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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Raven & Wolf Wedding Films
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We asked husband and wife videography duo, Kazz and Mattie, aka Raven & Wolf to tell us all about the importance of wedding videography. If you're currently on the fence about whether or not you need a videographer, or if the budget may be better spent elsewhere, this supplier takeover may just sway you in the right direction...
If you’re reading this, it is likely that you are planning a wedding. It’s no secret that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. After months of articulate planning and years of saving, the day rolls around – it’s finally here! You will both be surrounded by your favourite people; all of your loved ones will be there to spend the whole day celebrating your love for one another.
WHY do we need a videographer? The hours will fly by, and you’re likely to miss things that happen throughout the day: little details, emotions, tears and laughter. If you treat yourselves to a wedding film, you are able to re-live the day over and over.

It’s also a shame to spend so much money on the wedding such as the cake, flowers, dress and food/drink, for just the one day. Memories are the only thing you will have to show for it in years to come (apart from each other!), wouldn’t it be wonderful to show your children and grandchildren, or share the day with people who were unable to attend? 

There’s no doubt of the importance of a photographer at a wedding, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to pair them with a videographer. There is no question that photographs can capture a moment in time and tell the story of an emotion on every viewing. The only thing to top this is a film- a moving image accompanied with sound, to really encapsulate the experience for you to relive again and again. Having amazing photos and a film of your day go hand-in-hand and complement each other immensely. They may seem like “luxury” items on your wedding list – but they will last you a lifetime.

I read a comment from a past bride recently who sums it up perfectly: “Watching the DVD of the day a few weeks later was amazing, emotional, exciting, as near as you’ll get to doing it all again, and believe me you will want to do it all again! For me it was about seeing all that I’d missed, the guests arriving, who was chatting to who, what everyone was wearing, seeing the nerves on my husband and how he was coping whilst I was getting ready! How the ceremony room looked as people entered, how I was beaming as we exited! And then in the evening, watching guests arrive at our reception venue and seeing the dance floor rocking. All things I would not have witnessed or would have missed in the whirlwind of the big day.”

The combination of film and audio/music is powerful – you will be transported right back to those moments on every viewing, and it’s priceless.
HOW do we choose our videographer? The most popular way that we get found is through word of mouth/recommendations, and we often get booked by guests of weddings that we recently filmed at! Have you been to a wedding who had a videographer there? Did you like their work? And were the couple happy with their film? 

Social media and the internet are arguably TOO helpful these days- a quick google search will provide you with so much choice, which is great! Spend an afternoon browsing examples of work to find a style that you prefer. (You can see examples of our work here! https://ravenandwolf.co.uk/films) The main reason you should book a videographer is if their style of work is of your preference. If you are looking for something creative and beautiful, don’t book someone who only supplies a documentary style film with no artistic edits. If creative edits are of less importance and you’re looking for a simple recording of the day from start to finish – search for someone who provides exactly what you are both looking for. 

Once you find a videographer that you’re interested in, see if they are available on your wedding date and have a chat to get to know them. It’s nice to trust someone who is going to provide something important for you. And don’t be afraid to ask questions before you decide: Have they worked at your venue before? What kind of deposit do they require to secure a booking? Do they have any payment plans? Are there any hidden costs? Is travel to your venue included in the prices? Make sure an official contract is shared. It’s also nice to meet face-to-face or via Skype/Zoom before the wedding so that you can get more acquainted and it will feel like another friendly familiar face on the day!
WHAT is provided? / Difference in packages: Usually there are two different types of packages available: Highlights and Full film. Highlights is a highlight reel of the whole day, set to music, and is a lovely re-cap of the day that can last between 5-10 minutes and is suitable to be shared on social media. Some videographers allow you to choose your own music, however with this you have to be careful around licensing of popular music, and it may mean you are unable to share the film online. 

The full film can be anywhere up to an hour long, but the average length is usually between 20-30 minutes. This will provide the full day from start to finish and may contain extracts of the ceremony and speeches. Some videographers also provide full versions of the ceremony, speeches and first dance, or whichever you request!

Personally, we provide a full day of filming from 2 hours before the ceremony, until around half an hour after the first dance. We do this regardless of what package is booked to ensure that whether you have a full film or a highlight reel, your entire day is represented within it. 
WONT a videographer get in the way? A common concern of many couples is that a videographer will get in the way of their photographer or wedding guests, but this shouldn’t be a problem at all. We have worked with many photographers in the past and problems like this have never been an issue, in fact a lot of photographers are thankful for the company! It’s a very similar trade and we spend the entire day seeking out beautiful shots of your wedding, so it’s helpful to have extra pairs of eyes and someone to chat with throughout the day. Usually, the photographer plays the leading role when it comes to setting up group shots with your guests, and videographers will work hard to be discreet and non-obtrusive, to film your wedding as naturally as possible. Technology has also improved so much over the last few years that the videographer and photographer will likely be indistinguishable from each other, carrying very similar compact cameras- bulky intrusive equipment is a thing of the past! Your wedding won’t be turned into a film set and it definitely won’t take anything away from your day!
NO regrets – You will only ever regret things you didn’t do. We always feel so bad for couples who have told us they WISHED they’d booked a wedding film to document their day since it went by so fast and now feels like a blur. Take it from this bride who wrote an article about the regrets she has about her own wedding day: read it here.

There will rarely be another occasion when every single person you love most in the world are in the same room at the same time, celebrating such a happy occasion. If forever capturing the sights and sounds of this wonderful time (and the speeches!) isn’t worth a portion of your wedding budget, I’m not sure what is!
About Raven & Wolf

Tell us a bit about what you do...
We offer creative and fully colour graded wedding films of your whole day. We film your entire day from 2 hours before the ceremony, to around half an hour after your first dance regardless of which package you choose with us and offer 5-7 minute highlight reels or 20+ minute documentary style films to showcase your wedding to its full potential (And a 1 min teaser).

What makes your service unique?
We are a husband and wife team, which means you always get two shooters for the price of one- to get those extra angles and special moments! We focus on editing in a creative way to a style of your choosing, be it a soft and romantic love story or fun and upbeat to more alternative music. And we always film your full day, regardless of which package you purchase. Whether you decide on a highlight reel for social media or a longer documentary style film, you still get to see parts of your whole day and no little details are missed!
How did you get into the wedding industry?
Kazz: I have been into videography for over 10 years, providing personal highlights for friends and family, editing films for birthday parties, and filming and editing days out/christenings etc. I’m completely self-taught and my skills have been honed through practising as a hobby for so long. I’ve always wanted a career in videography however I just didn’t have the confidence to take the leap; this was until we created an engagement shoot video for my sister and her fiancé and put it on Facebook. It had such an amazing response, and a couple who saw it got in touch and asked us to film their wedding (which was a dream of mine!). We recorded their wedding a few months later and built it from there over the past couple of years. We’re quite new to the field, but we’re extremely professional, experienced in filming and editing and confident in our work, which speaks for itself on social media and has resulted in us having so many bookings!

Favourite part of your job?
For both of us, we love being able to attend beautiful weddings and meet so many unique couples. All of our couples are a delight and it is so nice to get to know them and take the time to create something special for them, knowing that they will enjoy it for many years to come. Our ultimate favourite part of the job though, is the day we send the couples their finished films. It’s such an emotional and amazing part of the journey, when couples get to sit down and re-live their special day for the first time. Hearing the feedback and how they feel about it is a definite highlight for us. We LOVE our job!

Best piece of advice for couples currently planning their wedding? 
Don’t be afraid to add personal touches to your day, add things that mean a lot to the both of you even if other people won’t understand it. My husband and I cut the cake with a replica sword from our favourite computer game (World of Warcraft!) at our wedding! Don’t get too stressed about little details that essentially won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, it’s your day and remember: it’s a CELEBRATION! 
From Brides, With Love xo

Kazz and Mattie are based in the West Midlands in England, but are willing to travel anywhere!

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