Tiffany's Bridal Edit: I said YES to the dress (again!)

Sunday, July 19, 2020

After 23 Dresses were tried on, 1 dress was already bought, and a tad too much of the budget was spent; I finally said yes to THE dress on the 18th August 2019. You may be thinking '1 dress already bought!?', well let me explain...

My Wed2B Experience
I originally said yes to the dress back in April 2018. At that point I had been engaged for 6 months, we had over 2 years to go until the big day, and I had absolutely no intention of buying a dress any time soon. However, we had a trip to Brighton planned with my fiances family, and knew they had a Wed2Be store there, so I thought maybe I should just go and try some dresses on to get an idea of which styles I liked. BAD IDEA! (Let me start by saying that personally I didn't have a great experience with Wed2Be, I tried on 4 dresses, each in a different style, and felt very pressured towards saying yes and purchasing a dress, even though I was only able to try on very few). Of the dresses I tried on that day, there was just one I felt I looked good in, it was a big princess gown, which is completely not what I ever wanted and wasn't very me, but in that moment I felt very pretty! I ended up feeling very overwhelmed and buying the dress...

That very same day when we got home, I said to my fiance that I felt like I had made the wrong decision and he said to give it some time to think about it. For the next week or so, all I could think about was how much I didn't enjoy my dress shopping experience, and it was something I had previously been so excited for. I did't look at the dress again, I popped it in the loft and didn't turn back. I thought that maybe if I left it and came back to it that I would try it on, fall in love with it, and have 'the moment' and would be great.

Fast forward 18 months, I had a hair and make-up trial arranged. My friend and I thought it might be a good idea to get the dress out and try it on with my hair and make up done up, so I would truly feel like a bride! I had my hopes high, tried the dress on and... I cried! I didn't like the dress at all. I felt frumpy, and it really didn't suit me at all. At that point the decision was made, I needed a new wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Shopping - Round 2!
I booked in to 2 different bridal shops for my second dress shopping experience, as they were both highly recommended in my local area; Ava Louise Bridal and Brides of Southampton. 

I tried on so many beautiful dresses that day, and had SO MUCH FUN! I honestly had such a great experience this time round. My wedding dress was actually the first dress I tried on that day, followed by 18 more, but none of them made me smile as much as that first one. I actually didnt like the dress on the hanger, but the lady in the shop picked it out for me after I explained what I was looking for. I am so glad I tried it!

I get to go back in and collect my dress in November, and I cannot wait to slip back into my beautiful gown and have that amazing feeling all over again. 

Here are some of the dresses that didn't quite make the cut... this first one was my second favourite, and I very nearly said yes to dress, but just couldn't get that first one out of my mind. 

Who can guess what THE dress looks like? I was thinking of sharing a sneak peek, but you'll all just wait to wait until the big day. 460 days to go...

From Tiffany, with love xo

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