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Saturday, August 15, 2020

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This post is brought to you by bridal hairstylist Loredana Howie aka Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana and is full of all the bridal hair inspo you could possibly need! Loredana tells us all about how her career started, bridal hair trends and her favourite hair products. Scroll for lots of beautiful real brides and photoshoots, all styled by Loredana...
Where it all began...
I started my hairdressing career when I was 16, in the East coast of Scotland, where I grew up. I moved when I married, I am currently based in Ayrshire in the West coast. I cover all aspects of hairdressing, and have been self employed for 10 years and have been hairdressing for 19 years.
My passion for putting hair up started at a young age. I would practice on my own hair experimenting with styling & pleating etc. Sometimes I’d have my sisters as hair models for me and I would do mini photoshoots (on a budget of course!) but it was great fun. I’d need to wait a week to get my images developed, back in the good old days of disposable cameras, unfortunately camera phones didn’t exist back then. I still love photoshoots to this day and organizing them and making collages.
When I was at high school one of my friends always complimented my hair, and so I would say “I can do yours the same, if you want”.  Then, a mini salon started from the school toilet cubicles. I’d work on my lunch break on Fridays and I would have a queue of girls, lined up outside the toilets, for their weekend hair. I should have charged to be honest, I missed a trick there, as I always skipped my lunch. However, I was more than happy to play about and try new styles, because I loved it. The hairstyle of choice was mainly cornrows nothing too hard to be honest. Not a trend today, but it was all the age 2000 era. From Christina Aguilera to JLo. I was obsessed with getting the parting really straight in the cornrows and I found a way to hide the kirbies. I just loved seeing people transform, just with their hair! That was the start of my passion for hair. 
Learning the trade...
In my college years of studying hair, I was inspired by world renowned Patrick Cameron. With being to many of his hair shows. I entered a hair-up competition and my style won a chance to be on stage with him - my dream came true at 18, I got to met my hair idol at the time. This helped my confidence, as I was super quiet. 
Hair-ups and styling excited me. Some hairstylists didn’t enjoy or were frightened to do brides, because of the pressure, but I saw it as a challenge and I learnt to thrive under pressure. I mainly did party hair for weekends and I had lots of hair-up regulars, which I loved! Then, I started to progress and work on my craft. Learning from my errors or finding a better and or quicker solutions. I practiced on everyone and anyone who’d let me! 
Stepping into the wedding industry...
The more my confidence grew, the more it creative I’d get. Then word spread and I started to do bridal. I’d say it never really kicked off, until I got married and moved to the west coast. Ayrshire is renowned for being the wedding capital, we are littered with awesome and beautiful venues. So it was the perfect fit for me! 
I worked in a few salons around Ayrshire, but once I passed my driving test. The wedding world was my oyster. I loved the freedom of being able to travel instead of being in a salon.  
The best part of the job for me is seeing my bride feel her best and the whole atmosphere in the morning, but I take most pleasure from seeing there professional wedding images. I feel like a proud mother hen, when I receive them! 
Bridal Hair Trends
For me, I think it’s starting to move away from full glam and head toward a sort of polished messy look. With all the ballon sleeves, being in at the moment it’s very romantic and soft. The hair should always compliment the cut of the dress the most. I like hair to feel natural. 
I do like street chic clean lines too, for a contrast and sleeker hair is definitely creeping back in too. I like a little volume, but my preference is not too high because natural will forever be timeless. 
Hair Accessories
I offer and carry stock, for my brides to sample some hairpieces to try with there chosen hairstyle at the trial. I have a range of different headpieces, from a selection of glam sparkle brand. To my own brand of tullè and pearl romantic pieces and I hope to include a more modern collection too. I like to provide for every bride, which just gives my brides a fuller picture of how they will look on the day. I have a sample veil too, that I provide so everything is covered. 
As much as I have my own style, I do love to see, what my bride has in store for me. I love a challenge and variety is the spice of life. And of course, I always welcome a little fresh flower detail, it’s so fresh and pretty in the hair and it’s inexpensive.
Favourite Hair Products 
Anything that creates a matte sort of beachy texture... I love! Some of my fav hair products would be OUAI (expensive, but they smell so clean):
  • Air Dry Foam £24.00
  • Matte Pomade £16.00
  • Rose Hair and Body Oil £26.00 - divine and a little goes a long way
I use Bedhead Masterpiece Hairspray (£7.99) which is a staple product in my kit. For me it has the right amount of hold, and I like light shine sprays for a hint of sheen, so it’s not too matte. Bedhead Head Rush Shine Spray (£8.99) smells delish and isn’t too weighty on the hair. 

Loredana is based in Ayrshire but covering Glasgow and surrounding areas, as well as destination weddings abroad.

From Brides (and Loredana), With Love xo


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