Lockdown Love Part 2: Brides Celebrating their Would Be Wedding Day

Sunday, July 12, 2020

After the amazing response to our Lockdown Love post showing how couples celebrated their would be wedding days, you asked us to make this a series and we couldn't be more delighted to bring you Part 2. We love how creative these couples have been to make the absolute best of a bad situation! This installment brings you 2020 brides from April, May and June. All would be wedding celebrations featured adhere to social distancing and the rules at the time (bear in mind restrictions have gradually relaxed a lot over the last 3 months) - we do not condone anyone not adhering to this. Now, let's show off these wonderful brides and grooms to be!

Steph + Toby
Original Date: 18.06.2020 │ New Date: 28.06.2021
Steph and Toby have had to postpone their wedding at High House Weddings in Althorne, Chelmsford, until June 2021.
"Our photographer did a doorstep photoshoot for us... it was so much fun. A great way to celebrate the day and not just let it pass, plus got us used to being behind the lens. Definitely recommend for all brides having to celebrate their should be dates at home!"
"Our photographer @lottie_photography is amazing - she did our shoot for free just so that the day didn’t pass without being marked!" How lovely! On the plus side, their gorgeous doggies Bexi and Rudi got to feature in their 'wedding photos'!

Stephanie + Francis
Original Date: 29.05.20 │ New Date: 25.04.21
Mr + Mrs McDonald to be celebrated at home in lockdown. Bride Stephanie says, "we got dressed up, ate good food, popped our champagne and had our first dance". We can't wait to see your real wedding next year at The Gleddoch Hotel! 
Food Hamper: @pinot2u | Styling + Balloons: @picture.perfect.events.x

Danielle + Benjamin
Original Date: 28.05.2020 │ New Date: 21.05.2021
Mr and Mrs Cotts to be were due to get married in Italy in May, with the ceremony at Ravello Town Hall Gardens in the Amalfi Coast, followed by reception at Villa Eva in Ravello.
"We drank lots of champagne, danced to our first dance song in the garden during golden hour, cut our ‘almost married’ would-be wedding cake, and to top it off @stevenmcdonald_photography came and took photos of us to treasure forever, a way to always remember the day that never was. It also meant we got to spend the day with our little sausage dog Luna, which made it even more special."
"My maid of honour and bridesmaids surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!"
"Ben created a menu of incredible Italian meals for the day, including our wedding breakfast, which was just delicious. He even hung up fairy lights in the kitchen so we could eat ‘under the stars’ as if we were in Italy. It was so romantic."
The day was filled with so much positivity and happiness, and we enjoyed every second of it. We are now even more excited for our wedding.

Sadaf + Rav
Original Date: 19.06.20 + 20.06.20│ April 2021
Future Mr and Mrs Rana celebrated their original wedding date by having a BBQ in their future home, after moving their wedding at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, to April 2021. "We had spent 18 months planning two weddings, a beautiful Sikh ceremony and an Iranian ceremony followed by the reception."
Follow bride Sadaf's bespoke pearl jacket and bridal accessories business For The Love of Pearls on Instagram, created after they made the decision to postpone.

Mairead + Mark 
Original Date: 23.5.20 │ New Date: 20.05.21
Bridal hair specialist Mairead was due to become Mrs Vale at Merrydale Manor in May. She says, "the morning started with a full English breakfast delivery to our door, shortly followed by a HUGE surprise drive by from our amazing family and friends, this was a real highlight of the day as it was so thoughtful!"
"We received lots of lovely cards, beautiful flowers & gifts which we will cherish forever. My sister then had another surprise in store for us which was a video message montage from all our family and close friends which also included a song from our wedding singer in the video. Again something we can keep forever."
"In the evening we enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal provided by my sister from a local catering company and it was just amazing! We had the best day celebrating almost being Mr & Mrs V and proceeded to party our way into the night!"

Ella + Simon
Original Date: 06.06.20 │ New Date: July 2021
"Our gorgeous friend put together a socially distanced gathering in her gazebo in the garden. We cut a cake and drank champagne and had the most heartwarming day with people we love", says Ella.
The future Mr + Mrs Ryan have postponed their wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall in Essex until July 2021.
Bridey tee: Six Stories (Sent to 5,000 postponed brides for free - how sweet!)

Nath + Izzie
Original Date: 25.05.2020   New Date 25.04.2021
Nath and Izzie were due to become Mr and Mrs Parry at The KP Pocklington but have had to delay their wedding until April 2021.
"We had breakfast in the sun drinking prosecco and eating croissants and then I got ready in my dressing room, did my hair and make up as it should've been. I put on my original wedding shoes and a white dress I bought online," says bride to be Izzie.
I walked down the garden to Nath, said a few words to each and exchanged rings that we bought off Etsy. Personalised with the date on. Took millions of pictures and had such a laugh. We had the most amazing afternoon tea Nath had made. Cut a mini wedding cake again that Nath made.
"In the evening we had a mini bbq, lit sparklers and did a little first dance to Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight. We then chilled drinking Pimm's in front of the chimminier talking about how excited we are for next year!"

Drew + Ryan
Original Date: 04.06.20 │ New Date: Hopefully 26.08.2020
Future Mrs Clarke says, "We had a cute little 6am photoshoot and spent the day up in Bangor". We have our fingers crossed for their August 2020 date! Photos by @annadaggettcreative.

Tash + Anish
@smash_h89 (and @maximusthedaximus!)
Original Date: 06.06.2020   New Date: 05.06.2021
Mr and Mrs Patel to be postponed their June 2020 wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire, to the same Saturday next year. Tash says, "we had a champagne breakfast in bed, gifted each other presents and cards to remember the day, dressed up in non-lockdown clothes (I wore my free bridey t-shirt from sixstories bridal), picked up some scones for afternoon tea, and took our sausage dog out for a walk in between the showers." Follow @maximusthedaximus on Instagram - he's got a fair few fans!
"We had a family Zoom call where my auntie read us an amazing un-wedding day poem that she had written for us and we played how well do you know the bride and groom, we planned to eat a homemade version of our wedding breakfast for dinner and we also had an evening zoom call with our bridesmaids/groomsmen where we played Mr & Mrs and ‘take a selfie with...’ game which was hilarious! Our bridal party also dressed up smart for us, so Anish felt like he had to go and change into a suit!"
The mother of the groom made the couple a gorgeous 'wedding' cake which they cut. 
"We were also so lucky to receive many bouquets of flowers from friends and family as well as bottles of champagne - the doorbell didn’t stop ringing all day!"

Cat + Nathan
Original Date: 30.05.20│ New Date: 22.05.21
The bride tells us all about their special day... "We decided we would try to do as much of what we would’ve done on the wedding morning as possible, so we took the time to get ready, I did my hair and makeup and put a nice white dress on whilst Nathan put smart trousers and a shirt on. He wanted to wear a suit, but it was quite a hot day so decided against it! I even put on my actual wedding shoes which are Jimmy Choo’s. We came downstairs for breakfast where we received a few bunches of flowers and a big box of balloons from Bubblegum Balloons and opened that and all these heart shaped balloons popped out. 
After breakfast we gave each other our cards that we had bought for our original wedding date and opened a few other cards and gifts we had received from friends. 
We decided to go outside where we opened a bottle of champagne and had mimosas to drink and had a little photoshoot to commemorate the occasion. 
We then had a zoom call set up with our family and we had lots of people dial in all the way from Hong Kong, Netherlands, Belgium and Scunthorpe! Nathan gave a nice speech, my sister (MOH) hosted a round of Mr & Mrs and we hosted a quiz which everyone enjoyed. We also cut our cake on screen and it was nice for our extended families to be introduced to each other too. 
We then had our wedding breakfast which consisted of calamari for starter, steak with lobster mac & cheese for mains and millionaire’s tart for dessert. It was delicious! We ended the day with a friends zoom call which quickly escalated into a drunken night out and was a lot of fun! I was dreading the day to begin with but we actually had a really great day and really appreciated all the attention and effort some of our friends had gone to to make our day special."
Look out for Cat and Nathan's beautiful engagement shoot feature on the blog soon. We can't wait to see their wedding at Carlton Towers next year!

Emma + James
Original Date: 20.06.2021 │ New Date: 12.06.2021
"We had a little garden (socially distanced) party with family and my bridesmaids", says Emma. "My sister made me a wedding cake and my florist made me a flower crown" - Can you believe Emma's sister is only 17 and made that cake! 
"I spent the morning in my bridal pjs drinking champagne!"
"We made a little wedding table mock up and flower wall which my mum decorated and we had an unreal grazing table which was yum! I also gave everyone little wedding day candles as favours (ones from Home Bargains for 59p)."
"I also wore my beautiful hand painted wifey jacket made by my sister who is my bridesmaid, and my bridesmaids bought me a beautiful bunch of Mud Flowers."
"It was a lovely day," says Mrs Brack to be.

Laura + Freddy
Original Date: 17.06.2020  New Date: 23.06.2021
Laura and Freddy were due to get married in Ravello, Italy, with a Catholic ceremony at Duomo Di Ravello followed by reception at Villa Eva. "We decided to make the most of a bad situation and had a small gathering in our garden," says the bride.
"It was casual yet we added decorations to make it feel a little more special. We added mini favours. We kept the Italian theme and had a selection of fresh breads, olives, and meats. I made a big batch of spaghetti and meatballs and we had different pizzas."
"For dessert there was wedding cake which I made and homemade cookies and brownies."
"Our best man did a little speech and I bought a cheap wedding dress and £12 veil from eBay as a little bit of fun. My other half thought I was crazy!"
"My daughters and nephew wore the outfits I bought initially for our pre-welcome meal in Italy. As it was a shame to waste."
"Everyone had a great time and it was practice for the real thing next year!"

Lucy + Elliot
Original Date: 09.05.2020 New Date: 24.04.2021
"We were due to be Mr and Mrs Newton on 26th June 2020. We had originally postponed to 6th August 2020 but made the tricky decision to postpone to 19th August 2021 earlier this month! Our wedding venue is Deer Park in Devon and they have genuinely been amazing - one step ahead of us at all time, ensuring that we’re prepared for whatever was thrown our way and even set us a dog toy for our brand new puppy!"
"We celebrated our original wedding date a day early by dressing up nicely and taking our puppy Frank on a picnic to a local river with some nibbles and champagne!" The couple got him when they had to postpone their wedding - how cute! 

Megan + Matt
Original Date: 30.05.2020 │ New Date: 12.06.2021
Mr and Mrs Patten to be celebrated their ‘would be wedding’ on 30th May 2020 by having a BBQ. The bride to be says, "the weather was glorious, which was annoying as I kind of hoped it would have poured down on the day!"
"I decorated the garden with some of the décor that was meant to be for the big day, but sadly cannot use anymore as they have our old date on it! I arranged the flowers, balloon banner and even made the neon sign and bunting all myself. I’m very much a DIY Bride!"

Laura + Andrew
@laurakidd90 + @andrewmaguireweddings
Original Date: 09.05.2020 New Date: 24.04.2021
Future Mr and Mrs Maguire were had to postpone their wedding at Homme House, Much Marcle until 2021. Being professional photographers and videographers (@andrewmaguireweddings) they wanted to document their day, and they did so beautifully. Scroll down to watch their unofficial wedding video!
We had a back garden ceremony, with our actor friend on facetime playing our Reverend (John-Robert Partridge). Then our musician we booked for the day play our first dance over Facetime, we decorated my home office like a dance floor. The song was True Colours (Andy Clark Piano)."
"We then had a magician give us a show over Zoom (Christian Fletcher Magic)."
"We had a BBQ as this would have been our wedding breakfast on the day."
"Then we made a toast and speech to our neighbours in our cul-de-sac, social distancing of course."
"We went out for one exercise of the day and went for a walk through the fields to take some portraits."
"In the evening we had pizza takeaway, as this would have been the evening food." 
"At the end of the day we had a fire pit in the garden to end the evening."
Watch their lovely wedding video here... we are obsessed!

Adam + Rebecca
Original Date: 27.06.2020 New Date: 25.09.2020
Adam and Rebecca celebrated their original date with a lockdown wedding, and the bride wore white. 
"We were spoilt rotten by friends and family had a takeaway breakfast."
 "Then we were surprised with a lockdown wedding party by Adam's mom with our family and a few friends."
The couple will become Mr and Mrs Jones next year at Bredenbury Court Bards.
Jen + Finn
Original Date: 15.05.2020 New Date: 04.09.2020
Mr & Mrs Tinniswood to be may have to postpone their wedding again and are currently in discussion with their venue, Carlowrie Castle, about moving from September 2020 to 2021.
"We celebrated by decorating our home and dressing up to make it feel special. We also made our favourite meals and tried out home made cocktails. We had Zoom meetings with family and a continuous stream of flowers and fizz through the door. It was unbelievable. A couple of our friends even came to visit at the door at a distance to wish us well. In the evening we watched some highlights of festivals we had been to over the years and danced the night away in the living room!"

Rebecca + Jake
Original Date: 13.06.2020  New Date: 19.06.2021
Future Mr and Mrs Jackson should have been celebrating their wedding date at Castello Di Cafaggio, Italy. Rebecca says, "we had a picnic in the park with a couple of our closest friends and had lots of prosecco and food in the sun, followed by an Italian takeaway in the evening, just the two of us."

Nancy + Greg
Original Date: 13.06.2020 New Date: 15.06.2021
"On our original wedding date we traveled back home to see our family. On our way home we picked up some flowers from our florist to arrange for our BBQ later in the evening."
"When we arrived home, my family had ordered us a gift from our wedding gift list (a lovely crockery set) and put together an amazing video with messages from our friends and family. It was amazing! There were poems, dance routines, songs and even nudity (haha), it was the best thing ever! We had a really chilled day with plenty of laughs, food and drinks... it was the perfect celebration for our non-wedding day."
"Greg's family also arranged a Mr & Mrs Zoom quiz for the weekend after where everyone dressed up and joined the call, we had no idea who was going to be on the call which made it even better when there where so many people online all dressed up ready to play games!" Nancy and Greg will have to wait another year to become Mr & Mrs Dales at Hornington Manor.

Jacki + Lewis
Original Date: 30.05.2020 New Date:  24.04.2021
Future Mr + Mrs Peck have postponed their wedding Hardwick Hall Hotel, Sedgefield, until 24th April 2021 - the day after their 10 year anniversary. "We called our original date our 'not yet wedding", says Jacki. "We are having a film theme to our wedding so I made us some clapperboard place names and set up a sweet table with the films we are naming our tables after. I bought us both t-shirts to wear for the day and I also asked my lovely florist @flowers.for.keeps if she could make me a not wedding day bouquet, which took pride of place at the centre of our table."
"We decided we would have the 3 course meal we would of had on the day; prawn cocktail starter, roast dinner and then cake. We popped some processco opened our cards from friends and family. We had a surprise visit (socially distanced) from one of our bridesmaids who brought us homemade cupcakes - they were delicious - I didn't even know she could bake!"
"After food we sat down and watched Guardians of the Galaxy which is what we are naming our top table. At 7pm my sister, who is my maid of honour, had organised a online quiz with family and friends. I WON! The night ended with us cutting the cake and listening to some of our wedding songs and talking about our new wedding date."

Caroline + Jon
Original Date: 04.04.2020 New Date:  27.02.2021
"We ended up actually having a really lovely day. My friend had made me a lovely countdown box leading up for the wedding, but we used the box to put things in for the day - lots of chocolate, pastries and champagne!"
"We made our own wedding cake (well, a Victoria sponge) and went for a walk around the parks. 
In the evening we had a cheese fondue and drank a lot of wine! Over lockdown we've been doing a quiz every Saturday with Jon's friends but they surprised us and when we saw them they all had their suits on. The picture round was famous Caroline and Jons and then in the other rounds the first letter of each word made a wedding word, so would spell out bridesmaid or first dance or something wedding related."
"I started work on a wedding scrapbook to keep all of the memories in from both postponement and eventually our actual wedding day."
"Our suppliers all sent lovely messages too which was really lovely, and our photographer sent chocolates which was such a nice surprise! We've both been wearing our rings too and will continue to do so for a while. So it was actually a lovely day! Looking for to the real one next year though!" Congratulations to future Mr and Mrs Perks - roll on February 2021!
Natalie + Stephen
Original Date: 06.06.2020│ New Date: 07.05.2021
Natalie and Stephen will now become Mr & Mrs Jack at Cluny Castle in May 2021 instead of June this year. They went all out on their would be wedding day!
"We had a WEDBrunch in the garden, all our favourite foods were delivered by Ritchies Bakery. Close friends & family surprised us with door stop gifts & raised a glass from a distance. We had a nice wee day celebrating in the sun."
"We made a virtual wedding video, our wedding party sent clips of pretending to get ready for our big day which we joined together. Something to make us laugh on our original date!"

Emily + Tom
Original Date: 12.06.2020 │ New Date: 09.10.2020
Future Mr + Mrs Cannon postponed their wedding at Redhouse Barn by 4 months. "We started our day with breakfast in bed & Buck’s Fizz! We got dressed up, opened the cards and gifts we had received. We had so many doorstep deliveries and visits from our loved ones. We were so overwhelmed with the effort everyone had made for us!"
"Our cake maker brought round a smaller version of our wedding cake, and afternoon tea. Our parents came round to our garden and we cut our cake in front of them! My mum had arranged for our florist to make my bouquet for me which she brought around."
"We visited our venue to take a few photos outside, had a Zoom call with our family and friends on the evening with our wedding singer. Then we had a three course meal delivered from our wedding caterers. Followed by our first dance in the kitchen. It was the most perfect day we could have imagined!"

Rebecca + Jack
Original Date: 13.06.2020 │ New Date: 18.09.2020
"We woke up to a breakfast and mimosa delivery from my sister in law. We then got ready (I wore a white dress and my veil from my virtual hen) and headed down to our ceremony venue with our parents and my brother to take some pictures. Loads of people stopped to take pictures too and a few asked if we had actually just got married," says Mrs Palin to be. Their wedding was due to take place at Penarth Pier Pavilion followed by a marquee at the bride's Dad's house.
"The postponed sign in the picture was actually there as an event they had on has been postponed but we just had to have a pic by it. I also made tin foil rings which we wore and we had an ice cream on the beach with our families. Being local to the area it means so much to us both."
"We then headed to my mum's and she had prepared our welcome drinks, Corona and white sangria and we played outdoor games at had some lush food. In the evening we went to Jack's parents and they’d sorted pizzas (our evening meal) which again was so thoughtful."
"The next day we went to my dad's and had a mini marquee in the field our actual marquee will be in. We had the best weekend and I’m so glad we celebrated it!" The photo shows the view from where the marquee should have been.

Victoria + Robin 
Original Date: 13.06.2020 (Edinburgh) 14.09.2020 (Ibiza) 
New Dates: 27.02.2021 (Edinburgh) 06.09.2021 (Ibiza)
Future Mr + Mrs Snape were due to get married at Edinburgh registry office and Can Vildas Villa Ibiza, but have postponed until 2021.
Victoria says, "we took our dog Frankie for a walk to Pressmennan Lake."
"Then we enjoyed cocktails from @tonicathome while I cooked scallops then beef Wellington for dinner, finished off with cupcakes gifted from @mimis_cakeaway!"

Cayley + Connor
Original Date: 17.06.2020  New Date: 14.10.2020
Cayley and Connor were due to become Mr and Mrs Wilders at Nissi Beach Resort in Cyprus in June. "We celebrated our day by getting dressed up. I wore a veil and we both wore our wedding perfumes. We then gave each other our wedding presents and had a lovely takeaway afternoon tea."
"Our family then surprised us with a visit bringing flowers and prosecco, where my mum made us a beautiful wedding cake."
"We then had a romantic candlelit dinner, and a wedding toast over Zoom. We then just ate cake and drank prosecco all night! Throughout the day we also got our family to send us videos of them toasting us!"

Michael + Louise
Original Date: 20.06.2020   New Date: 19.06.2021
Mr and Mrs Towner to be have postponed their wedding date at Carnoustie Golf Hotel, Scotland, to the same Saturday next year. "We celebrated by having a garden party with my parents and brother and our daughter Ivy with social distancing of course," says Louise.
"We had ordered a gorgeous afternoon tea from a local cafe and we all sipped champagne while I tried not to cry haha!"
"Then my mum had arranged a short ceremony where she said a gorgeous poem and it really made the day feel special even if it was not the day we had planned, she had even made a cake that we got to cut too so that was extra special."

Jayde + Alex
Original Date: 09.06.2020   New Date: 09.06.2021
The future Mr and Mrs O’Gormley were due to get married in Kalamaki, Zakyinthos. Their Greece nuptials were cancelled for the first time due to Thomas Cook going into administration, then unfortunately for the second time sadly due to coronavirus - hence @thirdtimeluckybride!
Bride Jayde says, "with Alex being back in work, I wanted to make it as special as possible. I bought his favourite Greek lager and also lots of Greek food."
"We started the morning with breakfast in bed, made on a breakfast tray I got for my 30th (also during lockdown!)."
"After this our best man, two of our bridesmaids and couple of neighbours joined us in our garden for our Greek day. Our best man and bridesmaid in the photo are currently living with us and helped make what seemed to be the worst day ever be amazing!"
"At 5pm we toasted with some champagne we received from my parents, said a few vows to each other and the celebrations continued."

Ashley + Robbie
Original Date: 30.06.2020   New Date: 29.06.2021
Ashley and Robbie were due to get married at Villa Antichie Mura, Sorrento, Italy. "Well we have just moved house so went to Ikea in the morning, as I was a little upset about the day, so that took my mind off it! I received so many gifts and cards from all of my family and friends so we opened them! We then went to my parents' for dinner and we ordered a Domino's (we would've been eating Italian pizza at the wedding), then home for a celebratory drink and exchanging of gifts to each other, just little things that were sentimental, had a wee cry together and told each other that it’s just a date, we will get our day next year and it will be the most amazing day of our lives."
Future Mr and Mrs Milligan

Nikki + Colin
Original Date: 30.05.2020   New Date: 30.01.2021
Nikki and Colin were due to become Mr and Mrs Evans at Rosedew Farm in May, but will now have to wait another 8 months exactly. "Colin made us a lovely breakfast," says the bride.
"Our day was full of lovely deliveries from our friends and family."
"We then played virtual bingo hosted by us with some of our best friends, who surprised us by dressing in wedding attire and dropping off a hamper of with wedding props including a bouquet, top hat and matching t-shirts."

Ayesha + Luke
Original Date: 23.05.2020│ New Date: 08.05.2021
Mr and Mrs Daniels to be celebrated their would be wedding day with a 'meant to be' wedding cake.
They displayed some of their wedding signage and had afternoon tea with their children.

Get in touch to feature your would be wedding day! Part 3 coming soon...

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