Tiffany's Bridal Edit 1: Our Engagement Story

Sunday, May 24, 2020

09/11/2017 - the day I said yes! 

We were on holiday in Amsterdam, belatedly celebrating my fiancé’s 21st Birthday. It was Day 3 of our holiday, and we were enjoying a lovely walk along the canals. My fiancé stopped while we were on Halvemaansbrug Bridge (yes I do actually remember that name!), overlooking the Opera House all beautifully lit up. He told me to pose facing the Opera house, and said he would take a picture for me.. (How could I resist the offer of a photo without having to nag him!?) So off I go, posing for a rather long amount of time waiting for him to say he was done. I turn around, and he wasn’t stood there with his camera taking a photo...

He was down on one knee,  with a ring in his hand, and then he said those words we all dream of hearing "Will you marry me?"


After the initial shock, and asking if he was joking or being serious.. I said yes! And here we are, almost 3 years later, planning our big day.

So that was my engagement story, however since this is my first Bridal Edit (how exciting!), here is a little bit about me. Myself and my Fiancé, Elliot, are both from Southampton, born and raised. My name is Tiffany, but I’m known as @theholdenwedding in the bridal insta world. I joined the Instagram community back in 2018 about a year after getting engaged, when we really started getting into our planning. I am so happy I did, because I have met so many wonderful people, one of whom being Lauren who is now my bridal bestie, and here we are creating this blog together. 

Outside of the insta/blogging world, I work as an Account Manager. I have worked within the same business for the last 5 years now, ever since leaving college. My dream is actually to work within the Events industry, and I have been looking to start an online diploma course to get me started. I have such a creative mind, and working within a field where I would always be able to utilise that and challenge myself really excites me!


So that’s a little about me..  You will come to learn a lot more while we continue this new blogging journey. I can’t wait to share my next bridal edit with you.


With love, Tiffany xo

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