Martin + Lydia's Rustic Glam Wedding at Shushtoke Barn, Warwickshire

Monday, August 31, 2020

Mr + Mrs Chatterley
Wedding Date: 6th August 2019 | Shustoke Barn
 Instagram: @_lydiachatterley
Photographer: Green Antlers Photography
Martin and Lydia planned a gorgeous rustic theme wedding complete with lots of DIYs including a doughnut wall, a s'mores station and a sweet table - umm yum! Lydia wore a beautiful Essence of Australia gown with a handmade veil embroidered with the couple's initials and wedding date. Can we also talk about THAT bouquet...

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Farmhouse

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hannah + Mauro 
08.06.2020 │ Hawley Woods, Hampshire 
Instagram: @hanrosiex @mauroricardo96 │ Photographer: Vero J Photography
Hannah and Mauro are getting married on Valentine's Day 2021 at Warbrook House Hotel, Eversley. They were lucky enough to win their engagement shoot with Veronica in a competition! 

Jenny Ross MUA: Choosing your bridal makeup style and MUA

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Jenny Ross Makeup Artistry
 Est. 2016 │ Scottish Borders + Edinburgh
After such a great response Jenny's first blog takeover: Bridal Makeup and Skincare Products for less than £10  we asked the makeup queen to write us another post! According to a poll on our Instagram @frombrideswithlove, this was the post you wanted to see the most! Jenny has put together lots of advice on choosing a bridal makeup style that is right for you, as well as choosing a wedding make-up artist. Whether you don't know where to start or are just stuck on choosing the right colour palette, there's some advice here for you...

Hannah + Vinny's Colourful DIY Festival Wedding at Blakelands, Halfpenny Green

Friday, August 28, 2020

Mr + Mrs Banks
Wednesday 31st May 2017│ Blakelands, Halfpenny Green
 Instagram: @hannahscolourfulworld
Hannah and Vinny had a wonderfully colourful wedding of warm neons and bright blooms, finding inspiration in the unusual form of a Zara tablecloth! Their day was relaxed and represented everything they love as a couple, including flamingos and face painting. Bride Hannah tells us all about their love story and planning their big day...

Lauren's Bridal Edit: Our Wedding Readings

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Photo by Catalina Jean
After putting together our favourite non-religious wedding readings post, I thought I should share the readings Matthew and I have decided to have at our ceremony. The first one by EE Cummings is quite a well-known choice and we both just loved it. The second is the blessing of the hands, which will be read by our humanist celebrant as we take part in handfasting. Handfasting is a traditional Scottish tradition in which you literally "tie the knot" with a piece of fabric from each side of the family (usually tartan but it can also be cuttings from the suits/wedding dresses or anything). Our final reading, Amor Eterno (Eternal Love), will be read by one of our close Spanish friends. We decided to have a Spanish reading as I actually spent a few years growing up in Spain and studied the poet Becquer, and Spain was the first place we went abroad together. We'll have a translated version alongside this one in our order of service.

Tara + Joe's pretty DIY wedding at Bartle Hall, Preston

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mr + Mrs Slinger   
Thursday 29th August 2019 | Bartle Hall, Preston
Instagram: @ourlayeredhome
Tara and Joe had a gorgeous rustic wedding with a colour palette of soft pinks and neutrals, full of lots of DIYs including lots of faux flowers and floral hoops for the bridal party. Bride Tara tells us all about their special day, and how they stuck to their £8,000 budget without compromising on everything they wanted. We are obsessed with the beautiful gown and headpiece, as well as their adorable customised denim jackets!

Pre-Wedding Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Penner

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Olivia + Mark
Instagram: @oliviaalicerose_ + @markpenner34
11.07.2020 Tyne Bridge, Newcastle
After their August 2020 wedding date at the Baltic was postponed until May 2021, Olivia and Mark decided to do something special to mark the year they were supposed to become Mr and Mrs. We are delighted to share their absolutely gorgeous sunrise photoshoot! Olivia tells us all about it, their dreamy proposal and the plans for their upcoming wedding...

Arty Sparkly: Bridal Illustrations of dreams

Friday, August 21, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Arty Sparkly Illustrations
We caught up with Sarah, the fabulous talent behind Arty Sparkly Illustrations. After coming across her beautiful works of art on Instagram, we wanted to know more about how it came to be. Sarah tells us all about starting the business, where she finds all of her inspiration and a little bit about her own wedding (including a very funny story)...

How did Arty Sparkly come about?
I have always loved drawing but treated it like a hobby and after leaving high school with my higher art qualification I never dreamt that it could be a career. I worked in the Jewellery trade in Edinburgh for a number of years and then onto work with HMRC (slight difference!)

When we moved to the Highlands 6 years ago i had to find something to keep me occupied during the day as we had no friends or family around for support or childcare. One day I decided to sketch my wedding dress and I posted the image on Facebook to share with my friends and family. By the end of that day I had a few requests from friends to do theirs and so it slowly began.

Did you start out with the intention of wedding portraits or is this something that developed over time?
My intention was fashion illustration solely focusing on the wedding dress and the bride, the grooms were never included in the beginning. After so many requests and enquiries I gave in to demand and expanded to include grooms, bridesmaids, families, children and even pets!
What has been your proudest moment since launching Arty Sparkly?
There have been a few moments when I have looked back to when I first started. I wasn’t confident at all in the beginning as I struggled with anxiety quite a lot so I definitely had “imposter syndrome”. I couldn’t quite believe that something I loved doing so much was a paid job.

To be in charge of a business that started out with 25 orders in the first year to now averaging around 250 a year, boggles my brain. When I started getting orders from complete strangers, from different countries I knew the ripples had widened and it was my hard work and perseverance that started the wave. The reviews and support that I receive from my clients can be overwhelming at times and the cherry on top came when I was nominated as a finalist for VOWS scottish wedding specialist of the year.

Did you notice your social media following grow quite quickly?
In the beginning it felt like no one was noticing me or following my page but I just kept drawing and sharing. Slowly I was being noticed and when designers like Marchesa, Michael Cinco and Reem Acra shared my illustrations it gave me more confidence to keep going. The numbers would shoot up whenever big names shared or liked my post, I still can’t quite believe that 59k people follow me!

What is your favourite sketch so far? (I think Jamie Genevieve has to be up there for us!)
Haha, Jamie G was a great one to do, I loved her dress and I love a bride with tattoos as it adds an extra detail to the sketch. My emails and notification alerts went bananas the day she received her illustration and shared it on her stories!

I love sketching brides on their own as i get to concentrate on every little details and make their pose a little more dramatic.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Instagram and social media are heaven for inspiration, there are so many talented designers and creatives out there. When I am not scrolling through red carpet events, bloggers and designers posts i keep up to date with fashion shows and couture on the Vogue app “Runway” which shows detailed photos of every collection.

How long does the average portrait take from start to finish?
I have never actually timed myself! When I start my weekly order pile I do all the outlines, then all the skin tones, then all the base colours and then all the details so i dont sit and do one from start to finish. It mainly depends on the details and how many people are included in the sketch, anywhere from 2-4hrs. When i am sketching for fun it takes me 1-2 hours but i always take longer on commissions so I don't miss anything out.

What is your most popular order?
The Bride and Groom illustration is definitely the most ordered and gifted illustration. To think I didn't even want to include the groom in the beginning!
Do you know how many beautiful couples you have illustrated over the years?
I would say 1000 if I haven't already reached it or surpassed it.

Have you noticed any wedding trends in more recent couples?
There has been a lot less lace, stunning back details, capes instead of veils and a colourful statement shoe!

Tell us about your wedding...
I have been married 18 years this September. We were married in Airth Castle ,  I wore a gold Hollywood Dreams tulle gown that I still absolutely love and had a huge party that still gets talked about today. I think we were one of the first ones to do bacon buttiesand burgers in the evening instead of a traditional sandwich buffet and they were a huge success. 

At the wedding service the minister forgot the CD of music to play for me walking down the aisle. After I calmed down I told him to put on “When you wish upon a star” (it was on the CD playing while guests were arriving). After my bridesmaids and ushers walked down the aisle I could hear the music changing (I forgot it was a medley of Disney tunes). So as I turned to walk down the aisle, the music changed to Zipadeedoodah. Nobody batted an eyelid but you can hear my bridesmaids giggling in the background!
Do you offer any other wedding services?
I offer Gift Vouchers which are really popular for gifting the bride and groom on their wedding day. The giftee normally books a slot directly after the wedding and organises it for them or the bride and groom can get in touch and organise the illustration later.

A few brides upon ordering their illustration have asked for a scanned copy before it is mounted so they can use the image for their Thank You cards as an added personal touch.

From Brides, With Love xo

Becci + Joel romantic summer destination wedding at Villa Tolomei, Florence

Mr + Mrs Wiltshire
Tuesday 21st August 2018 |  Villa Tolomei, Florence, Italy
Becci and Joel held their dreamy Italian wedding on a beautiful summer's day in Floence, and we are obsessed with everything! From gorgeous tulle dress and the stunning location, to the cute campervan and those gorgeous golden hour shots. After designing and making her own wedding stationery, bride Becci decided to launch her own business RLS Illustrations.

Homemade, With Love xo

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

If you're an avid baker, bride on a budget, or just wanting to add that personal homemade touch into your wedding and thinking of DIYing your own wedding cake then this post is for you! 

A wedding cake is no easy task, so you will have a few things to consider! Style, size, flavours... 

Amelia + Tom's country garden marque wedding at home in Middleton

Monday, August 17, 2020

Mr + Mrs Van Herrewege
Saturday 11th August 2018 │ Home in Middleton, Leicestershire 
Instagram: @millie_stone_uk
Amelia and Tom got married at their local church, followed by a gorgeous English country garden reception at their family home. The bride aka calligrapher Millie Stone UK designed all of the gorgeous stationery and signage. We love everything about this wedding, from the beautiful boho bouquet to Amelia's Sassi Holford dress to the cool Moroccan inspired chill out zone and the lovely rustic cake. Check out the bride's stationery business @millie_stone_uk.

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Curry

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Aimée + Adam 
 Sopley Farm │ August 2019 
 Instagram: @futuremrscurryPhotography By Vicki
You might recognise Aimée and Adam from our Lockdown Love post after they had to postpone their May 2020 wedding date. Their wedding day will now take place on 7th August 2021 at Rookesbury Park, Wickham. Read all about their bright and beautiful engagement shoot in a sunflower field - it's impossible to look at these photos without smiling!

Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana: All Things Bridal Hair

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana 
Styling Est. 2001 │ Bridal Hair Est. 2010 Styling
Instagram │ Facebook │ Ayrshire, Scotland
This post is brought to you by bridal hairstylist Loredana Howie aka Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana and is full of all the bridal hair inspo you could possibly need! Loredana tells us all about how her career started, bridal hair trends and her favourite hair products. Scroll for lots of beautiful real brides and photoshoots, all styled by Loredana...
Where it all began...
I started my hairdressing career when I was 16, in the East coast of Scotland, where I grew up. I moved when I married, I am currently based in Ayrshire in the West coast. I cover all aspects of hairdressing, and have been self employed for 10 years and have been hairdressing for 19 years.
My passion for putting hair up started at a young age. I would practice on my own hair experimenting with styling & pleating etc. Sometimes I’d have my sisters as hair models for me and I would do mini photoshoots (on a budget of course!) but it was great fun. I’d need to wait a week to get my images developed, back in the good old days of disposable cameras, unfortunately camera phones didn’t exist back then. I still love photoshoots to this day and organizing them and making collages.
When I was at high school one of my friends always complimented my hair, and so I would say “I can do yours the same, if you want”.  Then, a mini salon started from the school toilet cubicles. I’d work on my lunch break on Fridays and I would have a queue of girls, lined up outside the toilets, for their weekend hair. I should have charged to be honest, I missed a trick there, as I always skipped my lunch. However, I was more than happy to play about and try new styles, because I loved it. The hairstyle of choice was mainly cornrows nothing too hard to be honest. Not a trend today, but it was all the age 2000 era. From Christina Aguilera to JLo. I was obsessed with getting the parting really straight in the cornrows and I found a way to hide the kirbies. I just loved seeing people transform, just with their hair! That was the start of my passion for hair. 
Learning the trade...
In my college years of studying hair, I was inspired by world renowned Patrick Cameron. With being to many of his hair shows. I entered a hair-up competition and my style won a chance to be on stage with him - my dream came true at 18, I got to met my hair idol at the time. This helped my confidence, as I was super quiet. 
Hair-ups and styling excited me. Some hairstylists didn’t enjoy or were frightened to do brides, because of the pressure, but I saw it as a challenge and I learnt to thrive under pressure. I mainly did party hair for weekends and I had lots of hair-up regulars, which I loved! Then, I started to progress and work on my craft. Learning from my errors or finding a better and or quicker solutions. I practiced on everyone and anyone who’d let me! 
Stepping into the wedding industry...
The more my confidence grew, the more it creative I’d get. Then word spread and I started to do bridal. I’d say it never really kicked off, until I got married and moved to the west coast. Ayrshire is renowned for being the wedding capital, we are littered with awesome and beautiful venues. So it was the perfect fit for me! 
I worked in a few salons around Ayrshire, but once I passed my driving test. The wedding world was my oyster. I loved the freedom of being able to travel instead of being in a salon.  
The best part of the job for me is seeing my bride feel her best and the whole atmosphere in the morning, but I take most pleasure from seeing there professional wedding images. I feel like a proud mother hen, when I receive them! 
Bridal Hair Trends
For me, I think it’s starting to move away from full glam and head toward a sort of polished messy look. With all the ballon sleeves, being in at the moment it’s very romantic and soft. The hair should always compliment the cut of the dress the most. I like hair to feel natural. 
I do like street chic clean lines too, for a contrast and sleeker hair is definitely creeping back in too. I like a little volume, but my preference is not too high because natural will forever be timeless. 
Hair Accessories
I offer and carry stock, for my brides to sample some hairpieces to try with there chosen hairstyle at the trial. I have a range of different headpieces, from a selection of glam sparkle brand. To my own brand of tullè and pearl romantic pieces and I hope to include a more modern collection too. I like to provide for every bride, which just gives my brides a fuller picture of how they will look on the day. I have a sample veil too, that I provide so everything is covered. 
As much as I have my own style, I do love to see, what my bride has in store for me. I love a challenge and variety is the spice of life. And of course, I always welcome a little fresh flower detail, it’s so fresh and pretty in the hair and it’s inexpensive.
Favourite Hair Products 
Anything that creates a matte sort of beachy texture... I love! Some of my fav hair products would be OUAI (expensive, but they smell so clean):
  • Air Dry Foam £24.00
  • Matte Pomade £16.00
  • Rose Hair and Body Oil £26.00 - divine and a little goes a long way
I use Bedhead Masterpiece Hairspray (£7.99) which is a staple product in my kit. For me it has the right amount of hold, and I like light shine sprays for a hint of sheen, so it’s not too matte. Bedhead Head Rush Shine Spray (£8.99) smells delish and isn’t too weighty on the hair. 

Loredana is based in Ayrshire but covering Glasgow and surrounding areas, as well as destination weddings abroad.

From Brides (and Loredana), With Love xo

Bowie + Floss 03.05.2020 The Giraffe Shed, Newton

Friday, August 14, 2020

Bowie + Floss
Friday 3rd April 2020  |  The Giraffe Shed, Newton
Instagram: @rocksaltphoto
Bowie and Floss celebrated their pawfect day in lockdown with the coolest pink theme, personalised leather jackets and a bright pink wedding cake. This puppy love is absolutely adorable and, the bride, Bowie tells us all about their wedding day...

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: What to wear, what to take + who to take!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Nude undies and a strapless bra. A lot of wedding dresses are designed to be worn without a bra, but don't worry - they offer A LOT more support than you think. So while a nude strapless bra is ideal, don;t be surprised if your bridal stylist suggests you take it off. You should wear something comfortable that isn't too warm, it gets surprisingly hot trying on all those layers of dresses. Keep in mind that'll you'll be getting changed in and out of your own clothes, so your tighest pair of skinny jeans might not be a good idea.

Juliet + James' pretty rustic wedding on a wet summer's day at Swancar Farm Country House

Monday, August 10, 2020

Mr + Mrs Knighton
Sunday 29th July 2018  |  Swancar Farm Country House
Instagram: @misscooke @the_official_jmk
Juliet and James had a gorgeous rustic country wedding with tones of soft pastel pink and navy. The rain didn't stop these two from having the best day ever! Bride Juliet tells us all about their love story, why chairs were so important to their decor (trust us, they are), the details of their day and her wedding DIYs...

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Flannigan

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Rachael + Adam's Engagement Shoot
29th January 2019 │ At Home in North Wales
Photographer: Jenny Ball (Family) │Instagram: @iwishiwasaweddingplanner
Rachael and Adam are getting married on 5th December 2020 at Tyn Dwr Hall in North Wales, but now have a backup date of 2nd May 2021 due to Covid-19 (just in case). Rachael tells us all about their engagement shoot, captured by a family friend, as well as their whirlwind proposal story....

Motee Maids: The lowdown on designing mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Motee Maids

We asked award-winning Motee Maids to tell us all about their unique bridesmaid dress service that allows you and your bridal party to customise each dress; from colour and sleeve length to neckline and embellishments...

One of a kind
Finding a dress that all your bridesmaids love equally can feel like an impossible feat. Motee maids cleverly solves the problem by letting you design bespoke mix-and-match dresses to everyone’s individual tastes and body shapes.

Whilst keeping your ‘maids happy, it also means you won't have to compromise on style, colour or embellishment to create a cohesive bridal party look. The whole process is super easy but there are a few decisions you’ll need to make along the way, with the help of your Motee Maids consultant.

Lucy + Chris' Parisian chic destination wedding at The Peninsula, Paris

Friday, August 7, 2020

Mr + Mrs Allan 
Thursday 12th September 2019 │ The Peninsula, Paris │ Instagram:  @lucyflorals
Lucy and Chris celebrated their dreamy wedding day at The Peninsula Hotel in Paris with a simple chic theme which they executed it perfectly. The bride, fashion and lifestyle blogger @lucyflorals, tells us all about their special day including the traditions they chose not to follow, her bespoke Suzanne Neville dress, and their legal ceremony in Glasgow. 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (and a sixpence in her shoe), quite possibly the most popular wedding tradition that people still incorporate into their weddings! 

Lauren + Dean rustic colourful DIY wedding Ashley Wood Farm, Wiltshire

Monday, August 3, 2020

Mr + Mrs White 
Saturday 13th July 2019 │ Ashley Wood Farm, Wiltshire
Instagram: @lauren.e_white + @dean_wh1te 
Lauren and Dean had a rustic colourful wedding day featuring a hand tying ceremony, tons of DIYs, garden games and amazing food. The bride wore a beautiful bespoke Emma Beaumont gown. However, the star of the show was arguably their gorgeous pup Matilda...

Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Oliver

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Laura + Tom's Engagement Shoot 
11.08.2019 |  Hunton Park, Watford 
Natalie Stevenson PhotographyInstagram: @lauraalicecrawley
Laura and Tom are getting married at Hunton Park in Watford on 18th June 2021. Read about their love story, dreamy proposal and engagement photoshoot at their venue.

Hampshire Event DJs: Choosing Your Wedding DJ

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Hampshire Event DJs

Est. 2018 │ Southampton
Hampshire Event DJs are a team of experienced DJs from radio, nightclub and event backgrounds. They all use the same identical modern equipment and provide a consistent experience with all of the party tunes you want to hear and none of the naff old cheese you don’t. Simon Clarke has put together this post for us, full of advice on finding the right DJ for your wedding.

When From Brides With Love asked us to blog about wedding music we jumped at the chance! It’s something we feel very passionate about and we know couples care too. Some say the music at a wedding reception is one of the things guests remember most so it’s important to get it right. But it’s also worth considering music is subjective, divides opinion and often couples themselves have very diverse tastes. So where do you begin with making sure you and your guests have a great evening?
Start by finding a DJ who understands music is about emotional connections. 
Songs have the ability to take you to a different time and place. It’s why you feel amazing when a song comes on the radio which reminds you of leaving school, your first car, a teenage holiday abroad with your mates or messy university nights out. Music from the decade spanning your mid-teens to early 20s has the ability to make time travellers of all of us. It’s a great place to start when putting your party playlist together especially if a lot of your guests shared your life during this period of your life. 
Many mobile DJs just don’t understand this. They turn up with the same set-list they’ve used for years and cannot understand why fewer people are dancing over time. We’ve all been to “those” kind of weddings and its fear of their own turning into one which has seen more couples turning to bands in the last few years. Bands generally provide a set list so a bride and groom have complete control over what they will hear. Bands are considerably more expensive than a DJ and you really don’t need to spend that much to get the party tunes you want. 

Just dedicate a bit of time to finding a good DJ:
  • A DJ who will play all the songs you’ve requested in advance and is comfortable playing YOUR music even if it’s unfamiliar to them. 
  • A DJ who will follow YOUR brief because they care about customer satisfaction.
  • A DJ who understands trends.
  • A DJ who puts YOUR happiness above their own gratification.
Let’s break those points down in more detail...

Providing a list of requests to a DJ in advance is often no guarantee you will hear them on the night. The DJ may avoid them because the tracks are unfamiliar and they will take them out of their comfort zone. This is their problem not yours.

Neither is a DJ failing to source requests in advance if you gave them a list. Your expectation is those songs will be available on the night. This can be forgivable if the DJ you’ve booked sends along a last-minute substitute although a good DJ will make sure the replacement has everything you’ve asked for. 

Understanding trends is important. We don’t just mean downloading the entire top 20, but understanding why certain older songs have become acceptable again because of popular culture or themed club nights your couple will have enjoyed with their friends and created positive emotional connections to songs outside of their formative years.
The final point about putting your happiness first is the most important. You’ve hired the DJ to do a job. It could be the job is to give everyone a really good night and you’ve given them full creative freedom. Or it could be you only want a certain genre of music, have a specific list of songs and don’t care if only 10% of the room get up and dance because it’s YOUR night. A good DJ will follow your brief and not their own personal satisfaction in pursuit of a full dancefloor.  

Check out their blog for lots more great advice here.

From Brides (and Simon!), With Love xo