Engagement Shoot: Future Mr + Mrs Oxlade

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Rebecca + Grant 
15.06.2020 │ Penn Woods
Rebecca and Grant are getting married at Notley Abbey on Friday 25th June 2021. Their engagement shoot took place at Penn Woods on a lovely summer's day in June. Bride to be Rebecca tells us about their love story and experience behind the camera with their wedding photographers.

Birdie Photobooth: The Coolest Booth in the Bizz

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Birdie Photobooth
Est. 2016 │ UK wide
This supplier takeover is brought to you by Kitty - owner of the super cool Birdie photobooth camper van! Birdie is based in North West but travel throughout the UK, and was the winner of the National Wedding Industry Award 2019 and 2020. Editor Lauren was lucky enough to experience the photobooth at the Manchester Christmas markets back in 2018, and absolutely loved it! As if 3 blush pink VW photobooths weren't enough, you can now also hire a vintage pink car bar and an adorbs blush bike.
Tell us about the photobooth...
Birdie is a unique photo booth experience in... wait for it... a marshmallow pink VW camper van! Backdrops, props, snazzy technology – if you can name it, our photo booth has got it. A self-contained, ready-to-roll shenanigan station. That’s right – we’ve kitted out a classic camper van and turned it into the retro talking point of any event or party.
Enter the 'glamper van' , grab some props then watch as the screen comes to life and captures your moments of mischief. Finished? View the hilarious boomerang GIF you have created, share and print. 
She may be an old bird, but don't be fooled: this baby is packed with all the latest tech. Your package includes unlimited prints, GIFs and a whole host of themed props and backdrops.

Cricut Machines... What are they? and are they worth the £££?

Friday, June 26, 2020

If you're a part of the insta bride community, then I am sure you know what a Cricut machine is, they have become increasingly popular with many avid crafters over the last year or so. To those of you that don't know what a Cricut machine is; Cricut is a brand of cutting machine that allows you to complete a huge number of crafting projects. Depending which version of the Cricut you purchase, there are hundreds of different fabrics and materials you can cut on these machines. The D.I.Y possibilities truly are endless. 

They are however rather pricey. The most popular version seems to be the Cricut Air 2, which comes in at around £260, however you also have the Cricut Joy; £180, and the Cricut Maker; £380. *these prices have all been based on Hobbycraft. As well as the machine, you need to take into the account the tools you need to go with the machine; weeding tool, scraper, tweezers etc, and of course the vinyls and card to make your crafting dreams a reality. 

We have been in touch with a few lovely ladies from the insta bridal community, who have purchased cricut machines, and they have all provided some AMAZING advice and inspo. 

What machine do you have?
For 2 and a half years I have been using a Cricut Explore Air 2 machine and loved it! It was like my first child (so well behaved ha). I have recently purchased a Cricut Maker - hopefully will be able to tell you about this in a few months time!

What have you used your machine to create?
What haven’t I made?! For my wedding nearly everything was made using this machine!
- Guest name vinyls for flutes as our wedding favours
- Ring security briefcase and sunglasses
- Personalised hangers for my bridal party
- Bridal squad sunglasses and tumblers for my hen do abroad
- Friends themed hen do t-shirts
- Country centrepieces for our wedding
- Friends themed wedding wine glasses
- Guest globes (alternative to guest books) for our wedding day
- Whiskey glasses for the gents
- Personalised candles for wedding party gifts
- IKEA greenhouse card box
- Wedding pj’s and slippers for the bridal party
- Beer pong table for entertainment at our wedding
Now I use it for my business @bystephanievanessa where I make so many different customised
things like Guest Books, and Vinyls for Flutes, Hangers, Jacket transfers, T-shirts and so much more!
Now with my Cricut Maker I’m going to be looking to expand on this and see what I can come
up with next!

Craig + Laura Friends Themed Pastel Wedding at Doxford Barns, Northumberland

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mr + Mrs Rutherford
Monday 7th May 2018 │ Doxford Barns, Northumberland 
Bridal hairstylist Laura and Craig wed at a beautiful rustic venue with a soft colour palette and subtle Friends theme. Their gorgeous doggies Toby and Silver made an appearance and were dressed for the occasion! Laura tells us all about their DIY day, her Durham hen do, and their Costa Rica honeymoon of a lifetime - as well as offering some important advice to brides about getting married on a weekday.
How did you meet?
Craig saw me walking down the street one day, then another day I drove past him and his friend, he asked his friend who I was to which his friend gave him completely the wrong information! Eventually he found me on Facebook, and we spoke on and off for just under a year before we actually met. We eventually met on a Tuesday, and by the Sunday we were official! If you know, you know... 
Tell us the story of your proposal...
We were on holiday in Spain, Craig knew I would want my parents there so he had them come out for the last few days of our holiday. I had been badgering him all holiday about getting engaged and he thought I knew his plan but I didn’t! When my mum arrived I completely forgot as I was so excited to see her. We planned to go out for dinner on their second night to our favourite steak place, when we arrived there was a 40 minute wait so we went for a walk on the beach (which worked out well as Craig said he couldn’t eat before as he was so nervous). We went down to the beach To “look at the inflatable assault course in the sea” to see if we wanted to do it the next day, just as it was starting to get dark, my mum and dad were miles behind (obviously giving us space) but I was getting annoyed that they were taking ages to catch up (lol). Next minute I’m marching on to make sure I can see this assault course before it gets pitch black, and Craig's not next to me... I turn around and he’s about 10 metres behind me on his knee next to loads of fairy lights. I ran back completely confused as to what he was doing and he asked me to marry him! It was dark by now and I couldn’t even see the ring but I didn’t care! My mum and dad came running over and put a torch on my ring and I couldn’t believe how stunning it was, about 2 years earlier I had shown Craig a ring I liked and it was the exact ring. A beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring. He did good.

Tiffanys Bridal Edit: Our Pre Wedding Shoot

Sunday, June 21, 2020

If you weren't thinking about having an engagement shoot or pre wedding shoot, I highly recommend that you reconsider. We were never planning on having one, until we booked a new photographer and it was offered to us. I can honestly say it was the best decision we made saying yes. 

Now, we didn't actually have the shoot for the photos. Our photographer, Tom, suggested that since Elliot is quite camera shy, that we have one to get him used to being behind the camera. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be nervous having your picture taken, the day is going to be nerve-wracking enough as it is! We were sceptical at first, but it worked a treat. He really enjoyed the shoot on the day, but was initially dreading it, and we ended up with some amazing photos. 

For Better For Waltz: Top Tips for Your First Dance

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Supplier Takeover: For Better For Waltz
Est. 2019 │  London
Instagram: @4better4waltz │ forbetterforwaltz@hotmail.com 
Wedding Dance Instructor Maria Baywood from For Better For Waltz has put together some of her top tips for nailing your first dance as husband and wife! Take it away, Maria...

Here at For Better For Waltz I help couples of all abilities craft a first dance they feel comfortable and confident with. I passionately believe anyone can make a first dance an enjoyable part of their wedding day, even with four left feet between them! It just takes a different approach. And some practice of course. I’ve pulled together five top tips for couples to help get that first dance just right…
1. Plan ahead 
If you want to do a more structured first dance, don’t leave it until last minute. The last week or two before a wedding can be stressful, so it’s not the best time to start learning a routine from scratch.

Decide early on in the planning stages if you want a first dance, and if you require outside help to create one. Make sure you start working it at least six weeks before the big day.  

10 Steps to Princess Hair on Your Wedding Day

Friday, June 19, 2020

Image: Lydia Millen on Pinterest
We've tried and tested the best hair care products you need to reach your wedding hair goals! From supplements and hair treatments, to brushes and scrunchies, here are our absolute favourites...

1. Holland and Barret Biotin 
£7.49 for 100 tablets
If you want your hair to grow fast and full then this product is for you! Take 2 tablets everyday and you’ll see a difference in the first 4 weeks.  
Tip: look out for it the the penny sale, where you can buy 1 get 1 for a penny and stock up! 

Amy and Michael's vintage literary themed wedding at Royal Holloway University, London

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mr + Mrs Goble
Saturday 28th October 2017 │ Royal Holloway University 
Instagram: @amyverse
Amy and Michael celebrated their glorious October wedding date at the same place where they met and got engaged. Their October wedding was something blue with a vintage twist. Read all about their love story, emotional personal vows, literary theme, surprise first dance and the DIY stationery that lead the bride to start her own calligraphy business; The Amyverse.
How did you and Michael meet?
My friend Zach insisted that I went to the Students Union with him that evening for the sports societies night. I reminded him that neither of us were in societies, but Zach nonchalantly said ‘you never know you might meet the love of your life’. We made up a pretend society, The Shark Fighting Squad. Zach happily covered me in glitter and we were ready for the dance floor.   When we were at the SU, Zach decided he would choose someone for me to introduce myself to which was very much outside of my comfort zone. They pointed at Mike, who was in a pair of swimming trunks and goggles, clearly part of the swim team and they decided that was who I must talk to. We got on so well straight away, and from there our romance began. We immediately became inseparable. Five years later, we were back at Royal Holloway University for their wedding. It is amazing to know that we met completely by chance, and had Zach pointed at somebody else that night we might never have met. 
Tell us about the ceremony...
We started with Union by Robert Fulghum which was read by Mike’s sister Dorrinda. Our friend Will then read “Thoughts In a Garden” by R. Gerhardt, which we picked because it talks about the importance of nurturing your relationship and growing together. Then our friend Bernice read the beauty of love which we dedicated to my grandparents who had passed away a few months before the wedding. They were married for nearly 68 years. The beauty of love talks about how beautiful it is to see an old couple still in love and that’s exactly what my grandparents were like and that is how I hope we are when we have been married as long as them.

Lauren's Bridal Edit: My Virtual Hen Do

Sunday, June 14, 2020

On Saturday 30th May 2020 I was supposed to be jetting off to Seville with my girls for my hen do, but of course this was cancelled due to Covid-19. I had been so excited and couldn't wait to go sightseeing, see a flamenco show and eat loads of tapas. So my lovely bridesmaid Laura-Jane sent me an invitation to my virtual hen do taking place the night before we were originally due to jet off! 
I was told to dress up in white, wear my hen do veil and my bridesmaid sent me the sash and badges in the post. My mum dropped off some decor and a hamper full of cute gifts and sweeties, as well as all my favourite homemade tapas. When I logged onto zoom, with my tapas at the ready, they all had the matching Bride Squad glasses and my mum was holding a 'Zoomville' poster. 

Mud Urban Flowers: Wedding Blooms for a Modern Bride

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Mud Urban Flowers
est. 2017 │ Central Scotland  
This supplier takeover is brought to you by Chloe Milligan from Mud Urban Flowers. With nearly 50K Instagram followers, Mud are the queens of floral trends! Each day they share their gorgeous £26 daily bouquet designs for delivery across Central Scotland, but also offer wedding flowers too. Mud were the masterminds behind Jamie Genevieve's dreamy wedding bouquet and home wedding flowers last year. For more of Mud's sensational wedding flowers, take a look at #herecomesthemud on Instagram and make sure you're following them!
How did you get into the wedding industry? 
After establishing Mud as an online retail florist in 2017, we received numerous requests for wedding flowers. We then launched online package weddings towards the end of 2017.  

Money Saving Apps and Websites to Help You Save For the Big Day

Friday, June 12, 2020

Weddings aren't cheap and we all know in the lead up to our big day we want to save as much as possible! We've put together a list of our favourite money saving apps and websites to use for all your wedding purchases. All of these apps are free and can earn you hundreds of £££s each year. 

1. Airtime Rewards 
A free mobile app linked to your phone number which takes money off your phone bill for every qualifying purchase you make. This cashback app is automatic which is what makes it so great, once you download and link your debit and credit cards you don’t need to do anything. Everytime you spend at a qualifying store on line or in store you get a % back, sometimes up to 20%. Participating stores include Primark, Boots, Morrisons, Argos and so many more. This app can be used in conjunction with all other cashback apps as it is automatic. 

If you use code R443PGAJ when you sign up, you'll get 50p to get you started and a further £1 if you make a qualifying purchase within 7 days of downloading! 

Sarah + Chris' Enchanted Forest Autumn Wedding at The Oak Tree of Peover, Cheshire

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Sarah + Chris
Saturday 16th November 2019 │ The Oak Tree of Peover, Cheshire │ Instagram: @merriwifelife
Sarah and Chris had an Enchanted Forest theme at their autumnal wedding last year. Their wedding day featured lots of DIYs, a pub quiz, two, dresses, a salsa first dance, and a unicorn! Bride Sarah kept her own surname and tells us all about their special day. Watch Sarah + Chris' wedding video here.
Tell us your proposal story...
We got engaged in Bali! We’d rented our own private villa with a pool. Chris proposed on my birthday. We’d hired a chef to come make us dinner. We were so full after that we decided to jump in the swimming pool. And that’s where he proposed! It was so magical under the stars with just the 2 of us.
What was your favourite part of the day?
We dressed the venue ourselves, so the morning was a crazy rush getting ready and everything. During the ceremony there was a moment where we’d said our vows and signed the register. The singers were still going so we just sat and enjoyed the music whilst looking around at our friends and family and all the d├ęcor.

Tiffany's Bridal Edit: I WON A MOON!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Not a real moon, unfortunately, but a moon nonetheless!

Back in June 2019, Wild and Wonder Events threw an instagram giveaway and the winner could have this this beautiful moon for their wedding/event. To those of you that know me from Instagram, you'll know that we're having a Celestial Wedding theme for our wedding, so as soon as I saw this I knew I needed it. 

Jenny Ross MUA: Bridal Makeup and Skincare Products for Less Than £10

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Supplier Takeover: Jenny Ross Makeup Artistry
Scottish Borders + Edinburgh est. 2016
Instagram: @jnyrssmua │Facebook: @jnyrssmua │  www.jennyrossmakeup.co.uk
This supplier takeover is brought to you by Jenny Ross, a bridal makeup artist based in Scotland. Jenny has written the following post, featuring her top 3 skincare products and top 5 makeup products for brides - all under £10! Bridal beauty on a budget... what more could you want? Following her post, read up on a little Q+A with lovely Jenny, including future trends and her advice to brides. Take it away, Jenny...

Keeping costs down when planning your wedding isn’t always possible, every aspect must be perfect and sometimes there is no other alternative but to splurge and invest. But that doesn’t always have to be the case with your makeup and skincare. 

Things to Do on Your Would Be Wedding Date

Friday, June 5, 2020

Your original wedding date will always be very special to you and your partner. Even if that date will no longer be the date you exchange your rings, read your vows and say 'I Do'. For myself (Tiffany) and my fiance, we had booked our wedding for the date of our anniversary; 19th September. The day we exchanged vows would have been our 5 year anniversary, so we definitely plan on making the day something to remember. 

Lots of brides and grooms, who have sadly made the decision to postpone, are now trying to think of ways to signify the date... which is why we have put this post together, to give you all a ton of inspiration, and get you excited for that date again! If you do decide to use any of the below ideas, please do share your stories and photos with us, we would love to see them - tag us on Instagram @frombrideswithlove

Laura + Harry's red, white and blue leap year wedding at Oaks Farm, Croydon

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mr + Mrs Knight
Saturday 29th February 2020 │ Oaks Farm, Croydon
Bride Laura tells us all about her 2020 leap year wedding day with a British theme of red, white and blue. Laura and Harry's wedding was full of DIY and bargains - including a £50 wedding dress!
How did Harry pop the question?
With my now-husband in the military, we wanted to get married to making moving around together more easy. We bought the ring together in October 2018, but actually, he was the one who picked it out for me to try on (based on the advice I'd given him!). We went for a platinum, slight twist band with small diamonds along the shoulder, meeting a single diamond in its centre. Fast forward to February 2019, and I booked a cottage in the Cotswolds for us to spend a night at. Harry asked if there was any posh restaurants nearby (baring in mind, it was the middle of nowhere!) so I had my suspicions and decided to paint my nails, just in case. After a meal out at a local pub, I was getting into comfies and picking a film for the evening, while Harry went to the car to grab the laptop. He came back in with flowers, chocolates and went down on one knee to ask me to marry him. Apparently I said yes before he even asked! It was all a blur and very emotional, but of course I said yes.