Tiffany's Bridal Edit: I WON A MOON!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Not a real moon, unfortunately, but a moon nonetheless!

Back in June 2019, Wild and Wonder Events threw an instagram giveaway and the winner could have this this beautiful moon for their wedding/event. To those of you that know me from Instagram, you'll know that we're having a Celestial Wedding theme for our wedding, so as soon as I saw this I knew I needed it. 

I went a little crazy, I won't lie. I asked all of my friends and family to enter for me, shared to my story asking my followers to join for me.. and boy did they deliver! Over 50 of my friends and family commented and shared on my behalf just to help me win. One friend in particular went above and beyond to even send them a DM (shoutout to Katherine for being so great!). It was because of all of this that the lovely people at Wild and Wonder Events gifted me the moon, not because I won their giveaway, but because they were also blown away by the amount of effort people were making to try and win for me. They messaged Katherine initially as it was going to be left as a surprise for me to find out on the day, but the excitement was all too much and she told me almost straight after. 
Imagine if I had just found out on the day though, started walking down the aisle and just saw this giant moon.. I wonder if i would be more blown away by the moon, or by my Groom?

We are having a celestial theme, with our colours being Champagne gold and Black, with hints of blush pink. When we won the moon, it was the shade of pink as in the pictures above, however it has now been painted gold! HOW PERFECT! It will tie in so well with our decor, as we will have some white/gold stars hanging from the ceiling and a canopy of fairy lights, so it will really reflect our 'starry sky' vision. CUTE!

I will be sharing some more about our theme and the story behind why we chose it in one of my next edits, so keep and eye out for that coming soon! I can't wait to share more of our plans with you.

From Tiffany, With Love xo

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