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Saturday, August 29, 2020

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After such a great response Jenny's first blog takeover: Bridal Makeup and Skincare Products for less than £10  we asked the makeup queen to write us another post! According to a poll on our Instagram @frombrideswithlove, this was the post you wanted to see the most! Jenny has put together lots of advice on choosing a bridal makeup style that is right for you, as well as choosing a wedding make-up artist. Whether you don't know where to start or are just stuck on choosing the right colour palette, there's some advice here for you...
Just like all aspects of planning a wedding, choosing your makeup style and makeup artist is no different. It can be extremely overwhelming and it requires time spent researching looks (and when we get lost in the realms of Pinterest we all know it can go on forever!), then finding similar makeup artists who have not only the ability to create a look that you desire but also have the bridal experience. 

I want to share some of my top tips with you all for choosing the best makeup style to suit your personal preferences and also for narrowing down your makeup artist search and selecting someone right for you!
Before you even start looking...
Take a second to really think about what you’d like when it comes to the style of your makeup. A common misconception is that all “bridal” makeup is the same, but this definitely isn’t the case, one of my words of advice that I mentioned in my previous blog post was that one of the most important things you can do is to be yourself, and whatever your style naturally is, don’t feel you have to alter that in any way to align with “bridal” standards. It is your day so you do you, and I would always recommend going for whatever it is that you feel most comfortable with! 

Some use makeup as a confidence lift, still themselves, natural but with a little boost! Some channel their inner creative side and express themselves through bolder looks, whether that’s a bright lip or a dark and smokey eye. Others truly want to feel like a full glam version of themselves. What ever is going to compliment you and your personality the most, and make you feel your best, is what I suggest you focus on first! 
If you’re sitting reading this thinking “well, I’ve not got a clue where to even start or what I’d like!”, don’t worry, here are some thought provoking questions to ask yourself first;
  • have you had your makeup done before either as a client or as a bridesmaid? Would you be happy to have them do your makeup again and on your big day?
  • have you been a guest at a wedding and loved the style of the bridal party makeup? Get your best detective hat on and find out who their makeup artist was! 
  • what’s your colour scheme and what colour palettes will complement that the most? 
  • do you already have your photographer, hair stylist or other creative suppliers booked? Ask who they work with regularly and would recommend to suit your style.
  • does your venue have a wedding pack with recommended suppliers? 
  • what do your bridesmaids, friends and family think? They know you best, and some will have known you all your life. Get chatting and see what they think you would suit, you might even come away with some ideas and inspiration to kickstart your search!
  • do you have a favourite lipstick that you’d like to wear on your big day? If so, what shade is it and what other colours will compliment this and your skin tone?
  • have you thought about wedding directories online and browsing bridal magazines? My top Scotland based ones I’d recommend are: Tie the Knot Magazine, Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine, Luxury Scottish Weddings and Edinburgh Wedding Directory.
Don’t be put off by what you see on Instagram...
Lockdown is a very difficult time when it comes to browsing social media for makeup inspo as many bridal makeup artists feeds (including my own) are filled with our own faces and not those of our beautiful brides. How I do my makeup is completely different to how I do makeup on a bride or client. And remember, what is shown in photographs is what that particular bride wanted for herself and her own preferences on her day. An experienced bridal makeup artist will have a wide range of styles shown throughout their portfolio, and if you’re unsure, just ask! 

I was taught for makeup to always be complimentary, no matter how natural or glam the client desires. Making sure your makeup fits your face and compliments your natural features is a must! Take a moment to learn a little bit more about your own face shape and what will suit, for example if you have hooded eye’s, specifically look for makeup looks with that in mind. 

Your chosen makeup artist will advise you on what's best for your skin and take all of your preferences and requirements into account. Anyone experienced in bridal makeup will know exactly how to prep, set and finish the skin to create your desired coverage and finish whilst ensuring your skin is cared for. 
Some final tips...
  • if you’re finding the makeup search a bit overwhelming, you can break it down into more manageable areas; skin, eyes and brows, and lips. If you find yourself truly struggling, ask a pro!
  • when you’re contacting makeup artists to discuss availability and pricing, make sure you feel comfortable chatting to them. It’s very cliche but I always say trust the vibes you get, you’ve got to be happy and comfortable with your MUA and hair stylist, they’re spending the majority, if not the entirety of your wedding morning with you and your bridal party. I think it’s so important as a makeup artist to make yourself available to help with anything on the wedding morning, whether it’s providing a listening ear, calming reassurance or being able to have a right good giggle! Professionalism, experience and personality are all SO important! 
  • it’s never too late to decide on a look! Don’t put yourself under any pressure to decide what you’d like in terms of a makeup look. It’s just makeup! If you’ve found a makeup artist you’re comfortable with and would love to have them for your big day, get them booked! Wedding dates get snapped up so quickly, and just because you’re unsure exactly what look you’d like, from just speaking to your makeup artist and seeing their portfolio and experience, you will know if they are right for you and your bridal party. 
  • don’t let images online fool you. I always try my best to take videos as well as photos of my work, especially bridal. It’s got to the point where it is so difficult to decipher the difference between real and edited images. I pride myself on never editing, filtering or facetuning my work, but unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone in the online world. Celebrity photos and even some of the worlds largest, most well known beauty influencers edit and facetune their images, so much so that it is impossible for makeup to look like that on the skin! Always consult your makeup artist on whether a look or particular style is truly achievable and wearable for its purpose and its required longevity!
  • your trial is exactly “what is says on the tin”, a trial. You don’t have to go for that exact look that you went for on your trial, this is your time to experiment and try out anything you’re uncertain with. Haven’t worn lashes before but would like to give them a go? Unsure of how a bolder lip would look but fancy a change? Now is your time to do this. And whether you decide for or against any aspect of your trial, your makeup artist on the day will take all of this into account and tailor your specific look to suit you, your skin tone, skin type, and your personal preferences.
I really hope you found this helpful and informative! Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, and there are always ways to ensure it doesn’t get overwhelming! 

I have an extensive FAQ on my website for anyone who’d like some more information, or would like some ideas on what you can ask your potential makeup artist: here

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Makeup: Jenny Ross MUA
Photos: Pocket Square Photography
Hair: Laura Mallace Hairstlying
Venue: Paxton House

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