stood out far more than it would have if it had completely matched the rest of the styling.
10) Displaying the cake 
Your cake is a bespoke work of art and it should be prominently displayed for your guests to enjoy! Speak with your venue co-ordinator or your stylist about where you would like to display the cake to ensure that it’s safe and suits the venue. The placement of the cake should be away from excess heat such as radiators and in a safe spot on a sturdy table. Most venues have their own silver cake stands on which to display the cake, but if silver isn’t in your style or doesn’t suit your theme have a conversation with your cake designer as they’ll be able to guide you in choosing a stand that will bear the weight of a tiered wedding cake and fit in with the aesthetic. Also, consider other design elements that you can bring into the cake table. You could ask your florist to create some beautiful florals to surround the cake or even add some personal mementos around the cake to create a conversation piece. You want your guests to indulge in the experience of seeing your cake, after all it’s made just for you! Your guests will fawn over it, keen to see the inspiration in the design and how it reflects in you, the couple.
If you're in the mood for cake after reading this, you can treat yourself to a Butter and Bodoni cake sample boxCheck out the Butter and Bodoni blog for lots more tips on choosing your wedding cake.

From Brides, With Love xo

Tony + Victoria rustic vintage wedding at The House Meadow, Ashford

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Mr Tony White & Mrs Victoria Money-White 
Saturday 13th July 2019 
Instagram: @ vicki_cm | Photos: Three Flowers Photography
Tony and Victoria wed in a romantic outdoor summer ceremony by the water. Their bold colours and rustic decor was complete with vintage furniture, wild florals and fairy lights in the barn. The bride wore a beautiful Rosa Clara gown, paired with beautiful curls and a classic dark red lip. Guests were kept entertained with cocktails and beer pong and an amazing spread of food. Bride Victoria tells us all about their day, and offers up some advice for brides to be...

Ruby + Mike's Cosy Celestial Wedding at Kinkell Byre

Monday, October 19, 2020 St Andrews KY16 8PN, UK

Mr + Mrs McEwan
14th July 2019︱Kinkell Byre, St Andrews
Instagram: @bluemoonruby Photographer: Rachel & Tonie
Ruby and Mike wanted to capture their love of sci-fi by incorporating cosmic vibes into their wedding. and so opted for a celestial theme. They were wed in a humanist ceremony at their gorgeous venue underneath twinkling fairy lights... so magical! The bride wore a beautiful ballgown, teamed with a cathedral veil and iconic red lip. Ruby shares their special day with us, and tells us all about the planning process and the suppliers who made her dream a reality...

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Lawson

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fiona + Ali
8.03.2020 │ Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire
Instagram: @becomingmrslawsonNicola Stewart Photography
Fiona and Ali were due to marry at Meldrum House, Aberdeenshire, in August 2020 but unfortunately had to postpone until 15th October 2020 due to Covid-19 (with a reception tbc due to covid). Bride to be Fiona tells us their love story and shares their engagement shoot with us.

Why You Should Make a Wedding Instagram Account

Saturday, October 17, 2020

As two brides who met through instagram, became bridal besties, and then started the From Brides With Love blog together, we are big fans of the insta bridal community! 

Tiffany started @theholdenwedding in September 2018, with 2 years to go until what would have been her big day, and Lauren started @prichardwedding back in March 2019, as somewhere to store all of their engagement party pictures. At the time we had no idea how HUGE the insta bride community really was, and before we knew it we were chatting away with so many others planning their big days, and even found some wedding twins to get excited and countdown with. We are now both nearing 3000 followers on each of our personal accounts, all full of others just like us looking to share their journeys and looking for planning inspiration. How amazing is that!?

I love my wedding Instagram account because I’ve met so many lovely and supportive brides to be! It’s so lovely to see everyone else’s inspiration and I’ve found so many bargains shared by other brides too. I’ve even made some wonderful friends too (like Tiffany)! 

I love sharing my ideas too and asking for feedback from people who aren’t sick of hearing me talk about my wedding plans! Plus, my normal Instagram account was getting so full of wedding pages and I just wanted to share everything. The save button on Instagram means you can turn your account into a mini Pinterest, something I talked about when I was on the Toni Time Wedding Podcast

When we postponed we received so many kind messages and I felt like I wasn’t alone. I’d recommend everyone makes a wedding Instagram when they get engaged - you won’t regret it!

I am so so glad that I created my wedding instagram account! When I created my account, we were still so undecided on decor and ideas, but within a couple of months of having the gram, I was full of inspiration. It is also so nice to enjoy the planning journey with so many other brides to be, help each other out and share our ideas with each other. I am sure a lot of you can relate, but after a while family/friends get a little fed up of constantly hearing me talk about the wedding, so its nice to be able to speak to people who can relate. The insta bride community are just some of the loveliest gals ever. 

But dont just take it from us, as we are bias, so we have contacted a few of the lovely insta brides to tell us what led them to creating their wedding planning instagram accounts, and why they love it so much.

We hope this post has encouraged you to set up your wedding insta, if you havent already! Don't forget to follow @frombrideswithlove, and all of the lovely ladies who shared their stories with us on this post! If you comment below with your instagram tag, we will be doing shout outs on our insta!

From the Insta Brides, With Love xo

Rachel and Becky's 1920s wedding at Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle

Friday, October 16, 2020

Rachel + Becky
20th October 2018 | Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne
Rachel and Becky opted for a low-key vintage style wedding with a civil partnership at Durham Register Office, followed by a reception at 1920s cabaret bar in Newcastle. Their wedding incorporated elements of classic literature; books, theatre and poetry. The bouquets were made by Becky's mum using second hand copies of the bridal party's favourite books (how lovely!), while Rachel's dad made the stationery inspired by penguin books. Rachel tells us all about their special day...

An Autumnal Harvest Styled Shoot at Meadowfield

Thursday, October 15, 2020

This gorgeous autumnal styled shoot was planned and styled by Lily Jones Events in collaboration with lots of other wonderful Kent suppliers. We love the warm tones and sustainable boho styling, with dried flowers, mini pumpkins and pampas - absolutely perfect for this time of year! Lily tells us all about the inspiration behind the shoot and the styling...

Millie Stone UK: Modern Place Card Inspo

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Millie Stone UK
Est. 2017︱ Leicestershire, UK (Ships Worldwide) 
We asked one of our favourite calligraphers Amelia aka Millie Stone UK to put together a post all about choosing your wedding place cards! Settling for boring black ink printed on white card is a thing of the past. Your wedding place cards are a chance to add a gorgeous finishing touch to your tablescape, and some can even double up as the perfect favour too.

Sinead and Dainéal's Elegant Wedding at Corick House, Clogher

Monday, October 12, 2020

Mr + Mrs McBride
Saturday 27th July 2019 | Corick House Hotel and Spa
Instagram: @sineadlavss |  Photographer: Emma Kenny
This gorgeous couple tied the knot in a church ceremony, followed by a beautiful summer reception with soft romantic pinks. The bride wore a beautiful Claire Pettibone gown with a chic birdcage veil and velvet pink Charlotte Mills shoes. Sinead tells us all about their special day...

Pre-Wedding Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Billing

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Simon + Kiana

26th May 2020 Quantock Lakes

Instagram: @simonandkianaphoto Photos: Kelly Weech Photography

Photography duo Simon and Kiana were due to marry in May 2020 but sadly had to postpone their wedding until February 2021. They celebrated the occasion with a gorgeous couples shoot at their wedding venue at sunset. Mr and Mrs Billing to be tell us all about their experience behind the camera and tell us all about their upcoming wedding...

How did you meet and how long have you been together? 

We met in school 13 years ago. We have been together for 11 years. Simon proposed to Kiana on a beach in Majorca after 4 years of being together.

How did you celebrate your ‘would be’ wedding date? 

We celebrated our ‘would be’ wedding date at home. We spent all day in the garden, drinking champagne and relaxing in the sun. The weather was so beautiful on that day, it was quite annoying as we started to hope for rain! It would have made us feel a little bit better about having to postpone our wedding! Haha.

Our wedding photographer ‘Kelly Weech Photography’ offered us a photo session to mark our ‘would be’ wedding date. It was so kind of her and we will forever treasure those photographs. We are actually wedding photographers ourselves... A lot of people say to us ‘it must have been so hard choosing your wedding photographer!’ But it really wasn’t. We know Kelly will absolutely smash it out the park. We love her approach, her style and we cant wait for her to be apart of our wedding day. She is amazing!

Tell us about the shoot location...

We had the our photo session at Quantock Lakes (where we were supposed to get married). Throughout this whole process, Quantock Lakes have been so supportive and helpful towards us, we don’t know how we would have managed without them. They were also totally up for us having a photo session there to mark our ‘would be’ wedding date! The team at Quantock Lakes are phenomenal and they always make us feel at home whenever we visit. Which is why we have chosen to get married there!

Did you feel nervous behind the camera? 

Well, Kiana was drunk! So that defo calmed the nerves! Its a weird thing for us being the other side of the camera, you would think we would know what to do.. Thats so not true! We are still ‘normal people’ who feel exactly like most people in front of the camera! We much prefer taking the photos for sure!

Did your photographer give you any tips before the shoot? 

Kelly just told us to dress smart and be ourselves and honestly, that's all you need to do! 

What advice would you give to other couples who do plan to have a pre-wedding shoot? 

The best thing you can do, is to turn up and be yourself. Bring some booze, bring some music, whatever makes you feel relaxed. There seems to be this ‘pressure’ around photo sessions... but they are honestly so much fun and not the ‘big awkward thing’ you tend to build up in your head... just enjoy it!

Were there any stand out moments in the shoot? 

It was just nice throughout the whole session. It was so lush to spend an evening where we were suppose to be and have Kelly capture that for us.

What is your favourite photo from the shoot? 

The one where we are splashing champagne!

Tell us about your wedding plans...

Our wedding has this bohemian vibe! Wild followers, Autumny colours... We want our wedding to be casual, laid back and fun for everyone. Less formal, more normal!

Have you made any changes to your wedding since postponing? 

Not yet!

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 Did you face any difficulties in rescheduling your day?

No problems at all! And we feel so lucky. All of our suppliers have been amazing with helping us reschedule and they have all been available for us, twice!! (this is the second postponement)

Do you plan to incorporate any of the photos into your wedding?  

We are thinking about making a big canvas for all of our guest to sign!

What has been your favourite part of wedding planning so far? 

We enjoy meeting our suppliers and taking about all the plans we have! We know most of them, as we are in the wedding industry, but its just great to hang with them.

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding date? 

Finally getting married. When the registrar announces we are now Husband and Wife, we can say we finally made it! (its been a long process...) haha.

From Brides, With Love xo

Disney Princess Allure Bridals Wedding Dress Collection - Now Available in the UK

Saturday, October 10, 2020

We were so excited when we heard about the Allure Bridals Disney Princess collaboration earlier this year, every bride wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day, but now you can actually dress as a princess! These dresses are everything we imagined growing up and more, and they're now available to buy in the UK.