Naomi + Jack Elopement's stunning wedding elopement at The Green, Cornwall

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mr + Mrs Cave-Browne-Cave 
Monday 10th June 2019 │ The Green, Cornwall
Instagram: @naomicbc+ @jack.cbc
Naomi and Jack celebrated their marriage with two weddings; a stunning Cornwall elopement and a big religious wedding at a country estate in Bristol. Their legal ceremony took place with just the two of them, and they exchanged matching rose gold wedding bands. We are obsessed with their wedding photos, from the most stunning natural surroundings, to smoke bombs, to Naomi's beautiful DIY boho bouquet and flower crown. Their beautiful weddings will feature in two parts on the blog, here's Part 1: The Elopement. Look out for Part 2: The Religious Wedding, next week.
How did you two meet?
Jack’s story: 
"She swiped right into my life. I had not long moved to London from the Herefordshire countryside and I was on Tinder to try and meet new people. I had been feeling quite underwhelmed not having matched anyone that I really connected with. I was just about to give up and then I saw Naomi’s beautiful face pop up on my screen. As soon as I saw her, I felt excited, for the first time since using the app. I knew I had to meet this girl and I just prayed she would swipe right. Thankfully she did! I was keen to meet her in person rather than try and chat through phone messages. So I did some research, and found the nicest bar I could, to take her for our first date; Madisons Rooftop Bar in St. Paul’s. From that first night I was struck not only by her beauty but by her sense of humour, her genuine kindness and, of course, her ambition and intelligence. And the rest, as they say, is history… 

Naomi has not only inspired and encouraged me to become the best version of myself, but she has brought me into alignment with my path in life. I would not be half the man I am today without her by my side and I wake up grateful every day that she is now my wife."
Naomi’s story:
"I had never been on a Tinder date before, and to be honest I never really thought anything would come from using the app, except to pass time. For some reason, I felt compelled to say yes when Jack asked to meet. Perhaps it was because we both happened to work on Oxford Street! Boy am I glad I did. I had this feeling within the first few minutes of meeting Jack that he was not like other boys I’d known before. For the first few dates I kept thinking ‘what is wrong with him?’ or ‘he must be hiding something…’ It didn’t take me long though to realise that he really was different. Jack has changed my life in so many ways but most importantly he has given me a sense of self-confidence that I never had. He supports me and believes in me whilst making me feel like a Queen. I can only thank God for bringing us together.”
Tell us all about the proposal...
I was just finalising my exams and Jack decided to plan our summer trip to Morocco. We arrived late at night and the restaurant was empty.  I remember telling him that when he was ready, he should bring me back and propose to me here. Little did I know that the very next day he would be down on one knee, with the Atlas Mountains to set the scene proposing to me with a Victorian diamond ring given to him by his father. It was unexpected and magical. 
Why did you decide to have an elopement and a big wedding? 
When we began planning our wedding, we were conflicted. We wanted a small intimate wedding where we could really enjoy each other’s’ company and express our love for one another. Yet there were so many people who had been supportive of our relationship and our marriage that we felt we needed to properly celebrate with them all. We began by trying to plan this impossible wedding; big but intimate, religious but not in a church. It took us a lost deposit or two, but we realised that this compromised wedding wasn’t going to work for us. The solution? Two weddings, of course!
What kind of ceremony did you have?
We had the most magical legal wedding ceremony at The Green in Cornwall taken by a registrar. We decided to elope, just the two of us. We kept everything so simple and just focused on what was really important that day - each other! 
Who was your favourite wedding supplier?
Tom Frost, our wonderful photographer for our Cornwall elopement. After our ceremony and the exchange of our emotional vows we each had written, we spent the whole day exploring the gorgeous Cornish countryside having our own personal photo shoot. The amazing Tom Frost captured our love so wonderfully, a true artist. From abandoned quarries to moors, and coastal cliffs we did it all - and the results were worth it!
Did you make any DIYs for the elopement?
I made my own bouquet and Jack made my flower crown. The simplicity just made everything so much more special and we didn’t spend hours agonising over small details. 
Tell us about the dress...
My elopement dress was simple, it was roughly £100 from Jarlo. The simplicity just made everything so much more special and we didn’t spend hours agonising over small details.
What was your worst wedding planning moment?
Sending save the dates. Before deciding to elope, we had only planned to have one big day. Mid-way through the stress of planning the supposedly happiest day of our lives, we found ourselves arguing about whether or not to send save the dates. I, for the record, was completely opposed.
Since getting engaged all we had heard was the ‘the wedding will be a blur’ or ‘it’s not really about you two, rather the family and friends you have invited’, or even ‘you won’t get to see each other much’. What was the point of spending all this time and effort and money just so that we could have 1 minute conversations with people we loved and 5 minute conversations with strangers telling us how they knew us when we were babies? An elopement just made sense.
So by the time our elopement idea actually materialised our save the dates for the 40-50 guest intimate wedding we had begun planning were already on their way.  We had to change venues, and ensure the wedding took place within the same weekend and in a similar location. Very stressful, but overall worth it.
What was your favourite wedding purchase?
Jack wore a bespoke suit lined with my vows. I had suggested he got it so that whenever he wore his suit again my words would always be with him.
Watch Naomi and Jack's beautiful elopement video and subscribe to Naomi's YouTube Channel below.

Photographer: Tom Frost
Suits: Next
Shoes: Prada wellies + Prada heels
Hair + Makeup: Bride 
Flowers: Bride
Stationery: DIY 
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