Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (and a sixpence in her shoe), quite possibly the most popular wedding tradition that people still incorporate into their weddings! 

If this is a tradition you are wanting to incorporate into your big day, but not quite sure how, then keep reading, as this post is jam packed full of inspo! We have collated a list of a few bits we LOVE, and we also reached out to the insta bride tribe to see what they're doing too... inspo overload! Lots of the things included in this post can work for more than just one, it doesn't have to be four separate things.

Remember: if you want photographs of these traditional details, make sure to tell your photographer and have them ready for the morning.


Brides tend to be gifted something to use as their something old. Whether it be jewellery, a piece of fabric from an old wedding gown, or a pair of shoes. However, if you don't have anything gifted, why not go on a charity shopping spree? Thrift stores are FULL of some absolute gems, and that would count as your something old and new!  

Do you have a special piece of jewellery you were gifted? Maybe a bracelet from your 18th birthday or a gorgeous necklace given to you by your fiance? This is perfect to be your something old.

Something from mum or grandma
Why not borrow something from your mum or grandma? This can double as your something borrowed too!
Some ideas could be:
  • Jewellery
  • Her wedding garter
  • A piece of mum's wedding dress sewn into yours 
  • Her wedding veil
  • An old button on your dress
Some brides have even worn their mum's or grandmother's engagement ring as a necklace for their special day - how lovely. It doesn't just have to be from mum or grandma either, it can be anyone special you want to feel close to on your wedding day.

Remembering your loved ones
Some brides have chosen to have ashes of loved ones, who have sadly passed away, in their wedding rings. Others choose to honour those who are no longer with them with a photograph in a bouquet charm.


The first thing that pops to mind when we think of Something New, basically our whole wedding outfits! The dream dress, or those shoes you have been drooling over ever since the day you said yes! 
Some more ideas:
  • Your wedding ring
  • A beautiful accessory for your hair
  • A veil
  • Your wedding perfume - this could even be your something blue too depending on the bottle!
  • Jewellery (maybe a surprise gift from your wife/hubby to be)
  • A bag

Jewellery seemed to be the most popular item with the insta brides we asked!

  • A pair of shoes from your bestie
  • A family heirloom that is passed down to all brides in the family
  • Your mothers wedding dress, or something she wore on her wedding day (like a garter or jewellery)
  • Jewellery from a friend or family member


Remember it doesn't have to be visible for it to count, as long as you know it's there! Here are some pieces we absolutely adore that could be used for your something blue...

A handkerchief from No Ugly Crying  - get 20% off with code: frombrideswithlove

Photo: Rock My Wedding
You don't want anything to detract from your main rings, but this simple pandora ring would make a lovely addition to your right hand.
Pandora Jewellery - Shop Gold & Silver Jewellery | Pandora SG ...
If this doesn't go with your bridal look, you can simply tuck one of these pins underneath your hair.

Wedding Dress Embroidery
We love the idea of embroidering your wedding date or initials. Ask whoever is doing your alterations about this service. Alternatively, you may be able to incorporate a little blue charm in your dress or veil.


We love that some people have incorporated the sixpence as their something old! Some brides choose to have a sixpence from a significant year, such as the year their dad or grandfather was born. You can find an original sixpence on eBay, or if you wanted something new you can get one here!

If your budget allows, Charlotte Mills wedding shoes honour this tradition so well! The shoes are your something new, the original silver sixpence that they put in the shoe is your something old, and the label is blue; your something blue. Their shoes are also absolutely stunning! Be sure to check out our Charlotte Mills supplier takeover!

Are you following this tradition? If yes, how? Comment down below!

From Brides, With Love xo

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