Tiffanys Bridal Edit: Our Pre Wedding Shoot

Sunday, June 21, 2020

If you weren't thinking about having an engagement shoot or pre wedding shoot, I highly recommend that you reconsider. We were never planning on having one, until we booked a new photographer and it was offered to us. I can honestly say it was the best decision we made saying yes. 

Now, we didn't actually have the shoot for the photos. Our photographer, Tom, suggested that since Elliot is quite camera shy, that we have one to get him used to being behind the camera. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be nervous having your picture taken, the day is going to be nerve-wracking enough as it is! We were sceptical at first, but it worked a treat. He really enjoyed the shoot on the day, but was initially dreading it, and we ended up with some amazing photos. 

We arranged a date to meet up with our photographer; 5th January 2020, and then started thinking of where we could go to grab some great photos. Elliot and I wanted our Pre Wedding Shoot to really represent our personalities. We wanted fun, quirky, alternative... so we decided on Southsea Arcade. It was perfect really, because the location meant we had loads of great areas to get some shots, not only in the arcade but along the beach, the old walls, and the park.

The shoot lasted a couple of hours, and we had SO MUCH FUN! At first we were both very shy and awkward, didn't really know what to do and were trying hard not to force poses and just act natural, but after a while of walking around and chatting, we just forgot we were having our photo taken. A few of the photos we got were posed, as and when we found a good backdrop, however I definitely prefer the natural shots, the smiles and looks we are giving each other just look so genuine.

We're both now so excited for our day to come around, and the day we finally get to see our actual wedding photos. Booking Tom as our photographer was such a great decision, as soon as we met him at a wedding fayre we knew he would fit in so well to our day, we got on so well and his photographs really captured how we have imagined our pictures would look. We are even speaking with Tom about having another shoot on our 'would be wedding day'! 

So my advice to any couples thinking about booking a pre wedding shoot; do it! And if you do have one, don't be disheartened if you don't love all of the photos. I loved so many of mine, but there are some that I didn't. Which is totally fine! 

Another piece of advice to any brides to be who are counting down until their shoot; PLEASE decide on your outfit before the morning of. I did not prepare for this at all, and basically ended up emptying my wardrobe all over the floor trying to find something to wear, very stressful! I really wish I had treated myself to something new. It was freezing the day of our shoot, so I ended up wearing a big old coat i'd owned for about 4 years (and had definitely seen it's day), it was super unflattering, plus I decided it was a good ideas to add a big scarf too! Oh, and I ended up tearing my tights on the way while pulling them up (luckily the ladder was hidden by my dress!) - but not the best look for your pre wedding photographs haha! 

But most of all, enjoy yourself! Have the best time ever, and just be yourselves. 

I have included some more of my favourite photos below. 

From Tiffany, with love xo  

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