Lockdown Love: Real Brides Celebrating their would be Wedding Day

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

We wanted to start our Real Weddings edit with the 2020 couples who had to postpone and celebrate their wedding day in lockdown. It may not have been the day they’d imagined or been planning for years, but that didn’t stop these brides and grooms from making the most of their special day. Of course, no guests were allowed but that’s what Zoom is for! We asked the Instagram bridal community to share how they marked the occasion. Meet the brides who celebrated their wedding days in quarantine from a social distance... 
Original Date: 09.04.20 
New Date: 31.03.21  

This lovely bride Emily has a wedding Instagram filled with ideas for postponed brides! We love the photos from her ‘would be’ wedding date.  "Our friends and family surprised us with a virtual wedding party on the evening of our non-wedding! It meant we got to cut our amazing cake in front of everyone!"

"We bought each other promise rings and gave them to each other on what should have been our wedding day. We both wear them on our right hand but it's a nice reminder that we're still getting married even if it's a year later!" They also filled their house with flowers similar to what would have been their wedding flowers.

"We had a go at making our evening menu DISCO FRIES!" Don't they look delish? Emily recommends that other brides and grooms pour themselves a glass of bubbly and have a go at making their wedding menu. 

Original Date: 23.05.20
New Date: 13.08.20

Aphra and Dan went all out on their would be wedding day, getting dressed up, signing a fake registry and setting a sweetheart table for two.

The future Mr + Mrs Brooks-Barnes woke up and baked their wedding cake and styled the house with some wedding decor. Some friends dropped off gifts (from a social distance) and they were overwhelmed by just how many gifts were received. 
Aphra says, "We both got ready in separate rooms, I put on one of the wedding dresses I had originally bought for the evening of the wedding but when we knew  the day would be postponed I’d already bought a replacement evening gown.  I did a first reveal to Dan and we both cried." How sweet!

"We signed a fake register, Dan cooked a 6 course meal prepared by the restaurant Six by Nico in Manchester. We then cut the wedding cake and drank champagne until the cows came home."

The gorgeous couple are still hoping to get married in August 2020 if restrictions allow. Sadly Aphra's Dad is terminally ill with cancer and she is still hoping for a 2020 wedding so he can walk her down the aisle. We are so sorry Aphra and sending you so much love.

Original Date: 18.04.20
New Date: 04.10.20

Poor Jamie is on her 3rd wedding. Her first date 12.09.20 had to be rescheduled last year due to a family commitment which would have meant half the guests couldn't attend, so the bride and groom moved the date to 18th April 2020. Can we all please cross our fingers for October?!

"Our day was really special", says Jamie - ironically it did rain! "


I tried to incorporate every part of what a wedding means to us - morning pampering, getting dressed up, commemorative photos, rings, flowers, cake dancing, family and friends, favourite alcohol, music, wearing or using our personalised items, but most importantly me and my groom." 


We love their mini-photoshoot in the garden with little pup Lola! Jamie baked the cake and gave their lovely wedding cake topper a test run.

Original Date: 26.05.20
New Date: Summer 2021

Aimée and Adam's photographer @byvicki contacted the couple saying she had a great idea of how to use up all that extra confetti - a FaceTime Photoshoot!

We love these gorgeous shots and think you'd never know these were taken over FaceTime!

Original Date 01.05.20
New Date: August 2020 (Hopefully)

Mr + Mrs Batchelor to be received a non-wedding day lovely gift from their friend who was able to take these socially distanced snaps.

Becky says, "the one good thing about getting married at home, with no guests, not actually getting married and having to photograph everything yourself? Your photographer can sit in bed the next morning and select your best photos... you receive them as quick as you like!"

Becky set up some of their wedding decor around the house and wore her gorgeous Charlotte Mills wedding shoes. You looked beautiful Becky and now we really can't wait to see the real thing!

Original Date: 28.03.20
New Date 10.04.21

Holly says, “I wore my hen do veil all day! We had a BBQ and zoom called my family who were wearing their wedding outfits. Then we zoomed our friend in the evening and had some drinks. It was great!" We are loving the flowers, Holly!

Original Date 11.04.20  
New Date 13.12.20 

Bride Lizzie says, "We had a zoom party with all our friends, we raised a glass and popped on some music and had a dance with them all! Afterwards we had a curry together."


How sweet is the video of them dancing below? This is when we really love technology, it looks like such a fun day!

Original Date 23.05.20
New Date: 31.08.20*
*May 2021 date also pencilled in 

Hannah and Charlotte celebrated their original wedding day with matching t-shirts, afternoon tea and KFC. 

Charlotte says, "my mum said we had to collect a surprise from @canalsidefarm and to our delight was the most amazing afternoon tea take away style with some fizz. We had never seen scones so big or strawberries so red and juicy!" After the afternoon tea they had a non wedding day photo shoot, they made the most of the day with homemade props and a bride to be veil.

Charlotte surprised her fiancée with some decorations and gifts to wake up to, including an infinity t-shirt from @sixstoriesbridal and golden circle tickets for Westlife - but unfortunately that had also been cancelled! "We decided It was too windy to get married that day anyway and when our day comes it will be all the more special."

In the evening the couple played cards and watched a film with some drinks and a KFC delivery.


"We received beautiful messages, well wishes and gifts from friends and family, we have lots to be thankful for", says Hannah. Congratulations guys, you two are going to make beautiful "real brides" when the time comes! 
Shop the Infinity Tee look at Six Stories Bridal.

Original Date: 25.04.20  
New Date 23.04.21 

Champagne, Haribo rings and the bridal party on Zoom for Kate and Jack! 


Future Mr + Mrs Lennie set up a projector outside so they could watch a live show of one of the members of their wedding band Tweed playing the accordion. How sweet!

Original Date: 20.05.20
New Date: 05.05.21

Emma and Jay were due to get married in Cyprus but instead celebrated with a garden wedding in lockdown. "It was the most beautiful day!" says the bride.


We love the DIY doughnut wall and dancefloor rules!

The couple signed the "marriage register" - what a lovely idea!

How good do these cupcakes and their wedding cake look!


Original Date: 09.05.20
New Date: 13.11.20 (their engagement anniversary!)

"On our would-have-been wedding date I wore a white dress. We ate the same food we would have for our wedding meal and opened a bottle of champagne we had been saving for our big day from when we moved into our house. Our friends also surprised us with personalised t-shirts and held a zoom wedding reception for us with a Mr + Mrs game!"


"One of the best parts was someone gifting us a portrait of our dog as a present!" Bride Lauren's mum also surprised them with a gorgeous hamper.


Their guests also made them a fifteen-minute video message which made their day. So sweet!


Original Date; 29.04.20
New Date: TBC

Leanne and Rory were due to get married in Bora Bora in April. Mrs Collins to be says, "we surprised each other with our own version of Bora Bora. I got it all ready at night for him to wake up to and he is an early riser so he set it all up while I was asleep in the morning."

We had breakfast on the beach, a dip in the hot tub and drank piña coladas all day! We cut the cake, watched some films about Bora Bora (Couples Retreat and Moana) and then ended the night with our first dance. It was amazing!" We love the effort they both went to for each other and all of the details, so romantic!


Original Date 15.05.20
New Date 19.03.21 

Sarah says: “We really had the best day. We set up loads of activities and just picked what we felt like doing throughout the day." We love the idea of activity stations to dip in and out of throughout the day, everything looks gorgeous!

Afternoon Tea in the Garden

A movie marathon and a romantic meal for 2...

Games night, cocktail making and cake! Sounds like the perfect day to us...

Original Date: 04.04.20
New Date: Small ceremony as soon as restrictions are lifted!

"We had a mini ceremony. Our groomsman (who we are living with) got ordained online and performed the marriage. We had cake and Prosecco and then a mini disco at night! We haven't set a new date. We got our money refunded and are now going for a small ceremony as soon as we can! The money is now going towards a deposit for our home."

Original Date: 19.04.20
Then: 02.08.20
New Date: 11.04.21

"We had a zoom party with a wedding quiz with all of our guests... some evening wore suits and hats! My mum baked us a ‘non wedding cake’ in the form of a pavlova and my best friends had afternoon tea delivered for us. After our zoom party, we cleared the living room, put on our first dance song and danced, just the two of us. It was the first time I’d worn make up for months, it was so nice to get dressed up and mark what was almost our wedding day."
We love the Zoom wedding invitations, so cute!

The afternoon tea looks delicious!

Original Date: 18.05.20
New Date: 01.07.21

The future Mr + Mrs Nelson celebrated their 'wedding delay' with afternoon tea, lots of cute decor and their best dog. Bride Sophie says, "this date will forever hold a special place in our hearts and that will never change!"

"We celebrated the best way we know how... Eat, Drink Dance and obviously have the odd fairy light sparkling! We've had so many beautiful gifts and demolished the tastiest afternoon tea."


Sophie's husband to be bought her flowers from their would be florist for their would be wedding day... aww! Congratulations guys, we can't wait to see the real deal next year!
We hope these happy couples have put a smile on your face, because they've certainly put a smile on ours! To those who have postponed, we are sending you love and hoping this post gives you some ideas of how to celebrate your wedding day in lockdown.

From Brides, With Love xo

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