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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

If you're an avid baker, bride on a budget, or just wanting to add that personal homemade touch into your wedding and thinking of DIYing your own wedding cake then this post is for you! 

A wedding cake is no easy task, so you will have a few things to consider! Style, size, flavours... 

Your wedding cake style
Are you wanting to incorporate your theme into your wedding cake? You could do this with the topper you place on top, the flowers you add, or the colour of the icing itself. There are so many different ways you can theme your cake! Pinterest will be your best friend when trying to decide on a style, if you just type in "'insert theme' wedding cake", you will have enough inspiration to scroll through for a good few days (don't say we didn't warn you!)

Is there such a thing as too much cake?
Check out the below guide, as this will help you decide how big the cake needs to be and how many layers your cake should have to feed all of your guests!

Choosing your flavours
We took to instagram to find out what cake flavours everyone was having, and whittled down the 5 most popular flavours, here they are in order;
1. Chocolate
2. Victoria Sponge
3. Lemon
4. Red Velvet
5.  Carrot

If you can't decide on just one flavour, you could do a different flavour per tier, or have one tier to cut and keep for the bride and groom to save and take home, and then make lots of cupcakes in different flavours for all of your guests!

Depending on the style, and extravagance of the cake you're planning to make, you're likely going to want to have a couple of practice runs. Testing out the flavours you could do some cupcake batches, and drop them over to family and friends to taste test!

For the decorating, why not get some polystyrene 'artificial' cake layers, and cover in fondant, and get piping! This way you are decorating a cake of the same size/height, but not wasting money/time baking an actual cake each time! Also worth practicing your piping techniques on a piece of paper, as the type of nozzle you use determines your piping style. The below video is super helpful in helping you decide which nozzles you might need.

Get your guests involved
Take some pressure off yourself, and why not get the guests involved! You could get your guests to chuck on their aprons and have an entirely homemade dessert table. We came across the amazing idea of having a 'Wedding Bake Off' while scrolling pinterest, and we absolutely love the idea. 

You could have guests surprise you with what they make, or to avoid multiple of the same thing you could write a list of things you would like people to make, and they can all choose! Some ideas for things people could bake;
  • Brownies and/or Blondies
  • Cookies
  • Cheesecake
  • Different flavours of cupcakes
  • Fruit pies

Where to find great recipes?
Some great blogs and websites with fantastic recipes; 

Just add fairy lights
If you're unsure of an easy way to decorate the space, our motto is always just add fairy lights! A hanging curtain set will make the perfect backdrop, and they're available on Amazon from £11.99 for copper wire and £12.99 for clear wire. Choose warm white for a more golden and rustic feel, or bright white to tone in with silvers. 

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