Keeping children entertained at your wedding

Friday, July 10, 2020

A wedding is a very long day for everyone (children especially), and a lot of the days events aren't always very child orientated, so it is a nice touch to ensure you have set up a few fun activities for the little ones to enjoy. There are so many different ideas out there, so it is definitely worth spending some time trawling pinterest for inspo, you will not be left disappointed. 
We have listed below some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained, that we absolutely love;

Goodie bags
Definitely the most popular option that we have seen. Setting up a goodie bag of a few little activities for the kids to enjoy during the wedding breakfast. You could include an activity book, colouring pages and crayons, puzzles, bubbles, stickers, and could even pop in a few sweeties! We have seen some lovely personalised crayons being DIY'd over on instagram, by using some Ebay moulds and melting crayons. Such a lovely touch. 

We actually created a kids activity booklet which is available to download for FREE here

Games table
We absolutely love this. What a great way to get all the little ones playing together and socialising as a group to play a game. Also, who doesn't love a good board game? Some fun games we can think of; Top Trumps, Who's Who?, Buckaroo, Tumblin' Monkeys, Kerplunk, Dobble. There are so many we could name. We highly recommend checking out both ASDA and The Works, as they sell some fab copies of classic board games at great prices. 

Outdoor games
If you're having a summer wedding, you may prefer to set up some games outdoor instead. Outdoor games are fun for the adults aswell as the children, and such a great way to get everyone playing and having a laugh together. The most popular outdoor games seem to be Giant Jenga, Connect 4, Limbo and Space Hoppers! 

I spy with my little eye
Provide each of the children at your wedding with a disposable camera, and a list of things to 'spy'. They can tick them off their list and snap a shot, and you will likely be left with some very funny pictures to look back on. 
There is a page for 'I Spy' in our kids activity booklet, available for free download here

Craft table
If you're the craft type, you could set up a table full of crafty bits; paper, colouring pens, pom poms, glitter, glue... let the kids run their imaginations wild. Maybe you could even create some 'make your own' kits, the little ones could make a card for the bride and groom!

Set up a cute reading nook
A teepee, cushions, blankets, and a selection of great books to read. You could create such a cosy little set up, definitely a good one for younger children when it comes to getting them settled. 
Ginger ray sell a lovely teepee, which you can buy here

Kids hour with the DJ
While the adults are catching up and chatting, why not have the DJ spend the first hour playing kid friendly songs. Some party tunes would be so fun for the children, especially if the DJ can get them up doing some classic party dances. Cha Cha slide anyone?

Scavenger Hunt
Hide some goodies and clues throughout the venue, and set the little ones the task of finding a prize at the end. To make it fair, instead of having just one winner, the 'prize' could be a bag full of 'stocking filler' style gifts so that everyone can win something. Definitely an idea to keep the children entertained for a couple of hours for sure.  

Bouncy castle
Who doesn't love a bouncy castle!? They are fun for all ages.
You can even hire wedding specific bouncy castles too, so they're classy and fun all rolled into one! 

Hire an entertainer
This option is more expensive than all of the above, however if you have a lot of kids attending, and the budget allows then it would be a great addition. You can find companies that have a number of different entertainment options, including; magicians, puppet shows, dancing, party games, and so much more. 

From Brides, With Love xo

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