Money Saving Apps and Websites to Help You Save For the Big Day

Friday, June 12, 2020

Weddings aren't cheap and we all know in the lead up to our big day we want to save as much as possible! We've put together a list of our favourite money saving apps and websites to use for all your wedding purchases. All of these apps are free and can earn you hundreds of £££s each year. 

1. Airtime Rewards 
A free mobile app linked to your phone number which takes money off your phone bill for every qualifying purchase you make. This cashback app is automatic which is what makes it so great, once you download and link your debit and credit cards you don’t need to do anything. Everytime you spend at a qualifying store on line or in store you get a % back, sometimes up to 20%. Participating stores include Primark, Boots, Morrisons, Argos and so many more. This app can be used in conjunction with all other cashback apps as it is automatic. 

If you use code R443PGAJ when you sign up, you'll get 50p to get you started and a further £1 if you make a qualifying purchase within 7 days of downloading! 

2. TopCashback 
This is one of the biggest cashback sites and can earn you hundreds of ££s a year! Go onto the TopCashback app or website and select the shop you were planning to purchase online from (you can even have your things in the basket already) and then checkout. Your click will be registered and in a few weeks you'll get a % back. Most retailers are on here, even Etsy which we love so much for those little wedding details! If you're forgetful like us you can add the Topcashback broswer extension to google chrome or safari and a pop up link will remind you to use cashback and let you click through directly. 

Top tip: Look out for very high percentages (up to 25%) when buying wedding insurance. 
Sign up with the following affiliate link: 

3. Quidco 
Another great cashback app that works in exactly the same way as TopCashback! 

4. HuYu 
Scan your supermarket receipts and earn 5p for each one! When you reach £5 you can cash it as a voucher for Amazon, Argos, Tesco etc.

Top tip: Get your fiance to download the app too and scan the same receipt twice, earning you twice as much! 

5. Plum 
A great automatic savings app! Choose a setting and the app calculates what you can save based on your spending habits and puts it away automatically. You can also turn on 'round ups' and every purchase you make will be rounded up to the nearest £ (eg. £9.75 would be rounded up to £10 and 25p would go into your savings). The round ups are then taken at the end of each week. Watch how fast your wedding savings add up without you even noticing! 

Sign up with our affiliate link here.

6. Honey 
A browser extension that saves you money when shopping online! When you get to checkout, Honey automatically scours the internet for any discount codes and automatically applies them for you. Amazing, right? Another great savings tool you don’t have to think about once it's downloaded. 

7. Shoptagr 
Very similar to Honey, automatically finding online discount codes at checkout. However, Shoptagr also has an additional feature where you can request emails to get notified when an item becomes discounted in price or when a particular item or size comes back into stock. Very handy for those designer wedding shoes we've all got our eye on... 

8. YOLT 
An app that links all of your bank accounts and shows them all in one place, it also shows your total balance across all your banks and different accounts. This is really useful if you have savings spread across multiple accounts to get the best interest rates – which we also really recommend doing. 

You can also use it to set budgets. It automatically categorises your spending into things like electricity bills, eating out, groceries etc! This feature is helpful to see where you could cut back on spending for those extra wedding savings. 

We hope you find these money saving sites and apps helpful! If you love something we haven't mentioned then please leave it in the comments box below.

From Brides, With Love xo

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