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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Lisa Carrington Couture
Est. 2016 - Buckinghamshire, UK
This supplier takeover is brought to you by British designer Lisa Carrington Couture, who specialises in custom made gowns, veils and capes. Lisa has put together everything you need to consider when choosing your wedding veil, with lots of advice on choosing what is right for you (and your dream dress)...
I offer a range of bespoke services, custom made wedding gowns/remodeled vintage wedding gowns, wedding veils /capes and towards the end of the year I will be introducing a bespoke, luxury, wedding lingerie service. However, today I'm here to chat about bridal veils and capes. as sometimes they are quite frankly overlooked.
You may have heard the saying “I didn't really feel like a bride, that's until I put a veil on”. It is of course preference at the end of the day, but it's one day in your life you get to go the whole distance, so consider carefully, so many brides to be, come to me stating that they hadn't originally wanted a veil, tried one on and changed their mind instantly, its funny how a veil can make you feel, think most women who have worn one will agree.

My veils and capes have grown in popularity over the last 2 years attracting brides who love the detailing, luxurious trims, glamour and elegance of what I do, quite a good percentage of my brides are destination brides, so having big open spaces and backdrops in their weddings means I can create real drama , cue, what I call my “extra” brides, whose veils and cape’s are metres and metres of veiling ,embellished to match their look and wedding theme. I'm also big on personalisation so quite often there will be a detail within that veil or cape that a partner, family member or friend will instantly recognise. I see them as a blank canvas, to tell your story.

Tips for choosing your veil or cape:
When it comes to purchasing a veil or cape, it's important to consider foremost, balance with your dress, getting it right is just as important as finding the perfect wedding gown, get it wrong and you'll see and feel it instantly.

2 Tier Veils
I'm starting with this as I feel this is the “rogue” one where it can often go wrong,, it's absolutely fine with a slim fitting dress. However, with a hooped ballgown (without a long-line bodice) you may just end up looking like a floating cloud, plus it can sometimes add inches, which i'm pretty sure you don't want! Ideally you want to take the eye down, not out. So if you have a full skirt, consider the balance, it may be safer to choose a single tier whether short or long in length.

Illusion veils
Both my veils and capes are illusion in style, they are cut so as not to obscure any back details on a bridal gown, very sheer around the bodice and full at the base. So for brides wondering whether a veil or cape will cover the details they want to show off, you need not worry,  this is your style for sure!
Mantilla, Drape and Juliette veils
If you're looking to add a true vintage feel to your look then the above styles are a safe bet. Elegant and timeless with a large dash of romance they offer a very classic look but can be brought bang up to date with changes of colour, embellishments and trims.

Going Long/Markle length
I call this style, (as most brides remember the, then Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's wedding) the Markle veil. Who can forget her veil when she glided down the aisle solo and gave us all goosebumps with the sheer drama of it. This style is best for a wedding with big open spaces, large venue/church/cathedral so bare in mind your venue when choosing your veil always, you want to be able to show it off in all its glory.

Long veils always look their best when they are at least 50cm longer than your wedding gown to show definition, detail and create the best frame for your dress.
Lace Edge
Another veil type some brides can get so wrong; where the lace placement is. If you have a strapless gown that's not too detailed around the bodice, you can afford to take your lace, all the way up to the comb. If lots of detail it can look too crowded around the head and shoulder area, so it should ideally be starting below the shoulder/elbow area. If you have a full lace dress, take your lace around the base of the train only for the best complimenting and unfussy effect.
To sparkle or not to sparkle? That is the question!
One of the most asked questions I'm  asked is, “I have a lot of sparkle in my wedding gown, can I have a sparkly veil?” Well yes... and no. If the gown is full on bling then to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, you should try to keep your veil simple, if you really want more sparkle, go for sparkle around the edge only.

When a loved one can't physically be part of your wedding, what nicer way to show everyone how important and thought about they are on this day...
Have a shaped hem on your gown? Mimic and frame it.
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Making it Personal
Personalisation using embroidery and lace is probably one of the prettiest ways of incorporating your
story into your veil.

Let's take a closer look...
This veil is part of a woodland series and themed veils I create, designed with nature very much in mind. Beautiful applique, couture 3D lace and creating a picture with falling leaves and climbing flowers lends an enchanted feel, placing all the design on just the base so as not to clash with a brides  gown.
This is a couture, scalloped edge cathedral veil, trimmed in a soft, luxurious 3D lace.

Capes are having quite a revival at the moment, perfect for brides that don't want a veil to mess up a fabulous hairstyle and or headdress, but want the soft silhouette that they bring. Again it's about balance, capes that attach at the back shoulder are the most versatile and will not clutter the front of your wedding gown.
Cape with sparkling, leaf shoulder appliques and draped bead back
Cape with drape back, cascading hemline, shoulder and base central appliques
Finally, I'm always happy to chat utill the cows come home about veils etc! If you would like a chat or any further advice about possibly creating yours, simply drop me a message. I offer a full design to end product service and can create just about any style you want. Bespoke veils and capes priced from £120+.

With Love,
Lisa Carrington x

About Lisa Carrington

How did you get into the wedding industry? 
When I got married myself back in 2015 I had created  my own wedding gown, veil and bridesmaids gowns. Before I was married I had relocated to Buckinghamshire and was particularly unhappy in an office environment that just wasn't me, I'm a creator at heart, so felt pretty suffocated. 

I had for 20 years prior to relocating, created special occasionwear and some bridal, being professionally trained I felt that my skills and passion were massively going to waste, so resigned from my job, took a deep breath and took the plunge with my husband's full support. No matter what happens in the future I will never regret trying to fulfill my goal.
What is your favourite part of your job?
It has to be the brides reaction every time, I put everything into my work and each brides gratitude is very rewarding , I get how much of a big deal it is to have a brides lifelong visions realised.

Tell us about any wedding trends we should look out for?
Personally, I see a lot more sustainability coming through in the industry from stationery to textiles, for years now the textile industry has taken out so much, it's time to try to put back as much as we possibly can. I have already begun to upcycle vintage, couture gowns and veils, going forward I will think more about where my fabrics and trims come from, I hear this from other suppliers in the industry too.

From Brides, With Love xo

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