Lockdown Love Part 3: Couples Celebrating Their Would be Wedding Day

Saturday, September 5, 2020

You loved Lockdown Love Part One and Part Two and we just had to bring you Part 3 with even more lovely couples celebrating their would be wedding day. As lockdown restrictions eased, some were able to celebrate with family and friends and going out to their favourite restaurants. This month we (Lauren and Tiffany - the brides behind this blog) celebrate our would be wedding days on 12th September and 19th September. If your original date is coming up, this post should provide you with a ton of inspo! There are lots of ways to mark the occasion, so you should choose the one that is right for you as a couple, whether that means spending the day just the two of you keeping it lowkey or with some of the important people in your life.

Nicola + Eoin
Original Date: 27.06.2020│ New Date: 14.05.2021
We were lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the original date in the beautiful gardens of our venue, Ballyscullion park. 
Our families organised a gorgeous picnic for us and surprised us by organising a VW campervan to come and take us to and from! 
We spent the afternoon strolling around the beautiful gardens with our dog Luna and had our wedding photographer, Honey and the Moon photography, come to take some photos of us so that we could mark the day. 
We had such a fab day making memories and it was so lovely to be able to celebrate the date. We are so grateful to our venue, photographer, families and friends for making our would be wedding day a day to remember!

Allen + Will
Original Date: 22.05.2020│ New Date: 21.05.2021
Will did a picture and clue hunt around our home with pictures and clues taken from my Instagram from all the big moments leading up to the wedding day such as proposal, engagement party, cake tasting, my ring etc. 
We then had our Maid of Honour over and we had afternoon tea with bottles of veuve which all our friends and family know is our go to drink for all celebrations since we met. We then had a zoom party with our Chief Bridesmaid.
Roll on 2021 when this lovely pair become Mr + Mr Ross Jones! 

Charley + Hal 
Original Date: 13.04.2020│ New Date (small ceremony): 12.07.2020
Congratulations are in order for Charley and Hal who are now married! The newlyweds have a wedding celebration pending. Here's what they got up to in April for their lockdown wedding date...
We made food from our wedding menu and door stop visits from our family, Dresses up, had a surprise socially distancing photo shoot, a little ‘I dos’ at our original wedding time and put on foil rings. The sun was shining and we had each other and loads of love from the family sending us selfies toasting us!

Vicki + Will
Original Date: 18.06.2020│ Then: 05.11.2020 │ Now: 23.09.2021
We spent the morning at home enjoying Coronas...
We then went to my parents with my sister and her bf for socially distanced afternoon tea, surf and turf dinner and then hot tub party!

Lydia + Ed
@shiggs_wed + @wildrenee
Original Date: 11.07.2020│ Now: 19.06.2021
We celebrated our would be wedding day with a BBQ in the glorious sunshine. 
As the owner of @wildrenee Lydia was able to design and make some gorgeous signage.
Cake by @rebakerscakes
Cake flowers @hedgesandflowers
Balloons + Styling @balloonoccasions

Jade + Stuart
Original Date: 22.08.2020│ Now: 27.06.2021
Our original date marked 10 years since we first met, and we didn't want to let it pass without doing something. So, we decided let's just have a 'not-wedding day' instead! 
We were lucky to book what seemed like the last good cabin on Airbnb for that weekend. The Skipper's Hut was beautiful. Set in a secluded woodland by Loch Voil. Camping would have been the backup plan.
Dressed for the occasion and celebrated just the two of us. I wore white boho bridesmaid dress that I'd bought online for £40. 
We made a bouquet and buttonhole using flowers from Lidl and many Youtube videos. 
For the wedding feast, we had a take-home Mexican feast from our favourite restaurant (Bibi's Cantina) and heated it up in the cabin's oven. Of course, there was a lot of prosecco too!
We'd always wanted a small woodland wedding, but in the end our actual wedding planned out to be the opposite at Enterkine House Hotel, Ayr. The silver lining to our wedding being postponed is that, we ended up having a woodland wedding after all. Fingers crossed that the weather in June is a little warmer. 
We also had a little photoshoot, Stuart took some photos using his drone. It was good practice for Wedding 2.0 next year. 

Lauren + Ross
Original Date: 15.08.2020│ New Date: 05.12.2020
We had a socially distanced family brunch in the garden.
Lauren and Ross then headed for an overnight luxe night over at Turnberry Hotel.

Nicole + James
Original Date: 27.06.2020│ New Date: 08.04.2021
The day started by my mum who surprised me with the biggest bunch of flowers delivered to the house in the morning, blush pinks just how I would have my bridal bouquets. 
I then surprised James with a video I put together of messages from our family and friends which made us all emotional as it was so lovely! It came together perfectly. 
In the afternoon we all went to James’s parents house where I was surprised with a ‘pretend’ ceremony and we said some vows to each other, had our very own pageboy, and a reading from James’s dad! 
We also had a wedding cake to cut with our engraved cake knife that had our original wedding date, at least it didn’t go to waste! 
We couldn’t have hoped for anything more on our would be wedding day! We felt so loved. We see it as we got an extra day of celebrations! Here’s to our new date, bigger and better!

Aisling + Brian
Original Date: 06.06.2020│ New Date: 04.06.2021
We celebrated our day by booking a gorgeous little cottage for two nights along a private beach! We played our wedding music, danced and had drinks! We put our phones away and enjoyed our time together! It was the most amazing trip ever!
The couple even had a cute photoshoot to mark the date!

Leanne + Pete
Original Date: 03.07.2020│ New Date: 02.07.2021
Mr + Mrs Peebles-Malone to be were due to get married at Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh, but sadly had to postpone their wedding until July 2021.
We had a continental breakfast platter delivered from the amazing @pinot2u we then had a lovely afternoon tea that my sister organised with our family. 
We had lots of lovely deliveries from our friends and families and we ended the night watching the Broadway screening of Hamilton (we got engaged in NY) and sipping fizz and eating chocolate strawberries!

Dani + Liam
Original Date: 04.07.2020│ New Date: 24.07.2021
We celebrated by supporting small business and having 2 wonderful women to the house to create a backdrop for a “would be wedding day” photoshoot shot by our photographer Gavin Hardy.
We spent the day drinking prosecco and whisky, dancing to our first dance song, eating steak like we would have done for our wedding meal and “cutting the cake” the cake being a shop bought birthday cake... but it was pretty perfect all things considered!
The guys who were involved were: @boardsbyjess, @littledreamers_co_events, @gavyophoto 

Alex Hannah + Stephen
Original Date: 05.07.2020│ New Date: 27.12.2020
Alex Hannah and Stephen marked their original wedding date with a BBQ with family and friends. Their daughter wore her bridesmaid dress since she will grow out of it by the couple's new date.

Victoria + Paul
Original Date: 05.07.2020│ New Date: 04.07.2021
After a postponed and 2 cancelled honeymoons (first one was booked with Thomas Cook who went bust), we decided to see the positives of postponing and celebrate our original date anyway. 
Our neighbours put on an incredible spread and even made us a homemade cake which we cut to celebrate. We drank, danced and laughed with family and friends. 
We even wore our wedding rings for the day which was fun too. Can’t wait for the real deal next year!
Victoria's florist @lavenderblueglasgow recreated her bridal bouquet for the day too.

Nicola + Mark
Original Date: 08.07.2020│ New Date: 08.07.2021
Future Mr and Mrs Thompson were due to get married in Thailand in July. "We postponed our destination wedding at the end of March and I knew we would need something to look forward to on our original date but we had to wait to see which lockdown restrictions would be in place."
"We were lucky that restrictions had eased so we could have a garden party with both our parents, siblings and our bridesmaid. We had ordered some cupcakes and made lots of treats like chocolate strawberries!"
"We both felt so spoiled with love all day, the weather was great and we could have our fur baby, Dory with us. We had a great day with everyone (even at a distance!) and feel like we can now look forward to our new date and begin the countdown again!"

Laura + Tom
Original Date: 11.07.2020│ New Date: 18.06.2021
We celebrated a would be wedding day party at our home with our close friends and family (socially distancing of-course).

Bethanie + Gavin
Original Date: 08.05.2020│ Was: 18.09.2020 New Date: 07.05.2021
Because the day arrived during full lockdown we hadn’t planned a lot except a few drinks at home, walking round to my parents in the village for a socially distance “cheers 🥂” and then home for a nice meal. My bridesmaids had treated us to a 4 course meal each as a little treat to cheer us up. The morning arrived and we got up, had planned to get dressed up lots but it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. From the moment we woke we got spoilt with lovely messages, especially a video made from our family with lots of good will messages and through out the morning lots of surprise waves /chats and gifts through the garden.
Watch the video the bride made of their would be wedding day.
By lunch time my mum and dad told us to pop for a drink, where we received the biggest shock of our lives. My mum dad and sisters has set up the most amazing afternoon tea set up for two with the help of my amazing best friend (also bridesmaid) business “Crash The Wedding” events planning. I cried my eyes out, it was the most beautiful and romantic setting and just perfect for our day. My mum and dad must of worked all night to set it up. 
We had a few hours in their garden eating and drinking where they waited on us hand and foot.  The day was also VE Day so we listened to the event all day on the tv and everyone thoroughly enjoyed a day we were dreading.
By the evening we walked home to where we dressed up to enjoy our San Pietro meal in our own garden. Below is Bethanie and Gavin's wedding venue lit up for VE day, how they planned to have it. 

Amanda + Ian
Original Date: 17.07.2020│ New Date: 09.05.2021
We celebrated our original date at home, just the 2 of us. We decorated the house, started the morning off with brunch (in our matching t shirts I made! With our wedding hashtag!)
We then spent the morning /early afternoon in the garden together, reminiscing about things we'd done together and listening to music we were going to have played during our ceremony and reception. Later on we then dressed up and treated ourselves to a 6 course meal with plenty of prosecco.
We might have also danced to our first dance and around around our living room! We ended the day watching the Wedding Singer one of our favourite films!

Stuey + Francis
Original Date: 16+17.07.2020│ New Date: TBC
Mr + Mr Armfield-Haugen to be were due to get married at Aynhoe Park in July, but have been unable to secure a new date so far.
We celebrated our original date with a surprise for us garden party that our grooms party put on for us.
 It was so special, they made it out like it was the real thing and we had such a lovely day.

Ash + Craig
Original Date: 18.07.2020│ New Date:26.09.2020
We drove down to St Ives and had a beautiful day on the beach doing what we do best - eating, drinking, relaxing to the max. We are both NHS Doctors too so it’s our first break in a long time!
This was us by a little church in St Ives!
This photo is from the day that Craig proposed to me in San Sebastián in September last year.
Ellie + Liam
Original Date: 18.07.2020│ New Date:15.05.21
We decided we didn’t want our original date to pass us by, as it is such an important date for us. We were meant to be getting married on our 11 year anniversary so we decided to hold a small celebration in our garden with close family & friends. 
I actually won a competition through Instagram to win a “we still do” wedding cake topper which inspired me to attempt to make my own “non-wedding day” cake! We decided to get our DIY on and made a white and gold themed balloon arch to frame our drinks and nibbles table (which also happens to be the perfect photo op!) My fiancé surprised me with a replica of my wedding bouquet from our wedding florist which made my day! 
We finished our day by watching Dirty Dancing at the Luna Drive in Cinema. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and feeling super grateful to be able to have two celebrations! The countdown is now on for the day we get to say “I do”!

Joanne + Tom
Original Date: 18.07.2020│ New Date: 24.07.2021
We had an unplanned wedding day with close family with drinks and BBQ food.
I had bought a lovely ASOS white dress to wear on the day but ended up staying in the bridey t-shirt and just wanted to feel comfortable plus it rained aaaalll day!
The night before their original date Mr and Mrs Appleton to be had a pre-wedding photoshoot with their photographer, look out for that coming soon on the blog!

Holly + John
Original Date: 26.08.2020│ New Date: 27.08.2021
We celebrated at a local restaurant with our parents john surprised me with flowers from our wedding florist a personalised balloon and a cake.
We celebrated at a local restaurant with our parents john surprised me with flowers from our wedding florist a personalised balloon and a cake.
The next day we went for dinner with our parents and his sister and her fiancé. As a family his sister had her wedding cancelled in June so there was two siblings due to marry this year within two months of each other and both postponed!

Holly + Tom
Original Date: 08.08.2020│ New Date: 09.07.2021
The 8th August 2020 was a celebration in its own right, it was 12 years to the day we met at a wedding - so it was perfect for us to also get married that day, before COVID got involved!
I had been shielding during the COVID pandemic while working for the NHS from a laptop at home so knew early on that we would need to postpone. We therefore wanted to do something super special to mark the occasion, and had been toying with buying a boat after we were married. Given everything that’s happened, we thought ‘why not’ and so we bought a boat!
The morning of our ‘would be wedding’, we exchanged cards and headed out on our new boat in our matching ‘almost husband and wife’ T-shirts. We moored to meet our families for a distanced picnic on the riverbank, in the village where we first met, 12 years to the day. 
We took photos, threw confetti and had a really lovely afternoon. After our families went home, we cooked a cute little camping dinner, danced to our first dance song on the riverbank and ate some of our wedding cake from our cake supplier. We then stayed the night on our new boat, before heading home the next morning.
It was perfect, we cannot wait to create more memories and adventures before we finally get married in July 2021. A friend bought us a beautiful heart shaped plaque, which we have positioned in the front of our boat to remind us that the best is yet to come, each and every time we go out.  

Jenny + Dominic
Original Date: 11.07.2020│ New Date: 17.07.2021
The future Mr and Mrs Holmes made the most of their original wedding date.
With help from our photographers, I planned a surprise picnic for Dominic at our wedding venue.

Carrie + Matthew 
Original Date: 11.07.2020│ New Date: 03.04.2021
On the original date we visited the church where we are getting married and had a mini photo shoot with our parents acting as the photographers. 
We were spoiled by family and friends who sent us cards, gifts and flowers which was really lovely. My dad even went to the effort of getting the mornings photos printed and put into frames and gave to us as a gift later that day. 
We had our parents over for a BBQ to mark the occasion and my friend provided us with a cake so we could do a cake cutting too. It was a really lovely day!

Ammie + James
Original Date: 01.08.2020│ New Date: 03.07.2021
We were told to go to my parents house for 2:30pm, our close friends and family were there. Food drinks etc. 
I missed out on the hen do so all my girl friends were there in their t-shirts that they got made. 
We had a lovely cake made by our wedding cake maker! It was also out 10th Anniversary. My sister randomly came out dressed as a Vicar and pretended to marry us as a bit of comedy!

Laura + Rob
Original Date: 11.07.2020│ Then: 11.09.2020 Now: 17.04.2021
We spent our would be wedding day at home just us as we were still in lockdown so weren’t able to do much else or see anyone. I’d not planned anything at all and wasn’t sure how I’d feel but I just went with the day and we honesty had the nicest happiest day I wasn’t sad at all. 
We decided to have a pretend wedding day and make a joke of all the wedding nightmares (thanks to Becky with the pink hair @bb_wedding_ for the idea) so the make up artist didn’t turn up, my dress didn’t fit cause of the lockdown eating, guests didn’t arrive etc...
In the morning we decided to exchange our wedding gifts we’d bought for each other instead of them being in the box for a year. That definitely softened the blow! 
We also received lots of gifts and cards throughout the day from family and friends which was lovely. 
We got a takeout afternoon tea and used some of our wedding bits with the old date on and just generally had a really lovely time and drank LOTS of prosecco. We ended the night singing and dancing to our wedding songs.

Sarah + Rob
Original Date: 20.08.2020│ Now: 02.06.2021
We spent the day in our garden with our family and friends and had a BBQ as it was so sunny! 
We got our wedding cake maker (@joatthecakeplace) to make us a little replica of one of our tiers which was delicious! 
We had lots of prosecco and celebrated our would be wedding day with our adorable new puppy, Cooper! 

Aimee + Thomas
Original Date: 20.08.2020│ Now: 09.04.2021
On 20.08.20 we had our morning of giving each other some gifts and had a grazing breakfast given to us as a gift from our best men. 
My husband-to-be had flowers hand delivered from our wedding florist on our should have been wedding day which was amazing. Then we had a surprise from all the women from my should have been hen (that got postponed too) where they paid for us to have an overnight stay at our venue, with a 3 course meal, breakfast & spa entrance all paid for. There's a video of me crying in shock! So we had a lovely evening there. 
Then on 22.08.20 we have only close family over for a small social distance garden gathering/party. 
We never expected our wedding to end like this, but we have had so much love from our family we just can’t wait to celebrate with everyone on our new date in April 2021! 

Demi + Josh
Original Date: 29.08.2020│ Now: 11.07.2021
I woke up and he surprised me with the biggest bunch of flowers all white and some yellows (he said he wanted to keep with our wedding theme of white with a touch of gold which I thought was super thoughtful). We had champagne and wedding cookies for breakfast. The flowers continued to be delivered throughout the day from our families (all beautiful white bunches).  Our home is like a white Forrest!  We had a nice chilled day and spoke about what we would be doing in that moment if our wedding did go ahead.  But we were secretly pleased as the weather was dreadful, cold and wet! I had a pamper bubble bath, prosecco, face mask and watched a Disney film. 
That evening we had a reservation at the wonderful Chapter One Restaurant with our parents.  The evening was full of laughs, good food and good wine. My mum (in the red) me, future mother in law (in the black). Celebrating x

Georgia + Daniel
Original Date: 21.08.2020│ Now: 07.05.2021
21.08.2020 was our original date and we celebrated by having our close friends and family round my parents garden which we decorated for a BBQ and drinks which marked our would be wedding day.
We're now continuing our countdown for our new date 07.05.2021 which we managed to get at our same wedding venue Cooling Castle Barn!

From Brides, With Love xo

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